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Chapter: 1285

"That scared me." Wang Qian still felt his scalp tingle. He sighed. "It’s such a pity that he didn’t want to enter the entertainment circle."

The man was wearing work clothes that had the words Family supermarket on it, it was a small supermarket near the district. When they came over last night, he even went in to buy water and snacks.

Jin Yunzhe didn’t reply. He closed his eyes and sunlight shone in from the window.

It was morning, and the fear that lingered in his heart like a demon dissipated. He did not have to worry about anything that he could not see appearing at any time, he could finally relax and take a nap.

Wang Qian and the rest waited until noon before they saw a person wearing a mask and sunglasses swagger out. She was holding an ice cream and was eating happily.

That person was wearing a floral dress, a pair of white shoes, and a beach hat. The brim of the hat was very big, making her look relaxed and lazy.

Jin Yunzhe also saw her. Compared to yesterday’s flirtatiousness, she was as pure as a high school student today.

He could even imagine her lazy and satisfied eyes under her sunglasses.

Song Yiyan was planning to go to An Yin’s university, the Imperial University, to meet her scumbag ex-boyfriend.

An Yin was the name of the Red Specter she took in yesterday.

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Wang Qian got out of the car and looked at her. "Teacher Song, good afternoon. May I have a word with you?"

Song Yiyan understood immediately that something had happened. She took a bite of the ice cream and nodded, letting him lead the way.

When Jin Yunzhe saw the girl coming over, he moved aside slightly to give her more space.

When the girl entered, she carried a light fragrance and a sweet smell, making his heart skip a beat.

Song Yiyan took off her sunglasses and bent over to greet him. "Hello, Senior."

Jin Yunzhe nodded politely, his eyes still cold and distant. "I came here to disturb you because I had no choice. Please forgive me."

"It’s okay, it’s my problem. My phone was switched off yesterday, and I just saw that I didn’t pick up." Song Yiyan had already heard Wang Qian’s explanation. He had called her last night, but she didn’t pick up.

That bastard Ji Xing did not even tell her when he answered the call. He was too much, too selfish!

"Let Brother Wang tell you what happened!" Jin Yunzhe looked at Wang Qian.

Wang Qian quickly stuck his head out from the driver’s seat. Half of his body was leaning over, and he spoke vividly about the painful experience last night. "I think it’s because we’re downstairs at your house. The spirit probably knew how powerful you were and didn’t chase us. Teacher Song, you must help us."

After Song Yiyan heard that, she realized that the spirit didn’t hurt them. It was just looking to scare them. "It is unable to come out during the day and isn’t a threat to you. I’ll look for you on the set tonight."

Wang Qian had a bitter expression on his face, he was really scared out of his wits. "Can we go earlier? Can we go in the evening?"

Song Yiyan thought for a moment. "Sure."

"Then I’ll have to trouble you." Jin Yunzhe looked at the girl in front of him. After eating the ice cream cone, there was still a small piece of ice cream in the wrapping paper. She licked it with her tongue, her movements indescribably cute.

"It’s no trouble." Song Yiyan stuck out five fingers. Even blood-related brothers had to settle scores clearly, and she wasn’t that familiar with them. "Give me the deposit first. If it’s not settled, I’ll refund you the full sum."

Wang Qian transferred 50,000 yuan to her as a deposit, leaving her with 50,000 yuan. When the matter was settled, he would pay her the rest. After watching her leave, he clicked his tongue in amazement. "Yun Zhe, this lady is interesting!"

Through the rear-view mirror, he saw his usually cold and disinterested artiste staring in Song Yiyan’s direction with a glint in his eyes.

Fuck! Could Yun Zhe be interested in this girl?!

No, no, I must nip this in the bud. He was on the rise now and couldn’t fall in love. Otherwise, it would definitely be a huge blow to him.

Song Yiyan arrived at the entrance of the estate and was about to hail a taxi to the Imperial University when a taxi stopped in front of her.

The driver opened the car window and revealed a smiling face. "Master, what a coincidence. Where are you going? I’ll send you there."

Song Yiyan looked at him strangely. "Don’t tell me you’re waiting for me here on purpose! Let me warn you, I don’t date uncles. I like fresh meat, don’t waste your time on me."

The driver was dumbfounded. After recalling the situation, he smiled and said, "Don’t worry. I have a wife and children. I just worship you and think you’re amazing, I definitely don’t have any other thoughts about you. Otherwise, I’ll be struck by lightning."

Song Yiyan got into the car and gave him the address.

The driver said, "Master, are you going to that lady’s school yesterday? What are you going to investigate? Can you see if I can help? Can I serve you tea and water as your underling?"

Song Yiyan said, "Why would I want underlings? I don’t work in the triads."

"Don’t all you artistes need a chauffeur and bodyguard? I’ll be your chauffeur in the future." The driver thought to himself, "Do you know that you’re well-known on the Internet?"

"I don’t have the money to pay you."

"Boss, don’t worry. I don’t want a salary, I just like working under you. I don’t need you to pay me."

"If you don’t want a salary, how are you going to support the family? Your wife and children are going to starve!"

"Boss, to be honest, I have a few buildings in Nanxiang. I rented them out because I like to chat with people and not earn money."

Song Yiyan’s expression was complicated. "I’m scared, you’re such a gangster!"

"Boss, I have something to discuss with you. I live in the neighboring Aqua Tide Residence. I have a few houses, and one of them is empty. I haven’t found a tenant yet. If you don’t mind, you can stay in it!"

"Thanks. I don’t want the house. I wouldn’t go so far as to sleep out on the street."

Song Yiyan was speechless. She finally understood what it meant to not judge a book by its cover. Look at this man. He was rich but still came out to drive.

She thought that it was not easy for him to earn money to support his family by driving a taxi. She gave him a discount and only charged him 50,000 yuan.

Actually, he was a real billionaire while she was just a low-class citizen who was scraping by.

The driver’s name was Han Ding, and he was a local from Beijing. His ancestors had been from Beijing for generations, and he even chatted with Song Yiyan, saying that his ancestors had been the highest-ranking prime minister.

Ever since his great-grandfather’s generation, the family had real estate properties. In his grandfather and father’s generation, they became rich just by selling land.

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