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Chapter: 1174

Chapter 1174 Good Grandchild

Huo Xiao watched as they ran away one after another. When he saw Ling Sheng about to run off, he frowned. "Where are you all going?"

Ling Sheng turned her head with a smile and slowed down calmly. She changed her direction and pointed at the door. "I’ll open the door."

Nangong Lun was also puzzled. Why did all of them run away, leaving only the little fellow by his side? The little fellow was very clever and handsome, and his words were also likable.

However, the moment he thought of his father, he couldn’t help but feel upset. He couldn’t feel happy or like him.

When Ling Sheng saw the person standing at the elevator, her eyes lit up. Speak of the devil. It was Luo Luo. She opened the elevator and watched him enter.

Seeing how happy she was, Huo Xiao asked, "Who is it?"

Ling Sheng said, "My brother."

Huo Xiao looked at Nangong Lun and asked, "Since when did you have a younger brother?"

Nangong Lun was dumbfounded and looked back at him. "I don’t know either."

On the other hand, Xiaoqi jumped up excitedly and ran towards Ling Sheng. "Is it Uncle? Mommy, did Uncle come to see us?"

Ling Sheng nodded and looked at her son, who was as happy as a silly dog. "Why are you so happy?"

Xiaoqi was so happy that his big eyes were shining. He said loudly, "Uncle said that the next time I come, he will bring me to Disneyland to play!"

Nangong Lun and Huo Xiao looked at each other again. Why didn’t the two of them know about someone that this kid knew?

When Huo Ci and the rest entered the study, they did not see Ling Sheng, so they turned around and came out. The moment they came out, they saw that the two elders had stopped playing chess and were looking at them inquiringly.

Huo Xiao beckoned Huo Ci over and asked him in a low voice, "When did Sheng Sheng have a younger brother? Why didn’t I know?"

Huo Ci frowned and glanced at Ling Sheng before shrugging. "I don’t know either." "I thought you and Yu’er still had a wandering son!" Huo Xiao mumbled. Why was his granddaughter so happy? Who was he? Nangong Lun was also puzzled. Ling Sheng had only been in China for a few days, so how did she know so many people? She called him brother so affectionately. Those who didn’t know would really think that he was her biological brother!

Among all the people present, only Jun Shiyan knew that he was her biological younger brother. When he saw Si Chengluo walk in, his gaze suddenly turned cold and dangerous.

The first person Si Chengluo saw was Jun Shiyan. With a provocative smile, he walked over and hugged Ling Sheng intimately. "Sister."

Ling Sheng hugged him too and smiled dotingly. "Luo Luo, why are you here now?"

Huo Ci and Nangong Lengyu looked at each other and frowned. They knew that their relationship was not bad, but they had never been so close!

From the looks of it now, the two of them were really like biological siblings. If one were to look at them suddenly, their appearance and aura were really similar.

Su Xiyin asked Huo Xiao, "Hubby, why does that child look a little like Sheng Sheng? Look closely at his eyes, isn’t he?"

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Huo Xiao took a closer look. He whispered to Nangong Lun, "Are you sure Yuler only gave birth to Sheng Sheng?"

"Do you think I wouldn’t know how many children Yu’er has given birth to?" Nangong Lun glared at him with eyes that were spitting fire. He lowered his voice and squeezed out a few words from between his teeth with a dangerous expression. "Are you sure your son didn’t leave any seed outside?"

He was unhappy when he asked this question. What did he mean? Did he think that other than having Sheng Sheng with Huo Ci, his daughter had a son with another man?

This old fellow was really not a good person. Based on his dirty thoughts, he definitely could not let Yu’er and Huo Ci get together!

Huo Xiao was not sure. He knew his son well, so he asked Su Xiyin, "Yin’er, Sixth Brother didn’t fool around outside, did he?"

Su Xiyin pinched him and glared at him. "What nonsense are you spouting? Ci’er isn’t that kind of person. Don’t you believe your own son?"

If Ci’er really fooled around outside and produced a son, the child’s mother would definitely come knocking!

Ling Sheng pulled Si Chengluo to introduce him to her family. After all, they were still her grandparents who had yet to awaken. This was the first time they had seen him.

The more Huo Xiao looked at him, the more he felt that the young man in front of him looked a little like his granddaughter. Putting his facial features aside, just the feeling he gave off was very similar. He smiled and said, "Alright, since you’re here, don’t leave. Stay for dinner!"

It was the same for Nangong Lun, his burning gaze landed on Huo Ci. He did not believe that he was not Huo Ci’s illegitimate son.

Huo Ci, that bastard, was not a good person. Ever since he was young, he had been fooling around and committing all sorts of crimes. It was not surprising that he had a few illegitimate children outside.

He had an idea. Later, when he went behind her back, he would get Ah Mo to investigate Huo Ci properly. It would be best if he could catch a bunch of illegitimate children belonging to him. Yu’er would definitely give up on him.

Xiaoqi was especially clingy to Si Chengluo like a little tail, following him wherever he went. He was extremely happy and called him Uncle affectionately.

Nangong Lun and Huo Xiao felt sour in their hearts. Their eyes were filled with resentment. This was especially so for Nangong Lun. He originally thought that this kid was the son of that bastard Jun Shiyan, so what was so good about him? However, when he heard that he was so close to a youth who was not related by blood, he felt upset.

"Xiaoqi, where do you think Great-grandfather should play chess?" Nangong Lun picked up the little fellow and made him sit on his lap. He finally felt a little better.

Not to be outdone, Huo Xiao shouted towards the kitchen, "Sheng Sheng, Grandpa’s neck hurts. Can you come out and help Grandpa?"

Ling Sheng hurriedly put down her work and ran to the living room to give Huo Xiao a massage. "Grandpa, is this strength alright?"

Huo Xiao looked at Nangong Lun smugly and smiled until his old face was like a flower. He was enjoying himself. "Good, very good. My good granddaughter is the best."

Si Chengluo sat at the side and looked at the two elders who were bickering. He couldn’t even bear to look at them. The two of them added up to around 140 to 150 years old, why were they still so childish and fighting for favor?

Nangong Lun was so angry that he blew his beard and glared. The little fellow sitting on his lap looked rather cute just now, but now, looking at him again, Sheng Sheng was still the best. He narrowed his eyes and thought of something. Suddenly, he cried out in pain.

Xiaoqi was so frightened that he jumped down from his legs, his nervous face turned pale. He was at a loss as tears welled up in his eyes. His voice changed anxiously. "Great Grandpa, what’s wrong?"

Ling Sheng ran over nervously. "Grandpa, what’s wrong?"

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