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Chapter: 1198

Chapter 1198 Recall

Seeing that his grandpa and grandma had reconciled, Xiaoqi smiled like a silly dog and ran to the kitchen to help.

On this day, the China entertainment industry experienced the greatest earthquake in history. Movie King Huo Ci had a secret marriage and had a daughter. His wife was the best actress, Nangong Lengyu, and the two of them had a daughter and a grandson.

The fans cried until they fainted in the toilet.

Meanwhile, the Nangong fans went crazy. They were heartbroken, what kind of taste did their idol have? There were so many outstanding men in the world. Why was it Huo Ci? Why? On this day, all the big shots in the entertainment industry, whether they knew them personally or not, reposted on the official Weibo of the Movie King and Movie Queen to express their sincere blessings.

The Movie King and Queen had announced their relationship, but they did not expose their daughter and grandson. The onlookers guessed that the Movie Queen did not want her daughter to be involved in the entertainment industry. She wanted to protect her daughter from being exposed to the public, and to live a normal life. As a parent, she had put in a lot of effort!

Ling Sheng expressed with tears in her eyes that it was not like that. She actually wanted to expose herself. She had the resources and the background, but she did not need them. Why did she have to rely on herself to work so hard? She was not a fool.

"Wife, you don’t have to worry. Who is she? She’s our daughter. She has the capability to rely on herself to gain a foothold in the entertainment industry." After Huo Ci finished speaking to Nangong Lengyu, he turned to look at Ling Sheng. His narrow eyes carried an obvious threat, but his tone was very kind. He asked her, "Baby girl, do you think Daddy is right?"

Ling Sheng’s words were stuck in her throat. After being glared at fiercely by him, she swallowed them back. She forced a smile and gritted her teeth. "Dad, you’re right."

Baby girl? Baby my ass! How many people had treated their baby girl like that? Other fathers would give their best to their daughters. What about him? He wished she was never born.

Nangong Lengyu frowned and said, "There’s no doubt about Sheng Sheng’s strength. But in a place like the entertainment industry, not only does it depend on strength, but also on what goes on behind the scenes."

"Huo Ci’s studio is her backer, and Mei Xuelin is also her backer." Huo Ci looked at Nangong Lengyu. "You should know that if she debuts as our daughter…

If she does well, then all her hard work and strength would be taken for granted. Because she was our daughter, it’s given that she had to be outstanding

If she did anything wrong, everyone would grab hold of her flaws and magnify them infinitely. With the two of us in front, the masses would think that she was not worthy of being our daughter.

If she wants to make a name for herself and to prove herself in the future, she has to put in ten times, a hundred times, or even more effort."

Of course, Nangong Lengyu knew this. Huo Ci was right. She was also from the entertainment industry, so she knew better than anyone else. The reputation of her parents would allow her to have a smooth journey in the entertainment industry, but they would also be a stumbling block on her path to success.

Ling Sheng understood that her father’s worries were not unreasonable, her parents were so outstanding. If she wanted to prove herself and not let others talk bad about her, she had to work harder than others to prove that she was worthy of being their daughter.

However, this did not stop her from feeling that her father was deliberately taking revenge on her. In the previous world, when he tried to snatch her away from her mother, why wasn’t there so much trouble?

"Sheng Sheng, what do you think?" Nangong Lengyu still needed to seek her daughter’s opinion.

If she wanted to enter the entertainment industry after being exposed, then so be it.

She wanted to hide her identity and enter the entertainment industry. She wanted to succeed and gain the recognition of the public before exposing herself. It was up to her.

"Mom," Ling Sheng called out, but her father’s death glare made her smile. "I think dad is right. Anyway, I have Huo Ci’s studio and Sister Mei behind me. No one in the entertainment industry would dare bully me."

Whether she was exposed or not, it was not that important. After she was exposed, she would be restricted in her development. If she did anything wrong, she would be criticized by the entire internet.

Huo Ci curled his lips into a satisfied smile, at least she was tactful. Actually, he was doing this for her own good. If she wanted a better development, she had to leave her comfort


The influence of him and Yu’er could be a shadow of her development.

She must completely escape the influence brought about by the two of them. When people mentioned her, they should not be talking about her as Huo Ci’s or Nangong Lengyu’s daughter, but about Ling Sheng. She must depend solely on herself to be considered a true success.

Xiaoqi, who was sitting by the side, listened attentively. He clenched his fists and looked at Ling Sheng, saying in a tender voice, "Mommy, you can do it!"

Nangong Lengyu could not help but laugh out loud as she hugged the kid. "What does my Xiaoqi want to do in the future?"

"Xiaoqi wants to be a very capable person. I want to protect mommy, grandpa, grandma, great-grandpa, great-grandma…" Xiaoqi started counting with his fingers.

The doorbell suddenly rang, Ling Sheng got up and ran over. When she saw the person on the screen, she was stunned for a moment before she heard her son shout.

"Little Sangyu!" Xiaoqi shouted excitedly.

Before Nangong Lengyu could even shout, she saw the little brat open the door and run out. She smiled dotingly and hurriedly chased after her. "Wait for Granny. Don’t go down alone."

Huo Ci glanced at him and smiled proudly. Not bad, this rascal is good. He knows how to pursue girls now. Emotional intelligence had to be nurtured from a young age, especially when it came to pursuing girls. Si Chengluo was clearly still following his example, but he still had no success.

Ling Sheng sighed and cried. Would her precious son forget his mother after he had a wife? Why did she feel like her son would soon no longer be with her?

Si Chengluo said that Little Sangyu’s father, Situ Sang, had come to China for something. His wife, Shang Yu, did not come, so she asked him to look after Little Sangyu.

As a man, he did not know how to look after children. After he talked with Situ Sang, he brought Little Sangyu here.

"How did you know that my name is Sangyu?" Little Sangyu was scared of strangers. She looked at the handsome boy in front of her with her big eyes full of vigilance.

He was really good-looking, he was better looking than those little brothers she had met before. He even gave her a very warm and intimate feeling. "I’m Xiaoqi, Ling Xiaoqi." Xiaoqi introduced himself to her formally and extended his hand to her.

He was a bit sad that Little Sangyu didn’t remember him, but it didn’t matter. He was going to make Little Sangyu remember him and fall in love with him.

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