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Chapter: 1271

On the night Ling Sheng and Jun Shiyan got married, Luo Xin went missing.

Gu Shen couldn’t find her anywhere. In the end, he came to ask Jun Shiyan for help. He was the one who brought her here and she was his girlfriend, so he was naturally worried that she would suddenly disappear.

The surveillance footage showed Huo Ci looking for her before she went missing.

"What does your girlfriend’s disappearance have to do with me?" Jun Shiyan’s face was cold as he looked at the person in front of him. "You’ve lost her, so why aren’t you looking for her? Are you here to look for her?"

Gu Shen had always been afraid of his Third Uncle. He broke out in a cold sweat and did not dare to look up at him despite the pressure. "Third Uncle, no matter what, she has taken care of Ah Qi for a period of time. Please help me, Third Uncle."

He knew that Third Uncle did not like Luo Xin. Before Ling Sheng appeared, she could still enter the Gu family frequently because of Ah Qi.

After Ling Sheng appeared, she never entered the Gu family or approached Third Uncle again.

"Ah Shen, are you sure that she’s only with you because she really loves you?" Jun Shiyan didn’t know how to talk to his nephew about this.

He was kind, but he was too silly. He was entangled with Luo Xin in the previous world, but in this world, he was still deceived by her.

"Third Uncle, I know. I only hope that Third Uncle can help me this time." Gu Shen’s voice was laced with pain.

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The person Luo Xin liked was Third Uncle. He had always known that, but he liked her and could not help it. He also hated himself like this. How could he control a person’s feelings just because he wanted to?

"Ah Shen, you’re not young anymore. When you have a girlfriend, you should also be more careful." Jun Shiyan watched Gu Shen’s retreating figure and advised him earnestly.

Just as he finished speaking, Ling Sheng’s voice rang out from the second floor.

Seeing that he was not going back, Ling Sheng put on a coat and ran out. She stood on the second floor and leaned against the railing lazily. "Hubby, aren’t you done?"

When Gu Shen looked up, the woman on the second floor was also looking in his direction. Her gaze was friendly.

"Hello, little one!" Ling Sheng smiled brightly, revealing her white teeth. "You’ve grown up. Why haven’t your intelligence grown?"

Gu Shen’s body suddenly stiffened, and something was about to spew out of his mind. There was a buzz and a painful groan. When he looked up again, he was staring at her in a daze. Tears welled up in his eyes, and his voice was a little hoarse. "You forgot to return my intelligence to me."

He remembered! It was her! She was the Fairy Sister he had met when he was young!

"Take it back." Ling Sheng waved her hand, and a golden light flashed in front of him. Knowing that he had regained his memory, she looked at him seriously and said, "From now on, there’s no one named Luo Xin in this world. You don’t have to come looking for her anymore."

Gu Shen did not know how he felt at this moment. When he was young, his body was not well and no children played with him so he played alone.

After that, he had a fairy sister. She played with him every day, talked to him, told him strange stories he had never heard before, fished, planted flowers, and caught butterflies with him.

Fairy Sister did not allow him to tell anyone this secret, saying that she was a fairy and would leave one day to go to the sky.

He trusted her implicitly because she could always conjure up many things. Like magic, she could conjure up anything he wanted to make him happy.

Later on, she disappeared. That evening, she said that she was leaving. He followed behind her and watched as she walked further and further away.

He told himself not to cry, but he still cried while following her, shouting for Fairy Sister. But he never managed to make her stay.

"I understand." Gu Shen did not know whether he was startled or feeling sad. His Fairy Sister had married his third uncle and become his third aunt. "I wish the Third Uncle and Third Aunt a long and happy life together."

It was only at this moment that he realized that everything she did was not to make him happy, but it was for Third Uncle.

At that time, everyone told him that it was Third Uncle who killed his grandfather, father, and uncle, which was why he became the head of the Gu family.

At that time, he hated his third uncle to death. He vowed in his heart that one day, he would kill his enemies and avenge his family..

It was at that moment that she suddenly appeared, lighting up his dark life like a beam of light. She told him not to trust rumors lightly, and to trust his own eyes.

She would not reason with him or force him to talk about Third Uncle’s luxury. Instead, she would lead him to discover the details.

Third Uncle was a very cold person. He would never smile at him or dote on him like his father, uncle, and grandfather did. However, he also had his own unique way of expressing his gentleness.

Third Uncle would secretly stick the book he broke when he lost his temper.

If he didn’t like to eat, Third Uncle would get someone to change it to something he liked to eat.

He did not like Chinese medicine and hated the taste of it. Third Uncle would get someone to make the medicine into a pill for him to eat.

On his birthday, Third Uncle said that he would not come back and would still bring the cake back to celebrate his birthday.

Every year on the anniversary of his grandfather and father’s death, Third Uncle would go to the ancestral hall at home and he would go for an entire night. There was once when he secretly heard his speech and realized that Third Uncle doted on him.

Gu Shen left very quickly. From now on, Luo Xin will completely disappear from this world. No one would remember her existence.

He did not know what Luo Xin had done, but he believed that Third Uncle and her would not casually hurt a good person. She must have done something unforgivable that caused her to end up like this.

On the pink and dreamy princess bed, Jun Shiyan pressed the young lady onto the bed and gritted his teeth fiercely. "Why don’t I know when you became someone else’s fairy sister?"

Ling Sheng pushed the man. "Stop fooling around. It’s itchy!"

Jun Shiyan grabbed the young lady’s chin and locked his deep eyes with hers. "Answer my question and explain properly! If you continue to change the subject, watch how I deal with you!"

"Mr. Jun, I heard you know how to read minds." Ling Sheng looked at him with a smile. Her soft little hand held his hand and covered her heart as she blinked mischievously. "You’ll know once you read it."

Jun Shiyan bit the young lady’s earlobe and felt her body tremble, his voice was low and sexy. "You clearly know that my mind reading skills are useless against you. If you don’t confess honestly, I’ll punish you."

"Help!" Ling Sheng shouted delicately. "Dad, Mom, Grandpas, Grandma, Luo Luo, help! Jun Shiyan is going to eat me!"

Jun Shiyan’s handsome face darkened. He covered her mouth, turned over, and pinned her against him, his eyes burning with passion.

It was spring and it was a long night. He had a lot of time to ask her for an answer.

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