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Chapter: 1273

The day Ling Sheng gave birth to her second child, it was the first snowfall in winter.

The whole family occupied most of the hallway of the delivery room, waiting anxiously.

When Xiaoqi and Little Sangyu were picked up from the kindergarten, the two little kids each carried a little rabbit.

Little Sangyu was carrying Xiao Bai, while Xiaoqi was carrying a little snowman rabbit. Xiao Bai had somehow managed to keep it in the warm room without melting.

The adults were all waiting for the news anxiously and expectantly.

Little Sangyu and Xiaoqi looked at the two bunnies in front of them. They looked exactly the same and they were going to give it as a present for their sister.

Little Sangyu took Xiaoqi’s hand nervously and blinked her big eyes. "Brother Xiaoqi, do you think it will be a sister? What if it is a brother?"

She didn’t want a younger brother. She wanted a soft, cute little sister. She could give her Barbie princess, bunnies, and teddy bears to her sister.

"It must be a sister." Xiaoqi nodded firmly and looked in the direction of the delivery room. He even whispered into her ear, "I asked godmother to read my fortune and she said that it must be a sister."

Little Sangyu thought for a moment and rubbed her little head. "But last time, my godmother said that Little Bean Sprout had three babies in her stomach, a sister and two younger brothers. Little Bean Sprout had two, and they were both younger brothers."

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Xiaoqi choked and had a complicated expression. "Little Bean Sprout is different from Mommy."

Little Bean Sprout was Little Sangyu’s dog. Her godmother didn’t know how to read the fortunes of little animals, but only for people, so it was not accurate.

Little Sangyu said, "I want a sister, Brother Xiaoqi. If it is a brother, let’s send him away, okay?"

Xiaoqi hesitated for a moment before nodding. "I’ll give it to our godmother. Doesn’t our godmother want a baby?"

Little Sangyu was in a dilemma. "But our godmother doesn’t like brothers either. Let’s keep him here. If we send him away, mommy will be very sad."

At the thought of sending his younger brother away, Xiaoqi felt depressed. "Even if it’s a younger brother, he’s still Daddy and Mommy’s baby. We have to love him well and protect him. We can’t dislike him."

Little Sangyu made up her mind and patted her chest. "If Daddy wants to throw my brother away, we will pick him up."

Daddy had always said that it would be a younger sister. She even heard Daddy say that if it was a younger brother, he would not want him anymore and would throw him away.

"Brother Xiaoqi, Sangyu will eat less and save some for her brother. If he doesn’t eat anything at home, Daddy will like him." Little Sangyu was very sure.

"Alright." Xiaoqi made up his mind.

Although he liked a younger sister and wanted one, even if his mommy gave birth to a younger brother, he would still accept it.

"Brother Xiaoqi, if it is really a brother, we must not talk about younger sisters." Little Sangyu reminded him seriously. "Otherwise, your brother will be sad."

"Okay, I won’t."

Huo Ci arrived late and was in no hurry at all. He looked at the anxious group of people at the door and the two little kids squatting there, mumbling something. He strode over with his long legs and subconsciously kicked the rabbit.

Seeing the rabbit snowman that she and Xiaoqi had made for her sister being kicked away, Little Sangyu burst into tears. "This is for my sister!"

Her cry was very loud, and it was sad and uncomfortable.

Huo Ci was also stunned. He did not expect that the one he kicked was not that annoying demon rabbit, but a snowman. Seeing how the little girl was crying so loudly, he wished he could chop off his leg. He quickly squatted down and coaxed her. "Grandpa will make another one for you soon, okay?"

Xiao Bai jumped up and then stood up. It covered its mouth and laughed at Huo Ci, resembling a human. People who were not used to seeing it would definitely find that it looked a little strange.

Huo Ci held the little girl in his arms and coaxed her. Seeing the demon laughing at him, he glared at it fiercely and said gently, "Little Sangyu, be good and stop crying. Grandpa will make another one with you."

Huo Xiao also saw the snowman in front of him that had been kicked away. His anger rose to the top of his head, and he lashed out with his walking stick. "You and your wretched foot. I won’t go easy on you today. What’s wrong with you today? Are you kicking whatever you see?"

How old was he? He was already the grandfather of two children. Did he even know what he was doing?

Seeing that her great-grandpa’s crutch was about to fall on him, Little Sangyu stopped crying immediately, perhaps because of the fright. Instead, she shouted, "Grandpa, run! Great-grandpa is going to hit you."

Huo Ci stood up and ran with the little girl in his arms. "Dad, I was wrong. I didn’t know that it was a snowman. I thought it was Xiao Bai!"

Xiao Bai looked at her great-grandfather and covered its eyes. How could he kick Xiao Bai? Xiao Bai was so pitiful and did not want to live anymore!

"If it’s Xiao Bai then you can kick it? Xiao Bai is so cute, when did it offend you?" Huo Xiao started scolding in the corridor of the hospital and lashed out with his walking stick.

Xiao Bai sniggered and revealed her two white rabbit teeth at Huo Ci.

Nangong Lun was delighted to see Huo Ci getting beaten up, this bastard deserved a beating. That 40-year-old man was still behaving like a child. It was better to beat him to death!

Nangong Lengmo revealed a look of sympathy, he shook his head helplessly and sighed. Look at his sister’s taste. How could she like him?

Huo Ci ran far away and took little Sangyu to make a little snow rabbit. He looked at the little brat who was standing there without moving. "Ling Xiaoqi, get over here."

Xiaoqi could not bear to look at the door of the delivery room, so he ran to look for Grandpa with his short legs. He even waved his little hand and thought to himself. "Sister, wait a while. Brother will bring the little snow rabbit back immediately."

The three of them went to make little snow rabbits. Xiao Bai was the model.

Huo Ci was holding his breath as he pointed at Xiao Bai. "Don’t move. If you move again, I’ll make you into soup for the baby tonight."

Xiao Bai’s ears drooped and it did not dare to move. However, are you sure that a newborn baby can drink soup?

Xiaoqi and Little Sangyu both knew that Grandpa was just joking, he would not make Xiao Bai into soup. Grandpa always scared Xiao Bai like this.

When the three of them returned with the little snow rabbit that they were going to give to their younger sister, the people waiting in the corridor were gone. The delivery room was very lively.

Xiaoqi was the first to run over. "Is it a younger brother or younger sister?"

The nurse came over and looked at the cute little guy. "Congratulations, it’s your younger sister. Xiaoqi is going to be an older brother."

Xiaoqi jumped up in excitement and reported the good news with a flushed face. "Grandpa, Sangyu, it’s a sister!"

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