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Chapter: 902

Everyone try it out

"The bigger the crisis in the Volcano of Chaos, the more we have to suppress it. The unknown offensive is too fierce. We are the guardians of the masters. If even we retreat, what hope is there?"

Qin Manyun looked deeply at the terrifying volcanoes and spoke solemnly.

"Wang Wangwang, even if there is a Longtan Tiger Den in front of us, we have to make a foray. I follow the master, and I have never suffered a loss, and this time is the same!"

Da Hei bared his teeth, and suddenly snapped his mouth on Gou Long's waist.

"Aww, did you stupid dog get rabies and bite me again?"

Gou Long wailed, his head suddenly transformed into a dragon shape, and he also opened his mouth and bit at Da Hei's butt!

"You grow up with other people's ambition and destroy your own prestige, it's time to bite! Who made you so stubborn!"

Da Hei bit Gou Long without letting go, and said vaguely.

Then, there was a hint of playfulness in its dog's eyes, a slight burst of gas in its stomach, and then a burst of gas rushed directly to its butt.


A long, rhythmic blast of gas shot out from its ass.

And Gou Long just happened to be biting its ass...

Suddenly, the whole dragon face turned green!

"Fuck! You bastard, you bastard! Bah, bah, bah! Fuck!"

Gou Long's mentality was obviously collapsed, and even his original form appeared, spinning and dancing in the sky, and then with a "bang", it turned into mist and dissipated, disappearing into the sky and the earth.

He actually gave up this physical body directly, cut off the connection, and didn't want it anymore.

The next moment, an old woman flew from the sky quickly and scolded Da Hei angrily: "Dead dog, my clone is only a little bit, but because you have one less, can you be responsible for this price?"

"Gou Long, you are a real dog, you are so skilled at transgender."

Da Hei rolled his eyes and continued: "Who made you fool yourself and bite someone's ass, isn't this looking for shit? I would never ask for someone's ass, come and come, you continue to bite. what!"

Dahei tall the dog's buttocks, and his tail dumped, and he was extremely bad.

The old woman was so angry that her hair stood on end, and she scolded: "The fart is so stinky, you have designated something serious."

"Okay, don't make trouble, the two of you. The most important thing is to suppress the chaotic volcanoes, and the Tiangong said that Yang Jian and Xiao Chengfeng have also come, and I don't know what the situation is."

Nannan interrupted their scolding and took the lead in heading towards the Volcano of Chaos.

As they moved forward, the magma on the ground flowed into strange lines, covering the earth like a spider web, and the scorching aura tumbled around with the ominous gray mist, containing a terrifying aura.

Qin Manyun raised his brows and said, "There is a residual fighting atmosphere here, and the sword qi is so domineering. It's Xiao Chengfeng, that's right, be careful."


The next moment, the surrounding volcanoes erupted violently.

Endless magma soared into the sky, and magma monsters leaped out one by one, and came towards everyone with their fangs and claws.


Qin Manyun raised his hand and flipped it over, and a guqin was suspended in front of him, and he gently strummed it with his hand.

The music was like a tidal wave, and waves of ripples swayed around.

Wherever the music passed, all the magma monsters were turned into powder, but then, the volcano spewed again, and another group of magma monsters rushed out.

Gou Long said solemnly, "These volcanoes have existed for I don't know how many years, and the spirits of volcanoes are afraid that they will be killed incessantly.


Qin Manyun nodded lightly, she opened the way with music, created a rhythmic trajectory, and led everyone forward quickly.

However, just as they approached a volcano in front of them, a tyrannical aura suddenly emerged, and a huge magma hand protruded from the crater and fiercely grabbed Qin Manyun.


Qin Manyun's pretty face was dignified, and he strummed with his fingers. The sound of the piano was eagerly and eagerly, and the sonorous sound turned into a protective force, blocking the offensive of the giant hand.

The figure of three people and one dog quickly retreated.

"There will be Xeon monsters appearing so soon?"

Nan Nan raised her hand and flipped it over, the Falling God Bow appeared in her hand, the bow was full of strings, and a crimson arrow swept out, like a dragon roaring in the wild, shattering the void, and heading towards the super strong monster!

The monster's second hand also reached out and collided with Nannan's bow and arrow.

"More than one."

Gou Long and Da Hei turned around at the same time and looked behind them.

There, a Xeon monster was suspended on the top of the volcano, and a red column of fire spewed out from its mouth, swallowing it towards everyone!

Gou Long looked calm, raised his hand and waved, a tortoise shell flew out, and the wind swelled, turning into a shield to block the fire column.

He opened his mouth and said, "There are two super strong monsters before it goes deep. Even if you want to go deep, you can't go deep."

"It's not like the old turtle said, the solutions are all by the expert's side. We have brought so many things from the expert's side, and I can't believe that none of them are useful."

After Qin Manyun finished speaking, he immediately took out a picture scroll with a long sword drawn on it.

This painting was originally written by Situ Qin. Li Nianfan saw that there were several parts of the painting that were not good, so he made changes on it, and then threw it in the trash can and was brought out by Qin Manyun.

The picture scroll slowly unfolded against the wind, and the long sword inside it broke away from the drawing paper and came to life directly. its traces.

Everyone only felt that the sword light flashed, and the power of swordsmanship flowed, passing over the two strongest monsters, and the two monsters were directly divided into two and dissipated.

"Sure enough!"

Qin Manyun's face couldn't help but be happy. However, before they could continue to move forward, a terrible power erupted from the two volcanoes again. The mighty pressure of the Xeon was rolling, and the endless magma reconvened the two monsters.

Qin Manyun's brows wrinkled, "No, this volcano is endless, and there is no way to eradicate it."

"Since it's a volcano, you must be afraid of water, try the holy spring of the avenue!"

Gou Long's eyes narrowed, his wrists turned, and streams of clear springs flowed between his palms, and then turned into a water dragon and shot towards one of the strongest monsters.


The spring water passed through the body of the strong monster and fell into the volcano at the same time, and the monster dissipated directly as if the flame was smashed by the water, and even the temperature of the volcano was lowered.

Gou Long raised his brows, "The effect of water is greater than the picture scroll, but if you want to destroy these volcanoes, you only need a lot of volume, which is a bit difficult."


Inside the volcano, the Xeon monsters sent out angry life and death, and the tyrannical breath caused magma and flames to cover the heavens, dyeing the heaven and earth red, and surrounded the crowd.

They looked at everyone, their eyes were burning with flames, almost flying out, obviously furious to the extreme.

What's the meaning?

Take us as an experiment? Just kill and play? !

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