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Chapter: 3261

Back in Rabat

Compared to the port of Casablanca, the port of Rabat is much smaller, less busy and much quieter.

Ye Tian's sudden change of landing location caught everyone off guard.

Those guys who covet the black quasi-baron's pirate treasure have no time to rearrange them, nor do they have the opportunity.

Even some guys who were originally in Rabat didn't react.

When they received the news and tried to rush to the port of Rabat to check the situation, they found that the surrounding area of ​​the port was under martial law and could not get close at all.

For the sake of safety, Ye Tian had already notified several confidants of the Moroccan king to blockade the port of Rabat, Morocco, and strictly check all people and vehicles entering and leaving the port.

When it comes to their own interests, Moroccans will naturally not refuse.

When the joint exploration fleet arrived at the port of Rabat, the port was fully under the control of the Moroccan police and there was no danger.

Next, the joint exploration fleet sailed into the port and moored at several berths connected to each other.

After all the ships in the fleet were docked at the dock, Ye Tian took Professor Paul and the others to disembark and returned to the land again.

At the moment of returning to the land, many guys had their legs trembling, and they even felt a little uncomfortable.

Immediately afterwards, there was a burst of excited cheers from the scene.

Of course, Ye Tian didn't feel any discomfort, his feet were firmly nailed to the ground of the pier.

Just as everyone cheered and celebrated, many high-ranking Moroccan officials headed by a Moroccan prince, as well as the US ambassador to Morocco and others, came to Ye Tian and the others.

In addition to them, Nick and another company employee also came here to greet everyone on their triumphant return.

Coming to the front, the Moroccan prince shook hands with Ye Tian enthusiastically.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Steven, welcome back to Rabat and congratulations on your triumphant return.

Your joint exploration operation has caused a huge sensation all over the world.

As a treasure trove, we in Morocco also took this opportunity to get a lot of exposure.

This contributes to the development of tourism in Morocco and for that we would like to thank you"

Ye Tian shook hands with the prince in charge of tourism and said politely:

"Good afternoon, His Royal Highness, thank you for bringing people to meet the tripartite joint exploration team.

This time we were able to successfully discover and excavate this huge pirate treasure, thanks to the support and help of the Moroccan government.

It's a good thing for both of us, and it would be great if it could help Morocco's tourism industry.

In fact, Morocco is already a beautiful country, and it will definitely attract a large number of international tourists to come and visit."

After greeting each other, Ye Tian shook hands with several other Moroccan officials.

Everyone has known each other before, so the introduction of each other is omitted.

Immediately afterwards, the Prince of Morocco suddenly lowered his voice and asked:

"Mr. Steven, can you tell us now, which famous pirate in history buried this huge pirate treasure you found in the waters near Dalbeda?"

Saying that, the prince also glanced at Ye Haiya who was standing aside, his eyes slightly sharp.

Although Yahya already knew that this huge pirate treasure was buried by the black baron Roberts, but at the request of Ye Tian, ​​he did not tell anyone else about this, including the top officials of the Moroccan government.

Except, of course, the king of Morocco.

For this reason, he has endured a lot of pressure from all quarters, but fortunately he has kept this secret.

As for whether it will offend people, it doesn't really matter, and he doesn't care either.

In a monarchy like Morocco, as long as it can gain the favor and trust of the king, it doesn't matter what other people think.

Ye Tian saw the small movements of the Moroccan prince.

As soon as the other party's voice fell, he immediately smiled and continued:

"His Royal Highness, in order to ensure the smooth progress of this joint exploration fleet and avoid some unnecessary interference, it was also for safety reasons, so I will keep it strictly confidential.

The effect of this is obvious to all. The operation of the joint exploration team to excavate and clean up this pirate treasure has not been disturbed too much, and the entire exploration operation can be carried out smoothly.

Now that we have returned in triumph, it is time to announce the answer. The guy who buried this pirate treasure is the last pirate king in the golden age of pirates, the black baron Roberts.

He hid all the gold and silver treasures and antiques that he robbed in his life on the submarine mountain in the waters near Casablanca. It was also a coincidence that I found this pirate treasure."

Before the words fell, there was an exclamation from the scene.

"Ah! It's actually the treasure buried by the Black Quasi-Baron Roberts, the king of pirates. No wonder this pirate treasure is so huge! The Black Quasi-Baron is one of the pirates who looted the most merchant ships in history."

"I see why there are so many Portuguese Moidos in this pirate treasure.

It seems that the legend is true, the black baron once led people to sack a huge Portuguese fleet.

In that Portuguese fleet, there were not only many rare and precious treasures paid to the King of Portugal, but also tens of thousands of Moido gold coins."

Several Moroccan experts exclaimed, but unfortunately they were all hindsight.

Ye Tian smiled and nodded.

"It seems that everyone has done a lot of homework and in-depth research, and they know so much about the deeds of the black baron.

That's right, in this pirate treasure, there are indeed many rare treasures that were tribute to the Portuguese king at that time, as well as tens of thousands of Moido gold coins.

In order to avoid prematurely revealing the true condition of this pirate treasure, I did not show those things, but only a small number of Moido coins.

In this way, there is no way for others to speculate through related gold and silver treasures and antiques, which can avoid a lot of trouble."

Hearing this, the Prince of Morocco and many high-ranking officials nodded in agreement.

They understand that if the batch of gold and silver treasures and antiques that were originally paid to the King of Portugal were exposed, the Portuguese and Brazilian governments would definitely jump out and claim this huge pirate treasure.

Although they are unlikely to succeed, it is better to have less than one more thing, and no one wants to cause this trouble.

After a few more chats, the Moroccan prince asked another question that everyone is very concerned about.

"Steven~~ Now that the black baron pirate treasure has been shipped to Rabat, when will we distribute this pirate treasure?

Also, there is the Roman Senate treasure found in the ruins of Shera, when are you going to identify and assign that treasure?

At your request, our Moroccan government has organized a professional appraisal team that is ready to go to work to appraise these treasures."

Ye Tian looked at the other party and immediately gave the answer.

"His Royal Highness, there are too many people staring at these two treasures now, for the sake of safety and to avoid too many nightmares, I suggest to start the identification work immediately.

After the appraisal is completed, both of us can distribute the two treasures according to the agreement.

In order to avoid possible dangers during the transfer process, I recommend conducting an identification evaluation on the Dreadnought, which is safer and saves time."

The voice fell, and the Prince of Morocco was silent.

After a while, he said:

"This suggestion is very reasonable, but I have to report the situation to His Majesty the King, and His Majesty will make the decision.

In addition, I would like to ask, after allocating these two treasures, when do you plan to transport your part of the treasure? "

"You don't have to worry about this. I have already contacted the US military and am going to use the military transport plane to transport away the part of my treasure. There should be no problem."

Ye Tian said with a smile, acting very relaxed.

However, all Moroccans at the scene felt a burst of panic and pain.

They knew that half of the astronomical treasure would be swept away by the guy in front of him.

Thinking of this, each of them felt distressed.


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