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Chapter: 1171

Chapter 1171 Becoming A Pet

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Nangong Lun really wanted to spit in his face. Who was in-laws with you? Who was your brother? The whole family was shameless from top to bottom. However, they still had a friendship after all, so he couldn’t not give him face. He sneered and said, "There’s no need. We were the ones who disturbed you. We’ll leave immediately."

"Why are you leaving? We’re brothers, why are you being so polite? Nangong, you’re too polite!" Huo Xiao said with a chuckle as he used his walking stick to rebuke Huo Ci.

This bastard, what are you waiting for? Do you still want your wife? Hurry up and serve your father-in-law well!

"I’m not worthy." Nangong Lun was so angry that his chest was heaving up and down. He wanted to ask if he still wanted his dignity!

"Nangong, let me tell you something heartfelt. Don’t stand on ceremony with me." Huo Xiao pulled him toward the house. He looked at Ling Sheng and signaled her with his eyes. "Sheng Sheng, hurry up and come over to coax your grandpa."

Looking at what the Sixth Brother had done, he had to lower himself down to help him appease his father-in-law. He had no choice since he’s his son.

No matter how he looked at Yu’er, his daughter-in-law, he was very satisfied. Even if he didn’t want his dignity anymore, he couldn’t let his daughter-in-law lose it.

Nangong Lun was so angry that his breath was stuck in his chest. Hearing him shout his name so affectionately, his heart was extremely sour and his teeth were itching.

How much had he missed? Not only had his daughter been cheated away by that bastard Huo Ci, but even his precious granddaughter had become someone else’s granddaughter!

"Grandpa, let’s go. Have a good time with Grandpa. I’ll make some delicious dishes for the two of you at noon." Ling Sheng was very obedient. She came over with a smile and pulled Nangong Lun’s arm affectionately.

When Nangong Lun saw that his baby was still close to him, the anger in his heart finally subsided a little. He looked at Huo Xiao provocatively.

This old thing didn’t even care about his dignity and still called out to his granddaughter so intimately. Look at how close his granddaughter was to him.

Huo Xiao felt a little unbalanced. His granddaughter was only close to Nangong Lun, but not him. He turned around and glared at Huo Ci.

It was all this bastard’s fault. Otherwise, his granddaughter would have grown up in the Huo family instead of the Nangong family!

When he thought about how she had been by Nangong Lun’s side for the past twenty years, and how Nangong enjoyed the joy of having his children around him, he felt even more jealous.

"What are you doing here?" Huo Ci watched as Nangong Lun entered the house, and his anger rose again. He turned around fiercely and glared at Jun Shiyan before sneering. "Get lost."

You can do this again now that Grandpa is gone.

"Grandpa." Xiaoqi ran over with his short legs and pulled him back. "Don’t chase Daddy away, okay?"

Su Xiyin glared at him, looking at his attitude of bullying the weak and fearing the strong. Why did he not dare to be fierce when his father-in-law was around? Now that he had left, he wanted to get back at his son-in-law?

angong Lengyu sighed as well. She pinched him and warned softly, "That’s enough."

angong Lengmo sneered and looked at Jun Shiyan unhappily. How did he bribe his sister and auntie to side with him?

He should be chased away. What is he doing here?

"Xiaoqi, did you miss your father?" Jun Shiyan smiled gently and lovingly as he bent down to hug his son.

Huo Ci had already snatched Xiaoqi away from him. He carried him and walked inside with smug steps. As long as the brat was in their hands, the two elders would not do anything to him.

However, who knew that Xiaoqi was no longer the most sought-after one? It was now Ling Sheng. The two elders at home had gone to fight for Ling Sheng’s favor.

Huo Ci glanced at the two elders who were surrounding Ling Sheng and smiling like flowers. Suddenly, he felt that the rascal in his arms was not cute at all. He immediately put him on the ground with a look of disdain. "Go find your father!"

Xiaoqi puffed up his cheeks in grievance and bit his lips, feeling stifled. Grandpa no longer loved Xiaoqi. Nangong Lengyu glared at him warningly. Seeing that the baby was sad, she bent down to carry the baby and coaxed, "Xiaoqi, how about you come to Grandma? Let’s ignore your grandpa."

Su Xiyin did not know what to do with her son, so she could only sigh. Looking at the two old children on the sofa who had forgotten their original purpose and were busy pleasing their granddaughter, she shook her head helplessly.

Look at the two of them. They were already so old, yet they were still fighting for favor!

Nangong Lun and Huo Xiao competed to perform in front of Ling Sheng.

"Sheng Sheng, eat this. It’s your favorite pistachio." Nangong Lun peeled it and brought it to her mouth with a loving smile.

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"Good granddaughter, eat grandpa’s." Huo Xiao peeled the Hawaiian fruit and smiled like a flower. "Let grandpa feed you."

Ling Sheng looked at the food the two of them handed her at the same time. She could not eat anymore. She had already eaten a lot and her stomach was about to burst. Snacks could not be eaten as food! However, both grandpas were looking at her expectantly, and she couldn’t bear to reject them. In the end, she gritted her teeth and put on a bitter face.

"My granddaughter doesn’t like to eat this." Huo Xiao pushed Nangong Lun’s arm away in disdain. "She just ate it to not embarrass you."

"What do you know? Do you know my baby better than me? I’ve watched my baby grow up from a young age to a slender and elegant lady. How could I not know what she likes to eat?" Nangong Lun glared at Huo Xiao indignantly and pushed him away with his elbow.

How could he compare to him? He had been by her side since she was young. What about him? He had only met her a few times!

This was what Huo Xiao regretted the most. However, Nangong Lun deliberately attacked him with this matter. Even if his heart was bleeding, he would not admit defeat. He smiled and asked, "Sheng Sheng, tell me. Do you like to eat the food that Grandpa gave you?"

Ling Sheng nodded and said sweetly, "I do."

The smile on Nangong Lun’s old face froze. He sniffled and said sadly, "Baby, you don’t love Grandpa anymore?"

Ling Sheng finally understood that as their granddaughter, she was also very stressed. She took a deep breath and looked at them seriously. "Grandpa, I love you, but I can’t eat anymore." After saying that, she touched her tummy, it was full. She didn’t even want to eat dinner later anymore.

"What’s wrong with your stomach? Is the baby disobedient?" Nangong Lun looked at her with a worried expression and squatted down nervously to check.

Huo Xiao frowned and looked at Ling Sheng’s stomach in confusion. "What baby?".

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