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Chapter: 1176

Huo Ci was stunned for a moment. When he saw the figure on the surveillance camera, his eyes turned red and he rushed out of the house.

Ling Sheng and Nangong Lengyu followed closely behind.

Ever since Huo Ci had awakened and heard from Ling Sheng that Song Yiyan had a way to treat Yan Yuanfei’s illness, he had been searching for his whereabouts. However, more than a month had passed in the blink of an eye, yet he could not find a single clue.

Now that he suddenly came over, was there something urgent or did he know that he was looking for him, so he came personally?

Si Chengluo asked Jun Shiyan, "Who is he?"

The corners of Jun Shiyan’s lips curled up with obvious delight. He said gently, "He is the Second Brother from the Yan family, Yan Yuanfei."

Si Chengluo knew this person. He was Yan Yuanfei, the former Foreign Minister. During his tenure, he was highly respected. To the Chinese, he was a legendary hero.

Later on, news of his death spread and the entire country mourned.

But how could a man who was always talking and giving advice in any situation become so weak in a wheelchair?

Other than Si Chengluo, everyone present knew Yan Yuanfei. However, at the elevator door, they didn’t dare to believe the man in the wheelchair was him.

Nangong Lengmo’s breathing was a little heavy, and his voice was trembling. "Ah Yan, who is that man?"

"Yan family’s Yan Yuanfei." Jun Shiyan did not know why he had suddenly appeared here. Perhaps he had awakened too?

After Second Brother disappeared from the explosion, he didn’t even contact him anymore. He didn’t even know where he was.

During this period of time, his father-in-law must have spent a lot of time and effort looking for him, but he did not find anything.

The Second Brother wanted to hide and not be found, so no matter who it was or what method they used, they would definitely not be able to find him.

"He’s Second Brother Yan?" Huo Xiao’s voice was trembling a little and his eyes were red. After all, he had watched this child grow up and he was good friends with the Sixth Brother.

Tears streamed down Su Xiyin’s face as she asked, "How did this happen? How did he become like this?"

None of the men in the Yan family could survive past the age of 35. She thought that Second Brother Yan had already died in that accident.

When Huo Ci pushed Yan Yuanfei in, he smiled and greeted the people in front of him. "Uncle Huo, Auntie Su, Uncle Nangong, long time no see."

Huo Xiao was still in a daze. The corners of his eyes were wet as he said, "Okay, okay."

No matter what, as long as he was alive, it was fine!

Su Xiyin looked at him and nodded. She could not help but shed tears again as she squatted beside him and held his hand. She had many questions to ask, but she did not know where to start. In the end, she only said, "It’s good that you’re back."

Nangong Lun was not very familiar with Yan Yuanfei. He only heard his daughter mention it to her son, he had also seen him on television. When he found out about Yan Yuanfei’s death, he felt extremely regretful. He had died young and the heavens were unfair.

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Surprisingly, he had faked his death. However, his physical condition didn’t look good. If his calculations were correct, he should be forty-two years old today.

The men from the Yan family couldn’t live past thirty-five years old, it was a secret in China. The fact that he was still alive meant that the rumors weren’t true.

But sometimes, living was a fate worse than death. Just like what he was doing now, dragging his weak and declining body was the greatest pain in his life!

Other than Su Xiyin, who was crying bitterly, Nangong Lengmo was the one who cried the most.

Although he had awakened, this was the first time he saw Yan Yuanfei. When he thought about how his second brother treated him well in the past, he cried uncontrollably.

Huo Ci gave him a disdainful look. Why was he crying so pitifully? Second Brother was back, not dead and he was crying so bitterly!

"Sheng Sheng, call Yanyan over!" Nangong Lengyu pulled Ling Sheng aside.

"Okay." Ling Sheng agreed immediately. Regardless of whether she was free or what she was doing, her first priority was to come over immediately and treat Second Uncle.

Song Yiyan did not expect Ling Sheng to call her again not long after. She had even anxiously asked her to go over immediately and had even offered her a salary.

How could she accept the salary? They were all good friends, so of course she could accept it! She would just deduct it from the money she owed her.

Song Yiyan is poor now. She still owed Ling Sheng 100,000 yuan and was waiting for business to come knocking. For the time being, there was nothing. However, she firmly believed that there would be a piece of the pie for her and she would eventually be able to repay her debt.

Oh yes, the obedient little puppy would also come to her doorsteps for her to tease. Just thinking about it made her happy. She could even wake up laughing in her dreams!

She had just finished fantasizing when she really saw the cute little puppy- What bullshit little puppy. Other than his face, how was he worthy? He was more like a dog than a man!

It was already night time. Under the dim yellow street lights, the man was tall and his looks were very striking.

He was born with a handsome face, and coupled with his cold temperament, he attracted the attention of many passers-by. Two girls hesitated for a while before running over to hit on him.

Song Yiyan looked at the man who was surrounded by women and gritted her teeth in anger. Her gaze could kill a person. He was worse than a man, he was a womanizer. She wanted him to get lost as far as he could. She never wanted to see him again!

She straightened her back without looking at him and walked over with her head held high. She did not even look at him. She felt that she had done very well and decided to buy a roasted sweet potato to reward herself later.

Ji Xing watched as the woman walked away without even looking at him. He looked at the girls surrounding him and disgust flashed across his eyes. He coldly chased them away and chased after her.

That damn woman, didn’t she feel anything when she saw him being surrounded by other women? Didn’t she feel jealous?

The girls looked at each other in confusion. What was going on? He had looked like he was enjoying the attention just now, but in the blink of an eye, he had turned as cold as ice. Why did he become unapproachable?

Moreover, the handsome boy had gone to chase that woman.

They all knew that woman, it was Song Yiyan. She had been banned recently and no director dared to hire her even as an extra. They didn’t even know how she had shamelessly come to the set.

For a woman like her, she must have offended her financial backer and been kicked out of the entertainment industry. That man was so good-looking that he was on a different level than the other young celebrities.

As long as he was willing to enter the entertainment industry, he would definitely become famous just by relying on his beautiful face. Were all handsome men blind? He actually went after Song Yiyan, that woman who had slept with so many men!.

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