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Chapter: 1197

Chapter 1197 Honey, I Was Wrong

There was too much gossip and information. Huo Ci’s fans were so aghast that they collectively refused to admit it. "As long as I don’t say or declare anything, it’s all fake. Don’t say anything else, I won’t listen!"

After a moment of shock, the long-time fans expressed that it was acceptable since Huo Ci was already 40 years old. Did they want him to not get married or have children for the rest of his life? Although they don’t know what’s going on with this daughter and grandson, as long as he continues acting and doesn’t abandon his acting career, they will give him their blessings!

The fans expressed, "My heart aches for Huo Ci’s fans. Their idol is married and has a child, but they were kept in the dark. How pitiful!"

The haters had reached a climax, they were elated. "Huo Ci’s fans, look, this is what you hold in the palm of your hands. Do you think anyone in the entertainment industry is telling the truth?"

Huo Ci was a piece of trash. He had been secretly married and had a child for so many years, yet he still refused to admit it to the public. He had faked his bachelor image, faked his infertility, and cheated the hearts of ignorant girls. He was the number one scumbag in the entertainment industry, they had to recognize the truth!

Early in the morning, there was a huge earthquake in the entertainment industry. All the major web portals had headlines that were unprecedented. "Huo Ciyin’s Wedding and Child" was the trending topic, and the netizens expressed that they wanted to know the truth, causing the major websites to break down.

On this day, all the celebrities, directors, and managers in the entertainment industry who had some connections with Huo Ci were bombarded with private messages by the masses. They were constantly tagged on social media, but they all expressed that they did not know anything!

How was it possible for Movie King Huo to get married and have children? They had never heard of it before. The entertainment industry had some connections with wealthy families, there was no such thing as a secret in that world. If Movie King Huo really got married and had children, it was impossible for them not to hear any news about it. Because Movie King Huo didn’t turn off the live broadcast, the entire country was in a mess.

Everything was perfect in Movie King Huo’s house.

Ling Sheng was the first to receive the news, it was from Ji Fanchen. He asked her worriedly if the Movie King had forgotten to turn off the voice recording. His secret marriage and him having a child had caused a huge commotion. "Mom!" Ling Sheng shouted before she swallowed it back into her stomach. She covered her mouth and ran over to look for her phone, her voice very low. "Dad, where’s your phone?"

Huo Ci’s phone rang. Ling Sheng picked up her phone and hurriedly exited the livestream.

It had only been a few minutes, but Huo Ci’s status and identity in the entertainment industry was enough to trigger an atomic bomb.

Ling Sheng, Nangong Lengyu, and Xiaoqi stared at Huo Ci, who was standing in the middle. They surrounded him and looked at him questioningly. What happened? Explain!

"I don’t know." Huo Ci held his phone and scrolled through it. As he looked at the livestream, he wanted to click on it again. He clicked his tongue and said angrily, "This is my first time playing with this app. I didn’t know that only the image had been withdrawn but the voice recording hadn’t been turned off. This thing is too much of a scam! What bullshit is this? The sound isn’t synchronized!"

Ling Sheng looked at him suspiciously, grinding her teeth in disdain. First time? What do you mean you don’t know? Movie King Huo, you’re a fan of all kinds of high-end electronic equipment. You can’t tell me that you don’t know how to do a live broadcast. Who are you kidding?

Nangong Lengyu did not believe him that he did not even know how to do a live broadcast. All these years, his age and intelligence had gone all the way to the belly of a dog. In fact, exposing him was not a big deal, it would be exposed sooner or later anyway. But it had to be announced officially, now he had made such a decision without discussing it with her and Sheng Sheng. She could not let him off if he did not make things clear!

Now that he could do something like this behind her back, who knew how many ridiculous things he would do behind her back in the future? She definitely would not let this happen. If there was a first time, there would be a second time.

Ling Sheng felt that the atmosphere was a little oppressive. She was just a small shrimp, so she should leave quickly, lest the two big shots get into a fight and implicate her. She gave her son a look and turned to run.

Huo Ci’s heart turned cold as he watched the two of them running out one after the other. Look, what’s the use of raising a daughter? Raising a grandson would also be pointless. In the end, he would have to rely on himself to get through it. He looked at Nangong Lengyu with a smile and tried to please her. "Yuler, listen to me."

"You didn’t know?"

"I don’t."

"You really didn’t know?"

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"I really don’t."


After Nangong Lengyu gritted her teeth and said "okay", she sneered and turned to leave.

"Yuler!" Huo Ci chased after her and reached out to grab her wrist. His narrow eyes looked at her earnestly as he apologized. "I was wrong."

"Let go." Nangong Lengyu struggled for a moment. Now that he was capable, lying to her and admitting her mistake was not sincere at all.

"I was wrong, I was really wrong." Huo Ci’s attitude was extremely upright, like a child who had done something wrong. "Just forgive me for this once! I promise this will be the first and last time."

"Is that so?" Nangong Lengyu refused to believe it, it was not the first time he had done something like this. How could she not know what kind of person he was?

"Honey, I was wrong." Huo Ci swore. "I promise that this will be the last time. If I do it again, I’ll be single for the rest of my life. God…"

"Shut up!" Nangong Lengyu reached out and covered his mouth, suppressing what he was about to say. "Your life is not God’s, it’s mine."

Huo Ci’s eyes lit up. "Honey, you believe me now."

"We’ll see how you perform next." Nangong Lengyu coughed softly. What else could she do? She had chosen this man to fall in love with so she had to stick with him. She warned him sternly, "If you still dare to speak nonsense behind my back next time, it won’t be so simple anymore."

"I promise to perform well." Huo Ci took the chance when she wasn’t paying attention and leaned over to take a whiff. He smiled from ear to ear.

Nangong Lengyu glared at him. His daughter and grandson were there, how shameless could he be? She shouted outside, "Sheng Sheng, hurry up and come eat."

Ling Sheng held the small mirror and used it to peek. She even covered Xiaoqi’s eyes to prevent him from looking while she was quite happy watching the scene. After hearing her mother shout, she saw the two of them coming out of the kitchen with breakfast.

Her mother walked in front while her father followed behind with a satisfied smile on his handsome face. When he saw her, he even threw her a fierce look.

Ling Sheng trembled in fear. Oh no, she had provoked a big shot that she should not have. Now that she had gotten on his nerves, should she run now?

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