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Chapter: 1172

Chapter 1172: Unanimously Against Outsiders

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Nangong Lun had a smug expression on his face as he caressed Ling Sheng’s tummy. "Of course it’s the baby in my granddaughter’s tummy."

Huo Xiao could not suppress the anger in his heart when he saw how proud he was. "Which bastard did this? Come out and accept your death!"

When Huo Ci and Nangong Lengyu heard about the baby in her stomach, they looked at each other. In the end, their burning eyes looked at Jun Shiyan.

Great! This bastard. Sheng Sheng had only been back for a few days. How did she get pregnant? What did he do?!

Jun Shiyan was not innocent either. He humbly faced the death stares and said seriously, "Father-in-law, mother-in-law, grandparents, uncles, grandfathers, I hereby formally announce that Sheng Sheng is pregnant with my child."

Huo Ci was furious. If Su Xiyin had not grabbed him, he would have taken off his shoes and hit his face. His knife-like dangerous gaze shot over as he sneered and gritted his teeth. "Say that again?"

"Sheng Sheng is pregnant. She’s carrying my child." Jun Shiyan’s handsome face was very calm as he pulled

Ling Sheng to his side. "I’m planning to hold a wedding before Sheng Sheng gives birth. What do you think?"


"No way!"

Nangong Lun and Huo Xiao gritted their teeth and growled angrily. They finally stood on the same side and

rebuked him together.

"Grandpas, actually…"

"Shut up!"

The two of them shouted in unison.

Ling Sheng sniffled and cried aggrievedly. What happened to being the family pet? Is she still their most

beloved baby?

Jun Shiyan held the young lady’s hand and looked at the two elderly in front of him in a neither servile noroverbearing manner. "Grandpa, I love Sheng Sheng. I hope you can fulfill our wish."

Huo Ci was so angry that he wanted to kill someone, Third Master Jun was not a human. He had only been

back for a few days, but he had already gotten the brat pregnant.

As for her, she was a girl. Look at what she had done. He ignored her but she still went to throw herself at

him. What happened in the end? She got pregnant!

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Nangong Lengyu frowned and pondered for a moment. Before Ah Yan awakened, his daughter’s relationship

with him had plummeted beyond hope. It was absolutely impossible for them to have sex.

That meant… the child did not get pregnant now. Could it be that time before the college entrance

examination, when she suspected that her daughter was pregnant and brought her to the hospital for a


"When did this happen?" Su Xiyin leaned close to Nangong Lengyu and asked softly, looking confused. Why

was she pregnant again? Wasn’t Third Master Jun on bad terms with Sheng Sheng?

The last time Jun Shiyan went to visit the Huo family, Sheng Sheng didn’t even give him a pleasant look, nor did he realize how much he loved Sheng Sheng.

At that time, her husband had already said that she definitely would not let Sheng Sheng be with him. Xiaoqi

had to come back, and Jun Shiyan could not.

Could the two of them have reconciled when Sheng Sheng was filming?

Xiaoqi was the happiest. He was secretly happy and his big eyes were filled with stars. He whispered to

Nangong Lengyu, "Grandma, is Xiaoqi going to have a little sister soon?"

Nangong Lengyu looked at how happy her baby was and could not bear to hurt him. She nodded and


She did not know if she should be happy or unhappy. Her daughter had a baby. As her grandmother, she

should be happy.

Furthermore, Ah Yan was not irresponsible. As long as his family agreed, he could immediately register his

marriage with Sheng Sheng.

Huo Ci was unhappy and even had the urge to kill someone. Jun Shiyan was not a good person, he had promised not to do anything rash before marriage.

In the end? She got pregnant because they messed around!

He was not at all happy that the two elders in his family had changed their target. Which father would be

willing to give his own daughter to a pig?!

Nangong Lun already knew about it before coming over. He had already calmed down quite a bit on the way

here, and he didn’t have any good expression towards this bastard who had taken advantage of his


What could he do? No matter what, he was still the father of the child in the baby’s stomach. How could he

kill him? It was even more impossible for the baby to abort the child, he could not bear to see her suffer at


Huo Xiao was so angry that his face turned green. He really wished he could just beat the bastard in front of

him to death. But if he beat him to death, Xiaoqi would have no father. The child in his obedient

granddaughter’s stomach would also have no father. He had expected better from her. He glared at Ling Sheng angrily, why couldn’t she resist the temptation to

be with him? She was pregnant. Even if he wanted to get intimate with Jun Shiyan, she should have been


Nangong Lun and Huo Xiao were on the same side for the time being. The two of them discussed softly and

looked angrily at Jun Shiyan. "You, come with us."

Jun Shiyan followed obediently.

Huo Xiao took two steps before turning to point at Huo Ci. "You come with me."

Nangong Lun also looked at Nangong Lengmo coldly. "Get over here."

Men should settle matters between men. Sheng Sheng’s matter must have a perfect ending.

Xiaoqi looked at his father worriedly. Grandpa, and the two great-grandfathers looked so scary. Would they

beat his father to death?

Ling Sheng looked at them worriedly. Afraid that they would really harm Jun Shiyan, she shouted, "Grandpas, Dad, I did it willingly. He didn’t coerce nor force me."

Huo Xiao’s heart ached. The more he thought about it, the sadder he became. She was not married yet and

she was already siding with someone else. If she really got married, would he, as her grandfather, have no

place in her heart at all?

Su Xiyin sighed and pulled Ling Sheng to sit down. "When did you and Jun Shiyan? How… What do you want

Grandma to say about you?"

A girl must have self-respect and self-love. Even if the relationship between a man and a woman was more

open now, it was still the girl who would be at a disadvantage!

It was fine if she met a man who was good to her, but what if she met an irresponsible jerk? What should she

do? She would be the one who suffered. No matter how much her family loved and doted on her, they could

not help her suffer those torments.

"Grandma, I’m sorry!" Ling Sheng was very obedient. She sniffed and looked at her seriously. "I know I was

wrong. " "I’m not blaming you. I’m just afraid that you’ll be bullied and hurt." Su Xiyin did not blame her, but her heart

ached for her!

"Grandma." Ling Shengs heart was filled with warm bubbles. She had yet to say what she thought.

Suddenly, her phone rang. It was Song Yiyan, and she shouted anxiously, "Sheng Sheng, bad news!".

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