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Chapter: 1275


Song Yiyan’s mind went blank for five seconds before she let out an earth-shattering scream and kicked the man beside her.

When the man was kicked in the chest, he felt that the person was so strong that his internal organs shifted. With a bang, he hit the wall opposite and vomited blood.

There was a dead silence in the air.

The next second, Song Yiyan finally came back to her senses. She looked at the handsome man who was half-kneeling on the ground with his hands over his chest and his face expressionless. She coughed to hide her guilt and embarrassment and asked, "Are you okay? I didn’t do it on purpose."

She remembered that this gigolo in front of her was picked up by her before she woke up. Last night, when she was chatting with someone about the script, the bastard director gave her something.

After she returned, she slept with the pretty boy in front of her. In the end, it was her fault.

The man let out another painful cough, his gaze was deep and dangerous. The blood at the corner of his lips made his lips red like a demon who had just drunk blood.

She didn’t do it on purpose? She didn’t lie on his clothes when she returned home last night?

"I saved you once and you saved me once. We’re even now," Song Yiyan said indifferently.

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She admitted she was a jerk.

It’s better to treat the relationship as casual, there was no need to take it seriously. Moreover, this man of unknown origins gave her a very dangerous feeling.

"In that case…" The man suddenly spoke up and looked at the woman in front of him." Do you want to be irresponsible after sleeping with me?"

"What do you mean by me being irresponsible?" Song Yiyan picked up the pajamas beside her and slowly put them on. Her movements were seductive and her lips moved slightly. "Handsome man, both of us are willing. Have you heard of anyone being responsible for their one night stand?"

What a joke. A grown man asking her to be responsible, get lost! Where did his shame come from?

"Are you sure it’s just a one night stand?" The man’s lips curled into a mocking smile. He slowly stood up and turned to walk towards the bathroom, the words he said were not to be doubted. "From today onwards, I will stay here until I recover my memory."

He had lost his memory and didn’t know who he was. He only knew that the word Ji Xing was written on a chain around his neck.

He thought that he should be called Ji Xing.

"Hey!" Song Yiyan’s eyes lit up when she saw how shameless the man was. She stood up and followed.

The man’s back was facing her, his shoulders were broad and his waist was narrow. His long legs were heaven-defying and every part of his body was perfect.

The man entered the bathroom and came out quickly. He must have gone to wash the blood off his face.

Song Yiyan was changing her clothes when she turned around. The man had entered the kitchen next door and was looking for something in the fridge, he should be making breakfast. She felt a little guilty but her expression did not change.

She had rented this apartment before she awakened. It was an old apartment with a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom and was about 50 square meters. It was not as big as her bedroom at home and she could vaguely see the yellow and peeling walls under the tattered wallpaper. If she smelled carefully, she could detect a damp and dark smell.

Song Yiyan faced the only full-length mirror in the bedroom and looked at herself in the mirror. Her lips curled up in satisfaction, she had been too perverted before. This was her now!

The woman in the mirror had flaming red lips and a leather short skirt, revealing a pair of fair and well-proportioned long legs. Her curvy figure gave off a gorgeous visual impact, she was a stunning beauty and had the aura of a mature lady.

Ji Xing was cooking but there was nothing in the fridge. After frying a few pieces of bread, he took out two eggs and prepared to fry them. From the corner of his eye, he saw the woman walking out of the bedroom aggressively in her high heels. He frowned and his voice did not have much emotion, it was just like a routine. "Breakfast will be ready soon."

"Have some yourself!" Song Yiyan stuffed the cosmetics into her bag and turned to leave. When she reached the door, she seemed to have remembered something. She rummaged through her bag for a long time before taking out a large amount of change and threw it on the table. "Hey, I left the change on the table for you. Save your money."

"Where are you going?" Ji Xing still couldn’t help but ask.

"To take revenge!" Song Yiyan gritted her teeth and sneered as she went downstairs.

He chased all the way to the door and watched as the woman went downstairs in a pair of high heels. He did not know if it was because she was not used to wearing high heels, but when she reached the corner, she even twisted and almost fell. Fortunately, she held onto the staircase railing. After standing firmly, she did not lose her posture and frowned slightly. He looked at the woman and said, "My name is Ji Xing."

He saw that the woman even looked up at him, but didn’t answer. He didn’t know if she heard him.

He didn’t turn around and go back into the house until the woman disappeared in front of him. He looked at the change she had placed on the table and smirked. It added up to less than 10 yuan, and she wanted him to spend it sparingly?

Song Yiyan was a pampered rich missy who always came and went as she pleased. She really didn’t know the amount of money it takes to survive out there.

The driver looked at her. "Miss, 50 yuan."

Song Yiyan flipped her bag upside down but still couldn’t find a coin, she was embarrassed to be stared at like this. When did she become so embarrassed? She was penniless. She smiled at the driver. "Sir, I came out in a hurry and didn’t bring any money with me. Why don’t I draw you a talisman?"

This driver’s glabella was dark and he looked unlucky, he would definitely meet with bad luck today. Thinking of her talisman, it was hard to find even if someone had a thousand gold coins. It was a priceless treasure. She did not expect that she would one day be so down that she would exchange the talisman for taxi fare.

The driver looked at the swindler, but he was still polite. "Young lady, if you don’t have money, you can use Alipay WeChat."

In this day and age, was such a beautiful lady popular as a charlatan?

"Master, your glabella is dark and your luck is bad. There will be a disaster befalling you today." Song Yiyan had just finished speaking.

"Young lady, I am not going to stoop to your level since you are so young." The driver was angry too. This was his first business deal early in the morning, he had just opened for business and met a lunatic. Not only did she want to use the talisman to pay for the taxi fare, she even cursed him. Who wouldn’t be angered by this? "If you continue like this, we’ll go to the police station. You have to explain everything to me properly."

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