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Chapter: 1189

Chapter 1189 Don’t Even Think About It

Huo Ci’s house could not accommodate so many people, but in the end, only Rong Yin and Jiang Zhe left. Lu Yubai refused to leave no matter what and declared that he could sleep in the living room or the game room.

Yan Yuanfei and Wen Ruoshui were in Huo Ci’s bedroom. He wanted to sleep in the same room as Nangong Lengyu, but with Nangong Lun and Nangong Lengmo around, he could forget about it.

He wanted to sleep with the brat at home, but the brat was booked by Nangong Lun, and Nangong Lengmo had already made it clear that he wanted to share a room with the brat.

Nangong Lengyu and Song Yiyan definitely wanted to share a room with Ling Sheng.

Huo Xiao and Su Xiyin had their own bedroom here. They were elders, so the couple naturally had to stay together.

Jun Shiyan, Ji Xing, and Si Chengluo slept in the living room.

In the end, Huo Ci had no choice but to sleep in the cinema with Lu Yubai. Fortunately, there were two custom-made seats inside that allowed him to lie down and watch a movie.

When he watched television late or when he was tired, he would often sleep here and was too lazy to return to his bedroom.

Lu Yubai came in with two blankets and immediately saw a few unopened condoms on the bed opposite him. He walked over to take a look and his expression was ambiguous.

When Huo Ci came in, he saw him staring with a strange look. He frowned and said unhappily, "Go back to your house."

"Sixth Brother, you’re really interesting!" Lu Yubai picked up a few of them and teased him with a smile. "Tsk tsk. There were mint, lemon, and strawberry flavors. There was even a toy!"

Huo Ci’s handsome face darkened, he did not expect this to be here. He had bought it yesterday, but it had been taken away by Yuler before he even used it. "Return it to me."

"Does Sister Yu know?" Lu Yubai smiled ambiguously and whispered to him, "Sixth Brother, I understand you. You must be bored out of your mind after so many years. Why don’t I go out to sleep and let Sister Yu accompany you?" "Get lost!" Huo Ci’s eyes were spitting fire. After a low growl, he rushed over and snatched the items. "If you don’t want to sleep, get lost!"

"We’re all men, why are you angry?" Lu Yubai sighed and turned to ask him, "Did you and Sister Yu do it here…"

"No!" Huo Ci really wanted to rip that mouth off. He gritted his teeth and pointed at him and warned, "Quickly shut that foul mouth of yours!"

He wanted to come over many times in the past, but he didn’t succeed. Anyway, now that he was here, he had to try every place in the house and get back all the things he had lost over the years. While Huo Ci was cursing, Lu Yubai did not retort. He agreed to whatever he said, and the atmosphere was very harmonious. After all, they were brothers, and they could reconcile no matter what he said.

The atmosphere in the living room was very strange, it was eerily quiet.

Jun Shiyan, Si Chengluo, and Ji Xing were all lying on the sofa, separated from each other. None of them spoke. The sofa in the living room was actually very big. Huo Ci was someone who could sleep wherever he liked. The sofa had been carefully chosen, and the comfort level was no less than the bed. "Ji Xing." Si Chengluo broke the suffocating silence first and asked, "Do you know Situ Sang?"

Ji Xing and Jun Shiyan were on very good terms and he had always disliked them. However, if he had to nominate someone who he disliked the most, it would be Jun Shiyan!

The wretched man who had snatched his sister away would never be pleasing to him in this life or the next.

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