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Chapter: 1195

Chapter 1195 Didn’t Switch Off The Sound

Other than filming and attending events, Movie King Huo, who hadn’t shown his face for a year and a half, did a live broadcast.

Tears streamed down the fans’ faces as they shouted, "You can do it!"

It was seven o’clock in the morning on the weekend, the fans couldn’t even sleep anymore. They quickly got up from their beds to watch their idol’s live broadcast to increase his popularity. They rushed to inform their other friends and gathered to watch.

The screen went off, and the atmosphere became tense. The hot searches were quickly arranged. The livestream must be known by everyone, and the headlines would appear out of nowhere.

In less than two minutes, the number of viewers in the livestream room had already surged to more than 10 million. The fans were so excited to be able to see the Movie King’s beautiful face early in the morning that they were crying. Firstly, according to the procedure, there would definitely be a round of flattery.

"Huo Ci has a fairy-like beauty!"

"God’s jewelry is scattered all over the ground, and I saw Huo Ci’s eyes among them."

"My whole world has fallen into Huo Ci’s beauty. Huo Ci’s breathtaking beauty is awesome!"

"Huo Ci’s bare face is number one in the universe. His glowing eyes, perfect skin, and his condition is excellent. Sisters, let me be jealous first!"

"Is Huo Ci really 40 years old? He must be a demon. How can humans maintain such rare beauty for decades?"

The screen was filled with colorful comments.

Huo Ci was cutting the lettuce seriously. The angle at which his hands were placed was definitely a straight man’s aesthetics. It really portrayed what was truly a 360-degree beauty with no blind spots.

Two minutes later, the comments changed.

"Fuck, sisters, hurry up. Who’s going to persuade him? Are you sure the food he makes is edible?"

"Speaking of which, I want to know, what is the purpose of cutting lettuce? Do you want to eat lettuce salad so early in the morning? Is he a vegetarian?"

"Fuck, I’m scared. Be careful, Huo Ci. You can skip breakfast, but don’t cut your hand."

"Sisters, my heart rate is a little uneven now. Please advise him not to do it anymore. The last time he fried the fish, it gave me too much psychological trauma. I don’t know if anyone still remembers it."

"The poster with the red words, don’t leave yet. Let me tell you, I was so close to dying on the spot that day. He didn’t remove the fish innards and the pot exploded."

"Don’t say it anymore, the more you say it, the more flustered I get. Someone call 110? 119?

"What’s the use of calling? Hurry up and go to Weibo and type @ Zuo Ming. Get the assistant to come over and take care of him. How careless of him to leave him alone at home!"

"Aren’t you guys too worried? Huo Ci is 40 years old this year, not 4 years old. He knows what he is doing."

The comments had just ended when Huo Ci’s hand, which was holding the knife, suddenly trembled. The knife was tilted, scaring the fans on the live broadcast into screaming in fear. They looked again, but he did not cut his hand.

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"Oh my god, Huo Ci, take it that we’re begging you. Can you just stop cutting?"

"Sisters, let’s buy breakfast for him. My little heart can’t take this kind of shock and torture! It’s too hard on me."

"Don’t you think that his knife skills have improved a lot?"

Huo Ci did not say a word throughout the entire process. He did not even look at the comments on the screen. Instead, he focused on cutting the vegetables. He cut the lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and ham.

The fans stood guard at the screen, watching as he finished cutting everything, and began to get nervous again. They watched as he took out bacon and eggs from his enormous refrigerator.

Thereafter, he fried the eggs and bacon.

"OMG, after so much work, he only made sandwiches?" The sister who wrote in red words, please be satisfied. It’s already good enough that he is showing his face!" "Didn’t any of you tell him that when making sandwiches, raw vegetables taste better without being cut?"

Huo Ci skillfully fried the bacon. When he started frying the eggs, he looked up at the screen and said with a smile, "Today’s live broadcast has ended. Thank you for watching. Goodbye."

The screen went dark. The fans were still looking at the darkened livestream room, unwilling to leave.

"Hey, can you guys still hear? The sound of oil? The sound of him frying eggs?"

"Sisters, don’t go. He didn’t turn off the sound!"

"Sigh, what should I say about him? He’s already so old, yet he’s still so careless."

The fans who were about to quit had all stayed behind. It was good to hear his voice when they could not see him!

Immediately after, Nangong Lengyu shuffled in with her slippers and yawned as she walked into the living room. She stood at the entrance of the kitchen and looked at the man who was frying eggs with his back facing her. Her eyes were as gentle as water and she looked a little sleepy.

Huo Ci tilted his head slightly and opened his thin lips. His voice was sexy and had a hint of the hoarseness that was characteristic of early morning. "Come here."

In the darkened livestream room, the fans were excited. One sentence of his is like a thousand words to them.

"Huo Ci, we are here."

"Don’t take pity on this tender and delicate flower. Come on, ravage me to your heart’s content!"

"Hey, can you guys not be so wretched? His words are so pure, is he that kind of person? Huo Ci, are you calling me? I’m lying down, come on baby, I can do it!"

"Someone in Huo Ci’s house? Who? A woman?"

"Are you crazy? How can there be a woman in Huo Ci’s house? Huo Ci is clean and honest. He doesn’t even have a female mosquito by his side, okay?"

On the screen, the moment Huo Ci said this, an intense argument started.

Nangong Lengyu was a little lazy and did not want to move. She tilted her head and leaned against the door frame. She lifted her eyelids lazily and smiled at him, her voice was hoarse from just waking up. "Huo Ci."

Huo Ci corrected her seriously. "Hubby."

Nangong Lengyu let out a low chuckle. Her voice was clearly filled with joy as she looked up slightly. The coldness in her long and narrow phoenix-like eyes was gone as a gentle look appeared on her face. With a face without any makeup, she walked towards him with breathtaking beauty and hugged his waist from behind.

"Hubby." Nangong Lengyu obediently called out again. Her languid and charming voice reached straight into one’s bones.

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