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Chapter: 1284

It was a man’s voice on the other end. He sounded anxious and said he was looking for Song Yiyan.

"She’s bathing." Ji Xing’s voice was very low.

After saying that, he hung up the phone and looked towards the bathroom, his eyes flickering with flames.

After being hung up, Wang Qian looked at Jin Yunzhe in confusion. "Yun Zhe, it’s Song Yiyan, right? Are you sure this is Song Yiyan’s number?"

Jin Yunzhe nodded and hummed. His slender fingers played with the name card in his hand, she had forced it and the talisman to Wang Qian.

She had drawn it on the spot and was holding a note in her bag. There was a cute drawing on it, but it had turned black.

"Damn." Wang Qian’s mind went blank for two seconds before he suddenly exclaimed, "A man answered the phone. He said that she was bathing."

He heard that Song Yiyan had been in a rather miserable state recently. She had been banned and had no place to stay or money. It wasn’t easy for her to find a small supporting role, but she left because of a conflict with the female lead, Zhen Xi.

Not only that, the matter was also exposed. Now, she was a woman who was cursed all over the Internet. The netizens were clamoring for her to get out of the entertainment circle!

Jin Yunzhe’s eyes darkened and he didn’t say anything.

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Wang Qian was a talkative person. "I’ve seen this Song Yiyan before. She’s quite an honest girl and is very obedient. Why did she suddenly become like this? Do you think she can’t live anymore…"

He did not finish his sentence, but they were all in the entertainment industry, so he understood even if he did not say it. There were many female celebrities who sacrificed their bodies to get promoted.

Song Yiyan was so good-looking, so it was easy for her to take this path. There were many bosses who liked her type.

Jin Yunzhe swept his unhappy and cold gaze over. "Since you’re so nosy, you might as well be a paparazzi."

Wang Qian had a nagging feeling that Yun Zhe was a little hot-tempered today. He quickly explained with a smile, "I was just saying. From the voice, he’s a rather young man. He might be her boyfriend."

Five minutes later, Wang Qian called again, but the other party had already turned off the phone. He looked at Jin Yunzhe and asked him what to do.

"Do you know Song Yiyan’s address?" Jin Yunzhe frowned even more. He had personally experienced such a strange event, so he had to believe it.

"I don’t know. She doesn’t even have a management company now, and her manager and assistant have left." Wang Qian sighed. "Why don’t we… go hide in the temple today?"

Jin Yunzhe looked out of the window and said in a low voice, "Check her address, let’s go to her house."

Early the next morning, he woke up just as the sun rose. He was sleeping on the sofa. The sofa was very small, and he felt uncomfortable curled up in it.

After making breakfast, he walked to the bed and looked down at the woman on the bed. "Get up and eat."

Song Yiyan widened her eyes in a daze and glanced at him. She immediately wrapped herself in the blanket and mumbled as if she was dreaming, "I’m not going to work today."

Ji Xing looked at her squirming like a caterpillar and became obedient. The expression in his eyes softened. "I’ll put breakfast in the pot for you. Get up and heat it up yourself."

Song Yiyan heard the man’s footsteps fade away. She popped her eyes out of the blanket and lay on the bed lazily, she looked at the man’s back. "Where are you going?"

Ji Xing replied, "I am going to work."

Song Yiyan was half-asleep. Her voice was a little hoarse and her head felt like it was lacking oxygen. She felt vulnerable and asked cutely, "Where do you work?"

Ji Xing brought out his breakfast, which was a sandwich and a bowl of white porridge. He looked at the little woman lying on the bed. "At the supermarket."

He had gone out to look for a job yesterday morning, but because he didn’t have an identification card, he couldn’t do a lot of work. Finally, he found a worker’s job at a nearby community supermarket.

Song Yiyan replied with an "oh" and rolled into the blanket before falling asleep again.

Before Ji Xing left, he looked at the woman lying on the bed. In the end, he turned around and pulled out the blanket beneath her to cover her up.

Jin Yunzhe had called Movie King Huo Ci last night. In the end, Movie King Huo had asked her daughter, Ling Sheng, for her address. It was inappropriate to disturb her at night, so he waited downstairs for the entire night.

Wang Qian yawned and stretched. He was about to speak to Jin Yunzhe when he suddenly stared straight ahead with his eyes wide open.

At the entrance of the old apartment building opposite, a handsome man with a cold temperament walked out like a fairy.

The man was clearly only wearing an indigo blue work suit, but it made him look indescribably noble, incompatible with the surroundings.

The man was holding a bag of trash. Even the trash looked like a precious product when held by him.

Wang Qian was a manager and was famous in the entertainment industry. The young actors and actresses that he brought up were all guaranteed to be of good quality in the entertainment industry. At the beginning, they had started as star scouts.

This kind of famous man could not be missed. After signing him, as long as he entered the entertainment industry, with his looks, he could dominate the entertainment industry. To be honest, Yun Zhe could not compare to him.

Ji Xing had just thrown away the trash when he was stopped by someone. He frowned and saw the man hand over a name card.

"Hello, handsome man. My name is Wang Qian, and I am Skyfish Entertainment’s manager. Are you interested in entering the entertainment industry?" After Wang Qian asked, he smiled confidently at him. "Our company is one of the four biggest entertainment companies in China. You just need to search my name and you will know. As long as you become my artist, I guarantee that you will become as famous as Movie King Huo Ci."

"Sorry, I’m not interested," Ji Xing said and left without looking at the man.

"Handsome man, I’m not a liar. I’m really a manager, I’m not much worse than Mei Xuelin." Wang Qian did not give up and jogged to catch up. "Our company’s artistes are very profitable. If you follow me, I will definitely give you an unprecedented contract. Think about it."

Ji Xing’s eyes flashed with obvious impatience as he glanced at him coldly.

Wang Qian was so frightened that he felt a chill run down his spine and froze on the spot. It was only when the man had walked far away that he touched his neck and shivered.

Fuck! He was too scary!

He had always felt that a person’s gaze could intimidate others only appeared in novels and television dramas. He didn’t expect to see it in his lifetime.

Jin Yunzhe saw that he had returned regrettably and asked him, "Why? Did he not agree?"

That man just now was handsome, had a perfect figure, and exuded an elegant aura. One look and you could tell that he was not an ordinary person. How would he enter the entertainment industry so casually?

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