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Chapter: 1200

Chapter 1200 Imaginary Love

"Brother Xiaoqi, don’t you think that I am stupid?" Sangyu’s voice sounded muffled. She didn’t dare to look at him for fear that he would not like her.

"Sangyu is smart, Brother Xiaoqi is the stupid one." Xiaoqi looked at the girl who was fiddling with the strawberry leaves in front of him.

"No, Brother Xiaoqi is very smart, but Sangyu is stupid." Little Sangyu suddenly turned around and looked at him. "But Brother Xiaoqi, you said that Sangyu is very smart. Even if Sangyu is very stupid and slow in learning, you are not allowed to dislike me."

Xiaoqi nodded vigorously. "Alright."

Little Sangyu said, "Then let’s pinky swear. Don’t lie."

Xiaoqi smiled dotingly and gently. "Okay."

Ling Sheng was about to ask the two little fellows if they had finished picking the strawberries when she saw the two babies squatting on the balcony.

She did not know what the two little fellows were talking about, but the expression on the little girl’s tender face was very solemn. Her son looked at the little girl with a very doting smile, and the two of them even pinky promised.

Little Sangyu was afraid of strangers when she first came here. But after she got familiar with them, she was no longer afraid. She followed Xiaoqi wherever he went, calling him Brother Xiaoqi. The two children were inseparable.

Xiaoqi was a sensible child who knew how to dote on others. He liked Little Sangyu so much that he wanted to give her everything he had.

Little Sangyu was also a sensible child. She had a good temper and never threw a tantrum. It was rare that a young girl like that knew her limits.

Nangong Lengyu happily surrounded the two babies every day while Huo Ci happily circled around his wife every day. Hence, the two adults and kids were basically together no matter where they went.

Time passed quickly. Two days later, Ling Sheng boarded the plane with her luggage and set off to City H to film her new variety show. The air tickets were given to her by the crew. From the moment she arrived at the airport, they would be shooting scenes with her. However, the theme of the show and the guests who were participating in the show would only be revealed when they arrived.

After getting off the plane and taking another three hours’ ride, they finally arrived at the beautiful Jiangnan Old Town. The town was very beautiful and quiet, it was so beautiful that it was like walking into a painting. The staff of the program team introduced to her that this town was a newly developed tourist town. However, there were too many ancient towns in the vicinity, so it was nothing special. It was developed too late and did not make it in time for the dividend period, so they did not finish developing it.

A wealthy businessman from a small town wanted to make the town famous and help his hometown get rich, so he recruited the production team and invested in the show, allowing the show to be filmed here.

Under the guidance of the production crew, Ling Sheng entered a unique Jiangnan-style small villa. It was a picturesque house with green bricks and white tiles.

Other than her, everyone else in the villa seemed to have arrived. They were all girls sitting on the sofa in the living room and talking

Ling Sheng’s eyes lit up as she looked at one of the beautiful girls. It was none other than Shi Lingyu, this was the first time she had seen her since she returned!

Shi Lingyu felt that someone was looking at her. When she turned around, she saw a girl who was as pretty as a little fairy standing at the door, looking at her with passionate eyes. She felt a little uncomfortable.

Was the lady interested in her? Why was she looking at her like that? She didn’t like women, and she was pretty sure she’d never seen her before.

The other three girls also looked in Ling Sheng’s direction, their eyes flashing with jealousy. When Ling Sheng came over, she did not have an umbrella. The rain was small, but it still wet her hair. Her face was covered in a thin layer of mist, and her clothes looked a little damp.

Shi Lingyu did not know what was wrong with her, but her actions were faster than her brain. She took out a clean towel from her luggage and walked towards her. "Why didn’t you take an umbrella? Hurry up and wipe yourself. You might catch a cold."

Ling Sheng nodded and smiled foolishly at her. Her heart warmed as she took the towel. "Thank you."

When Shi Lingyu passed the towel over, her head twitched and she was secretly upset with herself. What happened? What exactly happened?

What the hell? Does this little angel in front of me know how to bewitch people? Why did she suddenly go forward to help her?

The remaining three young girls looked at each other with different expressions. Did Shi Lingyu know this girl?

Shi Lingyu tried hard to hide her confusion and embarrassment. She smiled gently and looked at her. "Hello, I’m Shi Lingyu."

Ling Sheng smiled as well. "I’m Ling Sheng."

The remaining three girls stood up and introduced themselves when they saw the two of them introducing themselves. However, they were secretly jealous. Why was Shi Lingyu such a person? If she wanted to introduce herself, it should be everyone doing it together. Without even discussing it, she ran over to fawn on this newcomer.

After they were done introducing themselves, they politely invited each other to sit down and talk. They were all in the entertainment industry, so naturally, they had done their part well.

After Ling Sheng sat down, she started sizing up the other girls besides Shi Lingyu. As expected, none of them were popular actresses.

The person sitting opposite her was young and had an internet celebrity face. It was obvious that she had put a lot of effort into her face and had gone through plastic surgery. She was quite pretty, her name was Yun Ruo and she was 20 years old. Sitting beside Yun Ruo was an innocent and cute girl with long black hair. Her name was Song Xiyue and she was 22 years old. She wasn’t from the entertainment industry and was a foreign student. She attended university in Australia and was in her fourth year.

The remaining one was the most famous one among the five of them. In less than two years, she was at the peak of her career. Her name was Yi Ning and she was once known as the national school beauty.

As the saying goes, something is bound to happen when several women get together. Each of them has to be careful not to fall into the other’s traps.

Ling Sheng could clearly sense that other than Shi Lingyu, the other three seemed to be working in tandem and were attacking her together.

However, she wasn’t someone to be trifled with. Whether it was talking or answering, she answered them flawlessly and beautifully.

Soon, the assistant director came over to call them. He asked them to gather in the courtyard and sent everyone the theme of the show.

The moment Ling Sheng saw the theme, she was dumbfounded. She had every reason to suspect that her father was taking revenge on her!

The variety show that she was participating in was none other than a dating show. It was a reality show with the artistes’ "imaginary love" as the selling point. It was called "Give Me Your Hand"!

She was the mother of a three-year-old child and someone who was 10 weeks pregnant. What kind of a joke was this!

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