Trapped In Hisstory

Author(s): MissReeed


"Help me fill the pages of the book, with an untold story."Chance Howard, a historical researcher, was assigned to discuss the history of the last king whose death was said to be connected to a male lover and now he is struggling with lack of information about the requested topic.Dead tired, he took a nap but that was when he got into a deal with Wish and Fate to help him know the king's story. Thinking that it was just a bizarre dream, he was shocked to find himself awakened in the 19th century, back in the last monarch of Antares. Surprised to also see his friends!Living the life as the prince, the main subject of his research, he met the man who caused the death of the person he is living in. Caliber Stein, the man, whom no matter what changes, still bound to be part of his life.And even if he returns back to his time, he knows that he will forever be trapped in history.In his story.Different pictures used in the cover are not mine, all credits goes to original creator. If the owner sees this and wants it to be taken down, please do tell me. Thank you.P.S. The new cover of TIH is all thanks to Bloom 759. Check out her books

Chapter : 185


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