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Chapter: 1269

Opposite him, Huo Ci’s expression changed. It was obvious that he was enraged. His eyes were spitting fire, and after a low growl, he returned to normal.

The trash fish was speechless.

Ling Sheng and Song Yiyan looked at each other. It seemed like they were still not ruthless enough to give the Movie King enough stimulation, they needed to add fuel to the fire.

Unexpectedly, just as the two of them were about to speak, a white shadow suddenly jumped over from the opposite side. The speed of the shadow was so fast that no one could clearly see what it was.

The creature had jumped in the direction where Huo Ci was. In the next moment, it was already on top of his head.

This scene was really too strange. The white rabbit’s entire body was lying on top of the Movie King’s head, as if it was afraid of being thrown down. Its little claws dug into his hair, and its two rabbit teeth bit onto a black shadow as it struggled to pull it out.

Ling Sheng glanced at Song Yiyan. "What exactly did you catch?"

Xiao Bai was usually the most timid one. Other than Xiaoqi, it was afraid of everyone, especially the Third Master and her father. Her father had thrown it a few times.

However, it was a coward. After being cursed by Song Yiyan, it didn’t dare to run away. When it took revenge on her father, it rolled around on his bed and peed on his slippers.

Her father was allergic to fur and wanted nothing more than to rip it off and stew it. That was why there were always battles between the human and rabbit at home.

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Song Yiyan said arrogantly, "I told you, that bunny is very useful. See? It’s more useful than your man at the critical moment!"

Everything happened so suddenly that the others who wanted to fight to the death with the trash fish were all stunned. They watched as the rabbit used all his strength to pull the trash fish out.

It was unknown what method the rabbit used, but the trash fish were actually pulled out quickly.

Jun Shiyan’s eyes were deep and filled with joy. The trash fish had been pulled out by the rabbit, and his father-in-law’s soul was not damaged at all.

This little creature was really useful!

Ling Sheng looked at her father’s face and neck, which were turning red. There were goosebumps all over them. She suspected that Xiao Bai was taking this opportunity to take revenge on her father!

The trash fish did not expect things to turn out this way. The damned rabbit had discovered his presence in the car.

He knew that this rabbit was not an ordinary rabbit. The rabbit’s body contained a spirit, but it was just a spirit, so he did not care.

However, he did not expect it to be able to touch Huo Ci’s body and forcefully pull him out when he wanted to take control of the body and gain consciousness.

Jun Shiyan did not have such an ability either! What the hell was this!

On top of Huo Ci’s head, Xiao Bai was panting heavily.

Ling Sheng only saw a black flash before it disappeared. She rushed toward Xiao Bai and shouted, "Xiao Bai, back off!"

Clearly, Xiao Bai was more alert than she thought, and had already fled before her warning. It jumped onto the crystal chandelier on the roof and waved the two tufts of hair in its hands as though it was showing off its spoils of war. It looked as though it was tired to death and would leave the rest to them.

Song Yiyan watched as Movie King Huo shot a death glare at the bunny and roared.

The corner of Ling Sheng’s eyes twitched. The last kill was completed!

The trash fish could clearly feel the anger burning in his chest. Before he could react, his consciousness was forcefully seized.

Huo Ci growled angrily. "Fuck, how dare you occupy my body? I think you’re tired of living."

Ling Sheng and Song Yiyan, who were watching from the side, could not help but laugh out loud. They should not laugh, how could they laugh at such a serious moment?

A few minutes later, a blood-curdling scream filled the air. The black figure on the other side was torn into countless pieces.

The fragments tried their best to escape and combine together. However, they realized that there were restrictions placed all around them and they could not escape. All their struggles were futile.

The fragments in the air were shattered one after another, turning into a puff of smoke and disappearing into the air.

The moment the last fragment disappeared, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

Xu Xi, An Yan and the rest were carefully searching the surroundings to see if there were any more pieces that had not been completely destroyed.

The trash fish was a consciousness that could split into countless consciousnesses. As long as there was a tiny bit of consciousness, he would be able to reincarnate.

They wanted to ensure that the trash fish were completely wiped out and would never return.

Huo Ci had no time to think about other things after defeating the trash fish. His eyes were spitting fire as he charged towards the round white object not far away.

Xiao Bai hid in a corner, only revealing its rabbit butt. It stuck out its butt and looked very funny. No one knew what it was doing.

Ling Sheng watched as her father rushed over and even symbolically shouted, "Dad, it’s your savior!"

Xiao Bai had dealt the final blow. If not for Xiao Bai, her father would not have taken the initiative so quickly.

Huo Ci rushed over angrily and picked up its two rabbit ears, only to see that the damned rabbit had a black fragment in its mouth.

The moment the fragment saw him, it desperately tried to break free and escape into his body. It sneered and ordered, "Eat it!"

Xiao Bai looked at him with teary eyes. The Young Master said that it couldn’t eat anything. If it ate something wrong, it would upset its stomach. However, when it was glared at by the devil, it stuffed the food into its mouth in a panic and ate it!

It ate too quickly and choked. After swallowing, it even burped.

"Sixth Master, don’t let it eat that!" An Yan shouted anxiously and widened his eyes in fright.

That was the clone of the trash fish, it was not something edible. If it occupied Xiao Bai’s body, it would create an opportunity for him to escape.

Ling Sheng glanced at Jun Shiyan. Would it be alright?

Jun Shiyan frowned slightly, and a serious look flashed across his eyes. He looked at An Yan. "Watch it first."

This rabbit was Little Sangyu’s favorite pet. If it was destroyed, Little Sangyu would be very sad. But no one had ever eaten the trash fish before, so no one knew what would happen.

Huo Ci held its ears as though he had discovered something. His gaze turned cold as he pointed at a black shadow not far away, the size of a fingernail. "Go eat that one over there."

It was only after Xiao Bai had finished eating the fragment that it came back to his senses. When he saw what Huo Ci was pointing at, its eyes suddenly flashed. It jumped to the side and swallowed it. It was not even enough to fill the gaps between his teeth!

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