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Chapter: 273

Episode 273 – Cursed

There were three humanoid mummies standing near me.

Rosalie had to leave her position to deal with the beast humanoids, so taking those into account, there were six humanoid mummies in total. Easy.

I had taken out the shortsword that I’d normally used against the Elemental Golem, and I was now holding two weapons.

I definitely didn’t have much practice with dual wielding, and because the two blades were different lengths, it was hard to get used to. Knowing this, I used the pointed dagger as a mid-range throwing weapon.

I felt a bit apologetic to Arthur since I was using the weapon he had crafted for a different purpose altogether, but now wasn’t the time to be worrying about that.

Setting my sights on the three mummies grouped nearby, I started by throwing the dagger at the humanoid mummy that was farthest away. I threw it with the intention of destroying its head, but as I had expected, it wasn’t powerful enough and only ended up crushing one of its eyes. But that was plenty.

I killed the humanoid mummy closest to me with a single uppercut slash, and then I brought another to its knees with a diagonal slash, sending its head flying with a roundhouse kick.

Without any delay, I decapitated the mummy that had been pierced by the pointed dagger earlier, which was staggering as it held its hands over the eye.

All of that was accomplished in the span of 10 seconds.

Looking good so far.

After retrieving the dagger that was sticking out of the dismembered mummy head, I turned my attention towards the three remaining humanoid mummies that Rosalie had originally been in charge of.

If they were normal monsters, they would have been wary of me the moment three of their own kind had been killed. But perhaps because they were undead, their movements didn’t change at all, and they were still approaching me and trying to surround me.

Normally, I might have chuckled bitterly at such an unfavorable situation, but right now, this couldn’t have been any better.

Similar to just a moment ago, I threw the dagger with all my might at the humanoid mummy in front. The other two behind it flinched, and I immediately attacked them.

While gauging the timing, I took a step in and sliced off one of the humanoid mummies’ arms. It then lost its balance and looked like it was about to fall over, so I immediately took its head.

Leaving no time to breathe, I turned my gaze towards the second mummy and, from a momentarily still pose, used my body like a spring to pounce forward and pierce it in the heart with everything that I had.

Unlike humans, they wouldn’t die even after being stabbed in the heart, but because they were still humanoid, their movements would still be significantly slowed.

With rapid thrusts, I followed through and stabbed it in the abdomen, shoulders, neck, and finally the head, putting an end to the fifth humanoid mummy.

I turned around to deal with the humanoid mummy that I had pierced with the dagger, but it was nowhere to be seen. Only the dagger lay there on the ground where it had last been moments ago. It seemed that this time I was able to finish it off with a single throw of the dagger. It must have already died and turned to ashes.

I had finished slaughtering all the mummies around me and wanted to catch my breath, but I had to head over to cover Rosalie right away.

I looked over at the magic circle in the center of the floor and saw a recently summoned dog-shaped mummy facing off against Rosalie.

The dog-shaped mummy was about three times the size of Rosalie, and, just like the humanoid mummies, its entire body was wrapped in bandages. However, while the humanoid mummies were wrapped in white bandages, this dog-shaped mummy was wrapped in black bandages. I didn’t know if there was a difference in the color of the bandages, but it smelled like trouble.

In certain places of the dog-shaped mummy’s body, there were parts where the bandages had come loose, revealing rotten, decaying flesh that indicated that it was a decomposing corpse below, just like the humanoid mummies. Despite that, the sharp fangs in its large mouth seemed strong, and I got the feeling that if I wasn’t careful, I could probably get done in by a single bite from its powerful jaws.

For a while after that, the dog-shaped mummy and Rosalie continued to glare at each other while pacing around the magic circle. All of a sudden, the dog-shaped mummy attacked when the Mask Queen started chanting.

It was a fast stomp attack, but Rosalie calmly dodged it with a swift backstep. She returned a perfect blow to its front leg, and it seemed that Rosalie had gained the upper hand, but… for some reason, Rosalie’s sword dropped out of her hand, leaving her empty-handed and defenseless as the onslaught of the dog-shaped mummy began.

However, even though she dropped her sword, she didn’t lose her composure. She brilliantly dodge-rolled the dog-shaped mummy’s biting attack and then barely managed to dodge its body slam by throwing herself sideways.

"[Power Arrow]. [Breakshot]." (Aruna)

It had quickly flipped around and moved to perform a front paw stomp in an attempt at a follow-up attack on Rosalie, who was now prone after rolling on the ground, but Aruna’s arrows prevented it from doing so.

During the course of that exchange, I had managed to run from my position at the edge of the floor back to the center. When I got between the dog-shaped mummy and the unarmed Rosalie, the dog-shaped mummy stopped moving again and became stiff where it stood.

"Rosalie-san, are you okay?" (Lewin)

"Yes. I wasn’t directly hit, so I’m not injured. More importantly, be careful of those bandages! The moment I touched them, my entire body went rigid, and I was hit by an unspeakable fear, which caused me to drop my sword… There’s something dangerous about it!" (Rosalie)

"Rigid…? Paralysis… No, a Cursed state?" (Lewin)

My mind was working at full speed as I recalled the information on that abnormal state. It was similar to Paralysis, but if it caused rigidness, then it had to be a Cursed state. A Cursed state was a troublesome abnormal state with various symptoms other than rigidness, and it couldn’t be treated with All-Herb.

Fortunately, Rosalie wasn’t fully cursed thanks to her ability to assess danger, but she still had to be careful with how she fought or our battle situation would collapse in an instant.

I didn’t have any information about how to deal with the Cursed state when fighting against the mummies, but this was the price of going into a Boss fight without being fully prepared.

"Cursed state…?" (Rosalie)

"Yes. When you touched those black bandages, your body most likely became rigid due to that Cursed state. For now, I’ll deal with the dog-shaped mummy. Rosalie-san, after you manage to pick your sword back up, please try to deal with the other mummies that the Mask Queen summons!" (Lewin)

I briefly told Rosalie what I knew, and after helping her retrieve her dropped sword, I faced off against the dog-shaped mummy. I directed Rosalie to deal with the humanoid and bird mummies that the Mask Queen would summon, so I could concentrate my attention on the dog-shaped mummy.

From here, I would have to accomplish the feat of dodging its attacks while attacking the parts of the dog-shaped mummy where the bandages had come loose. Though dealing with it using long-ranged attacks instead was probably a more correct method, I could pull it off now that the Strength Potion was in effect.

With my pointed dagger ready to be thrown at any moment, I closed in on the dog-shaped mummy, which was glaring in my direction.

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