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Chapter: 1194

Chapter 1194 Deliberately Exposed

Yan Yuanfei had only moved out after staying at Huo Ci’s house for a week, his body had just begun to recover and was still very weak. He did not dare to return to the Yan family to see his mother and grandmother, afraid that they would worry.

After some discussion, they went to Rong Yin’s house. Firstly, it was a big place, and secondly, Yan Qiujin was a doctor and his biological sister. They could take care of him.

Nangong Lengmo only stayed for two days. Due to work, he flew back.

Si Chengluo had also left the day before yesterday. On the day Song Yiyan treated Yan Yuanfei, Huo Ci chased Lu Yubai away. After Yan Yuanfei left, there was only the Huo family, Nangong Lun, and a thick-skinned Jun Shiyan who refused to leave no matter what. He even bribed Xiaoqi to speak up for him.

For the past few days, Nangong Lun had been pestering Nangong Lengyu and Ling Sheng every minute of the day. He had tried every possible way to persuade them to go home with him. Why did they insist on staying in someone’s house?

In the living room, Nangong Lun’s eyes swept around vigilantly. He didn’t find Huo Xiao around, so he wouldn’t be in the way and ruin his plans. The opportunity had come, he quietly ran to the balcony.

"Sheng Sheng!" Nangong Lun looked at Ling Sheng, who was watering the vegetables and fruits on the balcony. He squatted beside her and gasped when he squatted down.

Ling Sheng hurriedly turned to look at him and held his arm worriedly. "Grandpa, what’s wrong?"

"I’m fine. It’s just my leg. My old habit is acting up again." Nangong Lun sighed deeply. "This house is a little damp. My leg hurts so much that I can’t sleep at night."

Ling Sheng sighed helplessly in her heart, she instantly knew what he was up to. His leg hurts? He just wanted to take her away. "Grandpa, Third Master has a doctor called Li Cheng. Her medical skills are not bad. I’ll tell him to let her take a look at you!"

When Nangong Lun heard that there was a doctor, he hurriedly shook his head and waved his hands. He said meaningfully, "My problem is that I can’t take the heat. Our family has a house nearby that is surrounded by the morning sun. It’s good to prevent the house from being too humid and keep it dry and refreshing. I’ll be fine after staying there for a few days."

Ling Sheng really wanted to tell him that Grandpa’s acting skills were really terrible, but she could not bear to expose him and make him sad. She was in a difficult position. "Grandpa, tell this to Mom. If she’s willing to leave, we’ll move out."

Actually, she was used to living here. Be it the Huo family or any other place, this was the only place that made her feel a sense of belonging

"My grandchild, don’t listen to his nonsense. He’s lying to you." Huo Xiao had been listening for a long time. When he saw the old man with his terrible acting, he was furious. "He remembered long ago. Don’t be fooled by him."

He had long remembered that he had abandoned his grandchild and made her suffer so much. How could he have the face to talk to his granddaughter now?


"Big Brother Huo, you’ve been thinking about something in front of me for the past few days. What nonsense are you spouting?" Nangong Lun’s heart was burning with anger, but he wouldn’t admit it.


Alright, he was always the one who came over to disrupt his plans. That old fart even badmouthed him in front of the girl. Why was he so mean?!

"Do you dare to swear to God that you haven’t regained your memory?" Huo Xiao couldn’t stand it anymore. Shameless old thing, you’re still pretending!

Wasn’t he just afraid that his granddaughter would ignore him after knowing that he had regained his memory? Sooner or later, he would give himself away.

"Grandpas." Ling Sheng saw that the two of them were quarreling and was about to fight, so she quickly stood in the middle as a mediator. She stuffed a tomato into each of their mouths and asked with a smile, "Is it delicious?"

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It was certain that Grandpa had awakened, it was not hard to notice the slight changes in his daily life. However, he could not bring himself to admit it. He was afraid that she and her mother would blame him and not forgive him. She could understand that.

"Delicious." Huo Xiao nodded at Ling Sheng with a smile. He secretly glared at Nangong Lun unhappily.

His granddaughter actually fed this old fellow first before feeding him, his heart aches. His granddaughter definitely doesn’t love him, he is ranked last in her heart.

"You eat too." Nangong Lun glanced at Huo Xiao smugly and smiled happily. He then wiped Ling Sheng’s mouth and fed her.

The baby still loved him the most. She fed him tomatoes first so that Old Huo would be angry and jealous.

Ling Sheng deeply felt that the two of them were really childish when they were together, especially when they were fighting for favor. She could not bear to look at them. But even if she didn’t want to watch, they were still her family’s old men. What could she do? She could only let them be. As long as they don’t quarrel or fight, they can be as childish as they want. Actually, if she thought about it carefully, having two elders at home was quite cute.

However, these days did not last long. Huo Xiao and his wife had something to do with Nangong Lun, so they left on the same day.

Jun Shiyan had also left the country early in the morning. Only Huo Ci and his family of four were left at home, and they had finally regained their rare peace.

Two days ago, Ling Sheng, Ji Fanchen, and Cheng Ye had filmed the new drama, "The Sky". Her scenes had been wrapped up, and she had been idle ever since, preparing to stay at home and nurse her pregnancy.

Unexpectedly, her father accepted a variety show for her. He said that it was a reality show that would take an entire season and last for half a year. He did not tell her the specific content and just told her to prepare. She will be joining the production team on Friday.

Huo Ci was the happiest since the elders in the family had left. It would be great if he could think of a way to get rid of the brat.

There was actually a way. When Third Master Jun left, he still had to take the mother and son away. But how could he let him take them away? No way! Even though Huo Ci was happy, he was also a little worried. How could he let the matter between him and Yu’er seem natural and not appear to be deliberately exposed?

During this period of time, whenever he and Yu’er went out, there would always be paparazzi keeping an eye on them, waiting for the chance to expose the truth about them. Who knew that after waiting for a long time, the paparazzi didn’t even release the photos. Later on, he found out that his father-in-law had intercepted the news. He wanted to announce it directly, but he was also afraid of offending the Old Master of the Nangong family. If the Old Master were to take his wife, daughter, and grandchildren away in a fit of anger, who could he seek justice from?

Later on, he thought of a good idea. He could follow the trend and do a live-stream, sincerely and without pretenses, to publicize this matter.

The warm morning sunlight shone through the huge glass window into the kitchen.

Huo Ci lowered his gaze slightly and was cutting the vegetables. His slender fingers held the knife in a professional manner as he cut the lettuce.

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