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Chapter: 1190

Chapter 1190 Hell Mode

"I don’t remember." Ji Xing frowned and asked him back, "Is he someone I knew before?"

Si Chengluo’s voice was very stable without any fluctuations. He only said, "How would I know what you did?"

He was sure that Ji Xing had come to this world beforehand and asked his lackeys to prepare.

Situ Sang should be one of them. When he went to Italy last week, he met that person once and found clues left behind by Ji Xing.

He and Jun Shiyan were both bastards, they did not even bring him along to play. They had come to this world ahead of time to set up their own forces. They could easily reach the pinnacle of their lives, but they had let him go through all that poverty and start working hard from hell. He had to earn everything back by himself.

Ji Xing thought about it carefully again. He still didn’t remember who Situ Sang was, but it seemed a bit familiar. Perhaps it was someone he knew before he lost his memory.

In the bedroom opposite, the lights were still on. Through the gap in the door, the soft light shone out and they could vaguely hear the women talking

Jun Shiyan could not fall asleep, his gaze was gentle as he looked in the opposite direction. Was his girl lying down, sitting or lounging on the bed?

The young lady’s favorite position was to lie on the bed, cross her legs, and swing her little feet as she read the script. Or to lie on his lap and lazily flip through the script.

As an actress, his girl was definitely professional and qualified.

Ling Sheng was currently lying on Nangong Lengyu’s lap, looking at her with clear eyes. "Mom, when Second Uncle’s health gets better, we’ll call Auntie Wen over. We’ll have a tea party together."

Nangong Lengyu’s slender and fair fingers gently flattened the mask on her face. Many areas were wrinkled as she said warmly, "Alright."

Ling Sheng nodded in anticipation and got off the bed barefooted. She walked towards Song Yiyan, who was sitting cross-legged on the balcony, and sat opposite her.

"What do you want?" Song Yiyan closed her eyes and sat cross-legged on the chair. The moonlight shone in through the window and cast a soft silver glow on her body, making her look like a fairy.

"Yanyan, are you really 100% confident?" Ling Sheng lowered her voice and looked at her worriedly, wondering if she had disturbed her.

"I’m not confident, but are you confident of me?" Song Yiyan didn’t open her eyes. Her voice was calm as she said, "Since you’ve asked for my help, just trust me." What confidence? To her, all she had to do was roll up her sleeves. This was her first time defying the heavens and changing fate.

"Will it have a bad effect on you?" Ling Sheng felt that something was wrong with her. She was so quiet that it was scary, and she could not help but let her imagination run wild.

Song Yiyan snorted and finally opened her eyes lazily. She looked at her through the gap and regained her usual arrogant confidence. "Ling Sheng, I say, you’re looking down on me too much. It’s just a small matter. What can anyone do to me?"

She had always been a selfish person. However, ever since she met Sheng Sheng and became friends with her, she felt that as a person, she should not only think about herself.

Changing one’s fate by defying the heavens. She said that it would not affect her, but she was just fooling her. There would definitely be a backlash. However, that bit of backlash was nothing to her, she could still bear it.

"That’s good." Although Ling Sheng said that and looked relaxed on the surface, she could not let it go.

Song Yiyan was someone who had gone through a lot of hardships. She had always been mean and selfish to outsiders.

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However, she had always treated her own people wholeheartedly. No matter how much hardship Second Uncle had to endure, she would never compromise or admit defeat.

She was afraid that she would be adversely affected by saving her second uncle alone. It wouldn’t be the first or second time she did something like this without telling them anything

Song Yiyan thought that since Ling Sheng had not completely recovered her memory, she probably could not recall what had happened in this world. She jumped down from the hanging chair and hugged her shoulders and walked in together. Her tone was relaxed and cheerful as she said, "Let’s go. I’m sleeping now. I need to rest well so that I can treat the Second Uncle tomorrow."

The two of them had just entered the room when they saw the door open slightly. Immediately after, a delicate little face poked in. "Mommy, grandma, Aunt Yanyan, can I sleep with you guys?"

Song Yiyan’s heart melted at the child’s cuteness. She pushed Ling Sheng away with a look of disdain and walked over to the child with a smile. She picked him up and gave him a big kiss. "Of course."

He was so adorable. In the past, she had never liked children. She felt that she did not have the ability to teach children and there was no man in the world who was worthy of her giving birth!

However, ever since she met Xiaoqi, she felt that the child was the cutest creature in the world. He just wanted to trick her into having her own kid!

Xiaoqi was tickled by the kiss and giggled. He wanted to move away but was afraid that Song Yiyan would feel uncomfortable, so he treated himself like a doll and allowed her to pinch him.

Song Yiyan pinched his soft face and smiled dotingly. "Xiaoqi, sleep with Aunt Yanyan!"

"Xiaoqi wants to sleep with mommy." Xiaoqi looked at her seriously. "Grandpa said that I can’t sleep with other women besides mommy, grandma, and great-grandma."

"Xiaoqi, can you call Auntie Yanyan your godmother? That way, you can sleep with Auntie Yanyan." Song Yiyan looked at the little guy’s serious face and thought to herself, what kind of stupid reason is that? She pretended to be disappointed and sighed. "If Xiaoqi doesn’t sleep with Auntie Yanyan, Auntie Yanyan will be in a bad mood. If Auntie Yanyan is in a bad mood, she will be affected when she goes to treat Second Uncle tomorrow."

"Then Xiaoqi will sleep with Aunt Yanyan. Aunt Yanyan, don’t be affected." Xiaoqi hurriedly nodded his little head. Thereafter, he hesitated for a moment and asked her softly, "Then will Uncle Ji Xing be jealous?"

"Xiaoqi is my godson now. That means you are also Uncle Ji Xing’s godson." Song Yiyan really wanted to say that he shouldn’t be jealous of him since he’s just a kid.

However, she would not say such things in front of the good boy. She wanted to establish the image of a gentle, cute, and kind godmother in front of the kid.

"Alright then." Xiaoqi’s eyes sparkled as he hooked his arms around her neck.

Song Yiyan carried the little boy to the bed and looked at Ling Sheng in disdain. Her gaze was questioning at how she had taught the child. He was still so young, yet he already knew the word ‘jealous’. Children should behave like children, an overly mature child is not cute at all.

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