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Chapter: 1268

Jun Shiyan nodded and secretly shook her hand. His father-in-law’s smile was really kind.

He really did not expect something that boasted of being the god was so stupid, he thought that it would take some effort to catch him.

However, possessing his father-in-law was understandable, and it was also the most feasible plan. It was only when he paid his respects to the elders and was the closest to him and the young lady that he could kill the two of them in one go.

He did not know what tricks the trash fish had used, but he still could not sense his presence even now.

If he had not smiled so kindly, he and the young lady would not have discovered his existence.

This trick of the trash fish was indeed good, but he had overlooked one point. His father-in-law was not an ordinary person and had never treated him nicely.

Huo Ci, who was sitting on the main seat, was still smiling lovingly as he looked at the couple in front of him.

In a moment, the world would be completely destroyed. These foolish humans who had betrayed him and wanted to kill him would also disappear.

Song Yiyan didn’t sense the presence of the trash fish either. She felt a bit strange, wondering if what Little Sangyu said was true. She had not noticed the existence of the trash fish at all.

It was the same for Si Chengluo. He was afraid that if the trash fish did not come, all his hard work would go to waste. In his dream, he did not appear in a traditional Chinese wedding, it was in a Western wedding.

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Ji Xing’s narrow eyes flashed with obvious coldness as he glanced in Huo Ci’s direction.

Huo Ci seemed to have noticed his gaze and glanced at him as well. There was a smug smile in his eyes, as though he was about to win. He looked down on him with disdain and arrogance, as though he was looking at an ant.

But the next moment, his smile froze on his face.

In that space, time came to a standstill. The crowd, which had been laughing and making a ruckus a moment ago, suddenly fell silent. It was a strange silence.

The guests who were watching the ceremony stood rooted to the ground like statues, maintaining their previous actions and expressions.

The people who had awakened at the scene were not under the control of the time freeze and did not have any combat power. They could not help even if they stayed. In the blink of an eye, they were escorted to a safe place by Xu Xi and the rest.

Nangong Lengyu watched as two guns suddenly appeared in Huo Ci’s hands. The guns were aimed at her daughter and son-in-law. Her eyes instantly turned red as she shouted angrily and anxiously, "Huo Ci! Wake up!"

The trash fish clearly did not expect that he would be discovered so quickly and was already panicking. It was too different from what he had expected.

How did the person in front of him find out that he was with Huo Ci? He had clearly let that stupid woman do something to Huo Ci. Not to mention Jun Shiyan, even that damned rabbit and that human girl who could sense him would not be able to discover his existence.

Moreover, his aura was exactly the same as Huo Ci’s.

Just as the bullet was about to pierce through their chests, it strangely changed its direction when it was very close to them. It dissolved before turning into a pile of fine dust.

"Mom." Ling Sheng quickly got up and pulled Nangong Lengyu away. "Go hide with Fourth Uncle and the rest. There’s no need for you here."

"Sheng Sheng." Nangong Lengyu also knew that they would only be a hindrance here. The best way to help them was to not cause them any trouble, she gave her a final glance.

"Mom, don’t worry. Dad will be fine." After Ling Sheng said that, she turned around and entered the battle.

Seeing her leave, Nangong Lengyu warned worriedly, "Be careful."

It was definitely impossible for Ling Sheng to join the battle. Before she could reach her destination, Song Yiyan grabbed her and pulled her to a safe distance. "You’re pregnant. Can you not distract him? Don’t cause trouble."

That trash fish had been severely injured several times. But it still needed the two of them to subdue him, Jun Shiyan and the rest were too useless.

After Song Yiyan finished speaking, she threw out a talisman and it quickly expanded in the air. A golden light flashed and the guests instantly disappeared.

It was just a teleportation talisman, there was nothing special about it. However, there were simply too many people to be teleported, so it consumed too much magic power. After using it once, she was unable to join the battle for a while.

Everything around them was cleared.

In mid-air, the tables and chairs collided with each other. Everything on the scene became a weapon.

Huo Ci was trapped in the middle. With bloodshot eyes, he roared angrily, "You cunning humans!"

"All is fair in war." Jun Shiyan smiled coldly. "I advise you to be sensible and come out of my father-in-law’s body obediently."

It wasn’t that he couldn’t use forceful methods. It was just that overly violent methods would cause irreversible damage to the person’s body.

He did not want to see the young lady or his son sad.

"Let me go." The trash fish knew that there was no way he could escape this time. He could only negotiate with them. "Let me go. I won’t hurt him. If not, I’ll drag him down with me."

"Dad!" Ling Sheng shouted.

Song Yiyan glanced at her and was moved to tears. Sheng Sheng cared a lot about her father and was ready to use her love to wake him up. All the best!

But at the next moment. "Dad, wake up quickly. You’re omnipotent, the most powerful Huo Ci in the world. You’re being controlled by the trash fish. Are you not embarrassed?"

"Do you believe that I will expose you and let the whole of China know that you are incapable? They will laugh at you."

Song Yiyan’s eyes twitched and she spat out a mouthful of blood. Fuck, I was wrong. You and your daughter really know how to trigger each other. Impressive!

The others were speechless, they didn’t expect her to use provocation on him!

The trash fish could clearly feel that after that wretched girl’s words, his body stiffened for a moment. Anger and anxiety surged from his heart, and Huo Ci, who was suppressed by him, struggled to get out.

Jun Shiyan seized this opportunity. However, it was only for a moment before the trash fish regained control of his body. "Father-in-law, don’t be anxious. Take your time, I will protect you."

The goading worked. After he said this, the trash fish’s body stiffened again. Flames suddenly appeared in his eyes. Stupid human, he was angry just because someone said a few words. What kind of idiot did he choose!

"Dad, the Third Master is right. Don’t be anxious. With us around, we will ensure your safety. We will protect you," Ling Sheng shouted again.

"That’s right, Mr. Movie King. Please take a break and leave this small matter to us. You don’t have to do anything," Song Yiyan added.

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