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Chapter: 1199

Chapter 1199 Sangyu Is Not Stupid

"Hello." Little Sangyu was still a bit scared. Her face was flushed and cute, and her big eyes sparkled like stars. She stretched out her little hands and touched him, then withdrew them quickly. Her soft voice sounded a bit nervous. "My name is Sangyu."


Xiaoqi wanted to hold her hand, but he was afraid that she would be scared of him. He stood beside her like a little gentleman. Grandpa said that he should not be anxious when making friends with girls.

When Little Sangyu entered the door, she felt a sense of familiarity, as if she had been here before. She was very familiar with Aunt Sheng, Grandpa and Grandma, so she was not afraid of them at all.

However, her father said that she was a girl and she had to pay attention to boys who had bad intentions. She could not be fooled by boys.

Xiaoqi was very annoyed and his face was all scrunched up, Little Sangyu didn’t know what was wrong with him. She was talking to his mother, grandparents, but she just ignored him.

Ling Sheng took a look at her worried son and was ready to help him. She took Little Sangyu into her lap and whispered to her, "Does Little Sangyu not like Brother Xiaoqi?"

Little Sangyu darted a look at her brother with her big eyes and then dodged quickly. She bit her lip and shook her head. "No."

"Brother Xiaoqi likes to play with Sangyu." Ling Sheng sounded amused. "He is so sad that Little Sangyu ignored him."

Xiaoqi took out all his treasures and put them on the carpet. But whatever it was, Little Sangyu didn’t seem to be interested in it, which made him feel very frustrated.

Little Sangyu didn’t remember him and didn’t like him at all, she didn’t cling to him either. The more he thought about it, the more upset he felt.

"Daddy said that bad brothers will bully Little Sangyu." Little Sangyu finally said what she was worried about and threw another look at her brother.

Xiaoqi looked really sad, but her heart seemed to be sad too.

"Brother Xiaoqi is not a bad brother. He’s a good brother," Ling Sheng assured her. "If he dares to bully you, Auntie will help you hit him, okay?"

Little Sangyu shook her head and said in a soft and lovely voice, "Don’t hit him, Auntie. He didn’t bully Sangyu."

"If Little Brother doesn’t bully Sangyu. Auntie won’t hit him." Ling Sheng was still not used to being called Auntie by her.

Sigh, thinking back of the past, Little Sangyu used to call her Mommy, and cute girls were the most endearing.

Little Sangyu jumped out of Ling Sheng’s arms and secretly looked at Xiaoqi, who was folding something with a piece of paper not far away. Her big eyes were unblinking and she was a little worried that she would be discovered.

However, Xiaoqi was very serious and did not lift his head. She didn’t need to be afraid that he would see her.

Xiaoqi folded a folded paper frog. As soon as he pressed the frog’s bottom, the frog jumped forward, jumping every time he pressed it.

Little Sangyu’s eyes sparkled as she stared at the dancing frog. Finally, she could not help but get out of Ling Sheng’s arms.

However, she didn’t dare to run over, she took one weak step and another. Finally, the little frog jumped onto her feet.

Xiaoqi looked up. Little Sangyu got so scared that she shivered. Her face flushed as she stammered, "Brother, can… can I play with this?"

Xiaoqi’s eyes lit up. Afraid of scaring her, he looked at her with a smile and said gently, "Brother will teach you how to fold this, okay?"

Little Sangyu squatted down and looked at him weakly. She said in a small voice, "Can I? Can I learn it?"

Xiaoqi nodded seriously. "Sure!"

The friendship between the children was simple and happy. In just a short time, Little Sangyu had become closer to Xiaoqi.

"Brother Xiaoqi, is this how you do it?" Little Sangyu’s hands were chubby and she couldn’t fold them well. She frowned and got a bit angry with herself. "I am so stupid." "Little Sangyu is not stupid." Xiaoqi taught her step by step and was very serious about it. "Fold it like this and it’s done!"

"It is really done." Little Sangyu looked at Xiaoqi with joy and admiration. "Brother Xiaoqi, you are really amazing!"

Xiaoqi smiled happily and let out a sigh of relief. He had finally taken the first step and he needed to keep working hard to make Little Sangyu become who she was before.

Ling Sheng looked at the two children with a gentle and doting gaze. Children were really the purest and most beautiful existence in this world.

The relationship between the children was progressing very fast. When it was time for lunch, Little Sangyu had become Xiaoqi’s little tail and followed her everywhere.

Xiaoqi showed Little Sangyu around the house. This includes his playroom, the cloakroom, the study, the family cinema, the gym and finally, the music studio.

When Huo Ci went over, he quietly opened the door a little and saw his little rascal playing a drum set. The little boy looked so cool and handsome that his lips curled into a proud smile. Not bad, he looked like him.

The pink and tender little girl standing next to him had big eyes that sparkled like stars, full of admiration.

Huo Ci could not help but laugh, this rascal had learned everything by himself. He knew how to attract girls’ attention, look at how he had charmed the girl.

Little Sangyu’s eyes couldn’t help but turn red as she stared at the young man who was playing the drum. Brother Xiaoqi was so awesome!

as so

When Xiaoqi finished the song, he saw Little Sangyu smiling at him sweetly, her eyes full of warmth.

However, Xiaoqi sensed that Little Sangyu seemed to have something on her mind. She looked happy, but she was actually a bit depressed.

After dinner, the two children went to the balcony to pick fruits.

After picking a strawberry, Xiaoqi hesitated for a moment before asking the girl next to him carefully, "Sangyu, do you miss your parents?"

"No." Little Sangyu shook her head and tried to pick the strawberries, but she was too weak to do so.

Xiaoqi reached out and helped her pick the strawberries. He asked cautiously, "Then why are you unhappy?"

Little Sangyu turned around suddenly and looked at him seriously. "Brother Xiaoqi, is Sangyu stupid?" Xiaoqi shook his head and patted Little Sangyu’s head gently. "Sangyu is not stupid."

"But Brother Xiaoqi knows how to play the drums, and I don’t." Little Sangyu lowered her head and felt inferior.

Brother Xiaoqi was so knowledgeable, but she knew nothing. Would Brother Xiaoqi think that she was stupid and not like her anymore?

When Xiaoqi heard this, he suddenly understood why the young lady was so unhappy. He coaxed her gently, "Do you want Brother Xiaoqi to teach you to play drums? Brother Xiaoqi can teach you whatever you want to learn."

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