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Chapter: 1278

Song Yiyan felt his burning gaze. When she walked over, she smiled at him. The man opposite her seemed to have lost his soul. "Director Chen, what are you looking at?"

"Damn, Song Yiyan!" Chen Sheng really didn’t recognize her at first glance, he only recognized her after hearing her voice. How did she become like this? She had changed so much!

In his impression, Song Yiyan didn’t have much of a presence, but she was very good at acting. Her acting skills were good, and she got into character quickly, acting like any character she wants.

He had worked with her before and was very timid, she never dared to speak loudly and had a low presence. No matter what, she was as weak as a little rabbit.

He knew that she was currently banned and even her livelihood was a problem, so he helped her out and let her act as a disfigured supporting character. Anyway, she did not have many scenes, and he even paid half of the salary.

"Hello, Director Chen." Song Yiyan thanked him for finally recognizing her.

When she came to the film set, her personality must have changed too much. No one recognized her, and she wondered if Jin Yunzhe recognized her.

However, Jin Yunzhe, that boring man, had a cold face every day. Other than when he was filming, he would not interact with any women. He did not have a single female companion beside him, so he probably did not recognize her.

Anyway, based on his manager Wang Qian’s reaction, he did not recognize her.

"Sigh." Chen Sheng shook his head and sighed. He looked at Song Yiyan with regret.

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What a pity, the second female lead was tailor-made for her!

Not far away, the female lead, Zhen Xi, was sitting on the sofa reading a script. She looked in Song Yiyan’s direction from the corner of her eye, and jealousy flashed through her eyes.

The last time, it was because of her that she had to sign a contract with her. The role was changed at the last minute, and the female lead became Song Yiyan. She didn’t know which old man she hooked up with, but she sold herself and stole someone else’s script.

Now, that little bitch, Song Yiyan, had finally courted death. She had been shut out by the forces behind her, let’s see how arrogant she could be.

Moreover, this little bitch had just been kicked out by her former sugar daddy. She was dressed gorgeously and came out to flirt with people. She even dared to seduce Jin Yunzhe, who she liked.

"Great Zhou Dynasty" was the movie of the female lead. The female lead, Feng Wu, was also a concubine. When she was three, her aunt died after giving birth to her. She didn’t even have a proper name and was ranked fifth.

Song Yiyan was playing a character called Fengxi who was a vicious sister to Feng Wu. Because of her ugly appearance, Feng Wu had been bullied and suppressed since she was a child. She did all kinds of dirty work and even got scolded and abused from time to time, she almost killed Feng Wu several times.

Feng Wu was a pitiful person, but after Feng Xi killed her, a modern agent’s soul passed into her.

How could Feng Xi be a match for a transmigrator? The other party was an all-rounder, she was both a scholar and a swordswomen, and had unparalleled skills in handling poison. She had retained the skills of the person she possessed, and killed the other party in less than two moves.

The scene was about the day after Feng Xi killed Feng Wu, after the soul of the agent had passed into her. She was weak and was still lying in bed.

Yesterday, she almost fell into the water and died, but it was not a big deal. Normally, no one would care about the life of a dispensable daughter of a concubine. It would be fine if she died.

However, the bad thing was that early in the morning, the Seventh Prince of the Great Zhou Dynasty personally paid a visit to see the Fifth Young Lady.

This time, the entire Feng manor was alarmed. The seventh prince was an ignorant and incompetent profligate son, and was the most useless of all the princes. He was always fooling around and did nothing serious. He was also the most idle and unloved prince among the princes.

However, a prince was still a prince. There was a difference between a ruler and a subject. Even if the Feng family was powerful and looked down on the Seventh Prince, they still had to do their best on the surface.

The moment the Seventh Prince arrived, the mistress of the estate found the best doctor and sent over many tonics, accessories, and clothes.

Feng Xi was extremely unhappy when she heard that the Seventh Prince had come to see Feng Wu. She had boiled the medicine and poisoned it long ago, then pretended to be close to Feng Wu and came over to give her the medicine, hoping to poison her.

However, when Feng Wu took the bowl, her hand slipped and the hot liquid fell onto Feng Xi’s hand.

The props, cameras, and actors were all in position and started.

Director Chen Sheng stood in front of the camera, Song Yiyan was acting as Feng Xi. Every move she made, every expression she made, was vivid and portrayed her viciousness. People couldn’t help but clap and praise her.

After changing into her disguise, Song Yiyan no longer looked as beautiful as before. She had entered the role and turned into a vicious sister.

Feng Xi brought the maidservant over with the medicine and pretended to be kind enough to deliver the medicine to her younger sister.

Feng Wu lay on the bed weakly.

Feng Xi’s eyes flashed with crazy jealousy. She looked at the shabby and messy house that had changed completely. It was not luxurious, but it was much better than hers.

What right did Feng Wu have? She was a lowly concubine and had no sense of existence. She was a little bitch who was humiliated by her every day, what right did she have to own all this that she couldn’t have?

What made her even angrier was that she didn’t manage to kill her yesterday. She had to send her to hell today.

Feng Xi dismissed all the maidservants, walked to the bed, and sat down. She first asked the young lady out of concern, then handed her the bowl of medicine. She smiled at Feng Wu. "Sister, I’ve made medicine for you all night. I’ll feed it to you."

Chen Sheng looked at the two people on camera, and Song Yiyan’s performance amazed him. He had always known that she was good at acting, but this was their first time working together. His eyes were filled with praise.

Looking at the female lead, Zhen Xi, who was acting as Feng Wu, she had always had a problem with her emotions. Her acting skills couldn’t be said to be especially trashy, but compared to some actresses who only knew how to glare and pout, she was slightly better.

However, it was not good to compare acting skills with each other. When she acted with the male lead, Jin Yunzhe, she was already crushed. Now, when she compared herself to Song Yiyan, the difference was even greater.

The female lead and second female lead was not chosen by him, they all paid their way into this team. He had been short on money recently so he accepted this drama. Otherwise, he really would not have filmed such a show.

"As an actor, it’s fine if your acting skills are not good, but you don’t even work hard at all. Just go home and farm. What are you being an actor for? Stop fooling around!"

As he was complaining in his heart, the female lead, Zhen Xi, suddenly called out. She covered Song Yiyan’s face with a bowl of medicine and looked at the director in embarrassment. "Director Chen, I’m sorry. I made a mistake. Let’s start over!"

Song Yiyan didn’t expect the female lead, who was in the midst of filming, to suddenly attack her. She knew that the woman in front of her was doing this on purpose.

A mistake? Excuse me? Was she even apologetic? She was someone who couldn’t even bear to be wronged.

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