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Chapter: 1170

Chapter 1170 Not Going Home Unless You Are Drunk

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

For a moment, she stood rooted to the ground, her eyes wide open. She looked at her father as if she had seen a ghost. She had truly lived long enough to see this scene. She had never dreamed that her father would have such a humble moment.

Jun Shiyan pulled her to his side and covered her stomach tightly with his large hand. It would be bad if his precious daughter saw his grandfather in this state. "Father-in-law," Huo Ci called out sincerely. He was as humble as a speck of dust. "Father-in-law, if you take Yu’er away, you can take me with you!"

When Nangong Lun saw that he was still kneeling, he was so angry that his face was ashen and his entire body was trembling. Scoundrel! This little bastard in front of him was just a rascal. He sneered and said, "Move aside!"

Bring him along? He was here to bring his daughter away! Who would give him the chance!

Nangong Lengmo did not expect him to suddenly make such a move. His emotions were extremely complicated as he shifted his gaze away. He could not bear to look! Brother Ci was throwing caution to the wind, he was shameless!

"Father-in-law." Huo Ci looked at him sincerely. "My sincerity towards Yu’er can be seen by heaven and earth. Everything in the past was my fault, I already know that I was wrong. Yu’er has already given me a chance and forgave me. I also hope that you can give me a chance to turn over a new leaf."

Nangong Lengyu coughed softly. Nangong Lun held her arm and glared at her without saying anything. She only looked at the man kneeling in front of her, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Sigh, I wonder who was so unyielding just now. He swore that he could handle it, but in the end, he still used the method that his daughter had to use every time she made a mistake.

"Get lost!" Nangong Lun was furious. He pointed at him and gritted his teeth. "Don’t force me to hit you. Get out of my way."

Would he forgive him if he knelt down? Would he forgive him if he apologized?

Did he think that the ridiculous things he did in the past could cover up the harm he had done to Yu’er with just a sentence or two?

Even if Yu’er did not hate him and forgave him, he would definitely not allow the two of them to be together! As long as he did not acknowledge it, he would see if the two of them dared to be together!

"Father-in-law." Huo Ci looked at him seriously and said confidently, "I know that many of the things I did in the past were too ridiculous. Now, no matter what I say, it’s just empty words. You won’t believe me either. n the future, I’ll definitely use actions to prove my feelings for Yu’er."

Ling Sheng looked at her father with sympathy for a moment before shifting her gaze to Jun Shiyan. Parents are the same in this world!

Jun Shiyan looked at the young lady and smiled bitterly. His uncle could ignore the situation, but the young lady at home did not dare to speak either. He had to speak up and step forward to help her. "Grandpa, I think Father-in-law is right. We can’t deny everything he has done just because of the past, right?"

angong Lun looked over with his death gaze. "Do I need you to teach me what to do?"

He could barely protect himself, yet he still dared to speak up for others. Once he finished dealing with that little bastard Huo Ci, he would deal with him properly. Neither of them would be able to escape. When Ling Sheng saw the situation before her, she really wanted to laugh. After being glared at by her uncle, she hurriedly put on a serious expression.

She couldn’t take it anymore, she really wanted to laugh. She didn’t know why, but when she saw her father’s humble appearance and thought about how arrogant and domineering he usually was, looking down on everyone, she really wanted to laugh at him!

"Father-in-law." Huo Ci dragged his voice. "You can’t take Yu’er away. If Yu’er leaves, I won’t live either!"

Ling Sheng pursed her lips and tried to hold back her laughter. Movie King, please continue acting. I really want to record this scene so that all his fans can see what their idol is doing! "Get out of my way." Nangong Lun was fuming with anger. How shameless was he to say such things!

After being rebuked, Jun Shiyan retreated to the young lady’s side and whispered into her ear, "I keep feeling that Father-in-law looks a little familiar."

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"Making a huge scene!" When Nangong Lengmo heard that, he lowered his voice and looked at Ling Sheng meaningfully. "The daughter is so alike to her father!"

"Since when did I make a huge scene?" Ling Sheng refused to admit it. She straightened her neck and snorted. "I’m not like that. It’s so embarrassing."

Jun Shiyan hummed and smiled with pursed lips.

Ling Sheng pinched the tender flesh on his waist and glared at him angrily. "Why are you laughing? Are you mocking me?"

Jun Shiyan hurriedly shook his head. He looked at her very sincerely and said softly, "No, you’re very good. You’re the best. How dare I laugh at my little angel!"

"Don’t think that I’ll forgive you just because you put in a good word for me." Ling Sheng turned her face away and said arrogantly, "I’m angry. The kind that can’t be coaxed."

Huo Ci had not expected things to turn out this way, he had already been reduced to such a pathetic state. Not only were they not helping him, but they were also in the mood to argue. He would wait and see how he would deal with the three of them after this matter was over!

"Dad." Nangong Lengyu finally said, "I’m no longer a child. I know clearly what I should and shouldn’t do. Don’t interfere in this matter."

"No matter how old you are, you’re still a child in my heart." Nangong Lun suppressed his anger. "What? I can’t control you now?"

Did she not know what kind of person Huo Ci was? Even if he randomly picked someone from the streets, the person would be better than that bastard Huo Ci! "Dad, that’s not what I meant." Nangong Lengyu sighed. "You don’t know now, but you will find out sooner or later."

There were many things that could not be explained clearly at the moment. She could only wait until he awakened and naturally find out the truth. Besides, her relationship with Huo Ci could not be explained in a few words.

"I don’t know? What don’t I know?" Nangong Lun did not want to talk nonsense with them anymore. When the elevator arrived, he kicked Huo Ci, who was blocking in front, away and pulled her along. This was not the place to talk either, he would lecture her properly when he returned home. Would he harm his own daughter? She would understand his good intentions as a father!

The elevator doors opened. Nangong Lengyu and Nangong Lun, who were about to enter, stopped in their tracks and looked at the three people standing in the elevator.

Xiaoqi was standing at the front of the elevator. He raised his handsome face and shouted, "Grandma, Great Grandpa!"

Nangong Lun faintly turned his head and looked at his daughter. His eyes were asking who this brat was!

Before Nangong Lengyu could speak, Huo Xiao leaned on his walking stick and welcomed him with a smile. "In-law, when did you come over?" He was very enthusiastic and looked like a good brother, he patted his

shoulder and was very emotional. "We haven’t seen each other for more than 20 years. We must have a good gathering today. We won’t go home until we’re drunk!".

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