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Chapter: 1196

Chapter 1196 Wife and Child

Huo Ci really wanted to carry her and punish her on the spot in the kitchen. She was a vixen who specialized in bewitching him and absorbing his energy!

In the livestream, those who had heard the entire scene had gone crazy. The speed at which the messages on the screen were rolling was so fast that they could barely make out the words. It was a densely packed screen filled with words.

"There’s a woman hiding in Huo Ci’s house. It’s a woman’s voice!"

"Which little vixen is this? Hurry up and come out!"

"I’m trembling with anger. I don’t know how to type anymore. Why is there a woman in Huo Ci’s house!" "She even called Huo Ci hubby, when did Huo Ci get married?"

"I don’t believe it. It’s fake, it’s definitely fake! It’s all fake!"

"Listen to my advice, don’t be agitated. Perhaps it’s just him rehearsing his script, he has the ability to play two characters at once."

"Right, it’s definitely not a woman. How could there be a woman in Huo Ci’s house? It must be Huo Ci rehearsing his lines with himself!"

"You all are just audiences who won’t be convinced unless you see the truth. Huo Ci is already an old man in his forties. Why can’t he have a woman at home to satisfy his physical needs?!"

The incident in Huo Ci’s livestream caused the viewers who were watching to hear the woman’s voice, and it was quickly uploaded to Weibo. Within moments, the headlines of all the major web portals had exploded. The fans were all crying and wailing.

In the kitchen, Nangong Lengyu’s voice remained languid. "What are we having for breakfast?"

Huo Ci flipped the egg over. "Sandwiches, do you want soft eggs?"

"Yes, Sheng Sheng and Xiaoqi like these eggs," Nangong Lengyu replied softly. She was still a little sleepy, so she leaned on his back and closed her eyes, preparing to take a nap.

The smile on Huo Ci’s lips deepened. He suddenly felt that this morning was so beautiful that it made him feel like he was in a dream. However, the warmth and softness of her thin pajamas clearly told him that it was not a dream. It was reality, a reality that was even more beautiful than a dream.

Ling Sheng was hungry. As she was going to participate in a reality show next week, she started to pay attention to her diet and figure. When she was on camera, she had to look beautiful. She shuffled along in her slippers and followed the fragrance to the kitchen. When she saw her parents hugging each other, she immediately covered her eyes. Her heart suffered a severe blow and she turned to leave. Oh my god, they are showing off their affection so early in the morning, can they be more considerate of her feelings?!

"Sheng Sheng." Nangong Lengyu let go of Huo Ci naturally and turned to look at her. "Wake Xiaoqi up. We’re about to eat."

"Mom." Ling Sheng glanced at her father, who was standing in front of the sandwich breakfast machine. She shot him a look and said, "Can you eat anything my dad made? Are you sure it won’t kill you?"

Upon hearing that, Huo Ci suddenly turned around and saw Ling Sheng winking at him. He frowned and looked extremely disgusted as he asked, "Is your face cramping?"

"No." Ling Sheng chuckled, trying to please him. Her voice was sweet and soft. "Dad, you’ve worked hard." Huo Ci could not be bothered with her.

Ling Sheng quickly ran to call her son. In the livestream, the fans fell into deep thought. They brainstormed and helped Huo Ci find a reasonable explanation.

The haters who came after hearing the news started to mock him.

The audience were also dumbstruck. The fans were obviously lying to themselves when they said that Huo Ci was rehearsing by himself.

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When there were just two people talking, it’s possible that he was rehearsing by himself. After all, the voices were very similar, and Movie King Huo had always acted on a whim.

Movie King Huo’s voice-over was at the top of the list, whether it was for real life actors or voice-overs. He could mimic the voices of children, adults, men, women, and old people without any pressure. He had appeared on a voice-over program last year as a special guest that made the audience cry out in excitement.

But now, he could clearly tell that the other person speaking was from a distance. Movie King Huo couldn’t be like a lunatic, changing the topic immediately after saying one sentence.

"Who is Sheng Sheng? Who is she!"

"Oh my god, there’s too much information. I’m going crazy, can someone tell me what’s going on?"

"Sisters, don’t be anxious, the representative is here. Sheng Sheng calls the Movie King her father. The woman who spoke at the beginning, the one who calls him husband, is definitely the Movie King’s wife, Sheng Sheng’s mother. That Xiaoqi is pending our verification. From the name, it might be Sheng Sheng’s younger brother or sister, who is Movie King’s child. I’ve finished explaining. The above is purely conjecture, and I won’t be held responsible for guessing wrongly. If you have any doubts, please continue to add on."

"I don’t believe it. It’s impossible. How could Huo Ci abandon us, get married and have children?"

"Hasn’t there been a scandal between Huo Ci and Movie Queen Nangong recently? I have a bold guess. Could Huo Ci’s wife be Movie Queen Nangong?" "The one with the red words at the front, if you don’t have a brain, don’t speak. You’re making a mess of things. Sister Yu would never fall for a man like Huo Ci, Huo Ci isn’t even fit to carry my Sister Yu’s shoes. Hurry up and get lost as far away as you can."

"Sisters, a Nangong fan came to our territory to cause trouble, he’s too arrogant. I don’t like people like you guys who come here to cause trouble. You guys come to our territory everyday, aren’t you shameless?"

On the screen, because of the sudden appearance of the so-called Nangong fans, the irascible and angry fans of Huo Ci who were on the verge of going berserk finally found an outlet to vent their anger. They started attacking the Nangong fans who came to their territory to cause trouble.

"The audience is telling the truth. Aren’t you curious why Huo Ci hasn’t switched off the sound even now? Logically speaking, all the major websites should have made headlines. His phone is probably exploding with calls!"

"Previous poster, I agree with you, I also find this matter very strange. How could Movie King Huo make such a low-level mistake?"

"After my meticulous analysis, I’m more inclined to believe that the Movie King deliberately didn’t switch off the sound."

"I don’t think it’s possible for him to have a wife and a child. There’s no such thing as a secret that doesn’t leak. If the Movie King has a wife and a child, the entertainment industry will definitely hear about it."

While Nangong Lengyu’s fans and Huo Ci’s fans were scolding each other on the screen, many calm fans and onlookers began to seriously analyze the situation.

After Xiaoqi was done washing up, he ran to the kitchen door. He stuck his head in and looked up at the person in the kitchen with a smile, his tender voice crisp and pleasant. "Grandpa!"

The fans who were in the midst of a heated argument, as well as those who were analyzing the situation, were speechless.

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