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Chapter: 1192

Chapter 1192 Nameless Corpse

As soon as Song Yiyan and Ji Xing went down, Ling Sheng chased after them. When she smelled the lingering smell of blood in the elevator, her eyes narrowed.

She knew Song Yiyan must be lying. How could it be so easy to change a person’s fate? She made it sound like it was easier than eating or sleeping. When she chased after them, there was no one at the front of the apartment. All she saw was a silver-gray car turning a corner and disappearing

The sky that was clear a moment ago was suddenly filled with dark clouds. Thick black clouds covered the sky, brewing a heavy rain.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning flashed past. There was a loud crash and thunder shook the sky.

Raising his head, he saw that all of the lightning bolts seemed to be moving in the same direction at a frightening speed.

Ling Sheng’s heart was in her mouth. She called Song Yiyan and Ji Xing, but their phones were switched off. Standing at the entrance of the apartment, she watched the rain pour down, her eyes filled with worry. She had a feeling that the sudden change in weather and the lightning were all aimed at Song Yiyan. She was the one who changed his fate and caused the lightning tribulation.

When Jun Shiyan came out of the elevator, he saw the little girl looking up at the rain and lightning flashing across the sky with a worried expression. He walked over to put a coat on her and asked, "How’s Song Yiyan?"

Ling Sheng pointed at the divine lightning that kept descending from the sky and said, "She should be over there. The lightning has followed her."

The lightning was moving at a speed visible to the naked eye. Although it seemed slow, it was in fact moving fast.

Even if she chased after Song Yiyan, she wouldn’t be able to catch up. She didn’t know how Song Yiyan was doing. Even if she was worried, there was nothing she could do.

When Jun Shiyan heard her words, he was stunned for a moment. His eyes darkened as he said in a deep voice, "I’ll bring you to her."

Ling Sheng shook her head, her eyes dark and knowing her limits. "Even if I go over, I’ll only be a burden. I won’t be able to help her."

Jun Shiyan pulled her into his arms and looked at the moving lightning. He said in a low voice, "Since she has agreed to this, she should be fully prepared. There will be a way out of this, you don’t have to worry."

It was his first time seeing such a situation. Those who did not know would definitely think that it was a normal natural phenomenon. However, the lightning was clearly abnormal. It was as if it had eyes and was chasing after a target.

Defying the heavens and changing fate was an act that went against all common sense. It must have cost Song Yiyan a lot, but she did it without saying anything.

He would remember this kindness.

Si Chengluo hurriedly ran out of the elevator and rushed out. His eyes were solemn and his face was cold.

Before Ling Sheng could speak, Si Chengluo looked at her and said, "Sister, you can’t help her now. I’ll go over and take a look, you don’t have to worry. Her birth characters are strong, so nothing will happen to her."

Moreover, Ji Xing was with her. Although he was a fool with no memory, he would not just watch as his woman was struck by lightning.

"Luo Luo," Ling Sheng called out. Seeing the teenager turn his head in the rain, she reminded him, "Be careful!"

Si Chengluo grunted and did not look at her. When his gaze swept past Jun Shiyan, it carried obvious mockery, disdain, and contempt.

This bastard’s memory was really as solid as a rock. Even at this point, he was still unable to recall his memories. If he was fine, this bit of heavenly tribulation was nothing!

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As long as he made his move, he could easily resolve anything. He had to admit that some things had to be done by Jun Shiyan!

Lightning flashed, thunder rumbled, and rain poured down. It was as if a hole was about to appear in the sky. The phenomenon attracted the attention of many people.

Ji Xing had already driven the car to the maximum speed. As he watched the thunderclaps explode behind him one after another, his eyes were cold and murderous. On the road, there were many cars. They were afraid that they would hit innocent bystanders. The lightning was not very strong, and it did not hit them.

"Hurry up." Song Yiyan said weakly. Her breathing was rapid and her clothes were soaked in blood. As she listened to the deafening thunder, her eyes were filled with disdain.

Damn it, was the heavens trying to kill her?

She was going against the heavens, but what could they do to her? She had never been afraid of anything in her life.

With a loud crash, the street lamp on the other side of the street was struck by a lightning bolt and smashed straight down and was about to hit the car.

Ji Xing’s eyes darkened and he swerved to dodge. The cars behind him stopped to avoid a collision.

They were already out of the city when they drove further. After they got onto the outer ring road, there were even fewer cars. The lightning was ferocious and filled the sky. The car finally stopped at an empty space and a bolt of lightning struck the front of the car. Song Yiyan perked up and conjured hand seals with both hands. She chanted something and a golden light shot towards the lightning.

The moment the lightning and the golden light collided, it struck the ground beside it with a loud crash. It rolled up a thick layer of grass and exploded into a half-meter deep hole, the surroundings were charred black.

Ji Xing’s eyes were red. Seeing that the woman was about to get out of the car, he stopped her immediately. It was really too dangerous outside.

"Let go." Song Yiyan turned around and frowned. Her voice was cold, and her eyes were chilling. She looked at him and said, "If you don’t want to die, drive away!" Ji Xing tightened his grip on her wrist and suddenly smiled. "As your sugar baby, shouldn’t I die with you?" "Get lost!" Song Yiyan sneered. "You think you’re worthy? Stop dragging me down. Get as far away from me as you can."

"Yanyan." Ji Xing called her. His voice was gentle and his narrow eyes were filled with love. His slender fingers wiped away the blood at the corner of her mouth. "I heard that when a woman says no, she means yes. When she says get lost, it means she can’t bear to."

He knew that she could not bear for him to take the risk with her, but how could he bear to leave her alone to face the danger?

"Are you trying to override what I told you to do?" Song Yiyan didn’t have the time, her patience had run out and her words were harsh. Every word she said was like a poisonous knife that stabbed straight into his heart. "You’re just my temporary partner in bed and a one night stand. Don’t think so highly of yourself, you don’t even have the right to be buried with me."

She didn’t want to admit that she cared about him because she didn’t want him to take the risk with her. She also didn’t want to see anything happen to him because of her.

The smile on Ji Xing’s face became brighter and more flirtatious. His thin lips moved slightly. "Then I’ll be a nameless corpse beside you!"

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