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Chapter: 2818

Great Work

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

"Ancestor, Ye Yuan this boy is bullying people too far! A measly little grade five heavenly alchemist actually dares to assume the majesty of the tiger and kill our Extreme Medicine Sect’s disciple! If this matter is dropped just like this, how will our Extreme Medicine Sect still have face to continue stay in

the Heaven One Alliance?"

In front of Emperor Zuo Chen, Xiao Shan could not stop his anger.

How venerated was the Extreme Medicine Sect, and how noble were their disciples?

A measly little grade five heavenly alchemist actually rode on top of their heads!

If this could be endured, what else could not be?

But, no matter how enraged Xiao Shan was, Zuo Chen seemed to be very calm.

"Just this? I got it." Zuo Chen said coolly.

Xiao Shan was stunned. What kind of reaction was this?

"Ancestor, then Ye Yuan …"

"Restrain our disciples properly. They all have to obey Ye Yuan’s orders! This is the army. He’s the great commander of the heavenly alchemist division. No matter which sect you’re from, you have to obey his orders!" Zuo Chen still said calmly.

Xiao Shan somewhat doubted his ears. Did he hear wrongly?

Ancestor Zuo Chen was the Extreme Medicine Sect’s Emperor Vast Heaven powerhouse. He actually wanted his own sect’s people to obey the orders of a grade five heavenly alchemist?

"H-How can this be? Could it be that our Extreme Medicine Sect’s disciple died in vain just like this?" Xiao Shan said unwillingly.

Zuo Chen said, "How is it in vain? Zhang Xiu’s death was honorable. It’s a worthy death. Transmit orders to the three armies. Zhang Xiu treated others with contempt, went against his superior, and acted with utter disregard for human life. He should be punished for his crime! Ye Yuan has rendered

amazing merit, his alchemy path talent being outstanding. This seat is going to take him in as a personal disciple. The day when the northern front’s war is brought to successful completion, this seat will officially take him in as a disciple!"

Xiao Shan was completely dumbfounded. His brain seemed to be unable to think anymore.

Emperor Zuo Chen’s words shocked him into a daze.

Ye Yuan killed an Extreme Medicine Sect’s disciple. Ancestor did not stand up for him. He even said well killed?

No, this is not the main point!

Personal disciple!

Emperor Zuo Chen is actually going to take Ye Yuan in as a personal disciple!

This … This is too outrageous!

Emperor Zuo Chen was an Emperor Vast Heaven ancestor.

He actually personally came forward to take a puny little Saint Sovereign Heaven in as a personal disciple?

This sort of thing was simply even more shocking than the sun rising from the west!

Are all these Emperor powerhouses mad?

Ye Yuan became his martial uncle with a sway of his body?

That was too preposterous!

Abumpkin from the countryside actually became his little martial uncle!

Xiao Shan suddenly felt that this world was too crazy.

He did not know how he left. His entire head was dizzy.

Zuo Chen, this level of powerhouse, was simply disdainful to explain anything to Xiao Shan.

If he wanted to do it, he would do it.

Ming Yi’s strength was up to par, with half a foot stepped into the door of Emperor Realm. That was why he would be treated differently by Dan Fei.

As for him, Xiao Shan, he was not qualified enough yet.

Everything that happened today was too fantastical and too unthinkable.

First was Emperor Dan Fei personally admitting that Ye Yuan was the great commander of the heavenly alchemist division.

Following that, the Extreme Medicine Sect’s ancestor, Emperor Zuo Chen, was actually going to take Ye Yuan in as a personal disciple!

Two top emperors actually showed favor to a measly little Saint Exalt Heaven at the same time!

The position of great commander was already extremely respected to begin with.

Now, Ye Yuan became Emperor Zuo Chen’s disciple. This was even more terrifying.

Disregarding other things, just based on seniority, Ye Yuan’s seniority could scare people to death!

One had to know, in the Extreme Medicine Sect, even if Emperor Cloud Heaven powerhouses saw Zuo Chen, they had to call martial uncle respectfully too!

Zuo Chen’s strength was also an extreme existence among all the Emperor Vast Heavens.

His status in the Extreme Medicine Sect was very high too.

God knew how many people wanted to become his disciple but could not.

Among them even included some Emperor Cloud Heaven powerhouses!

Unsurprisingly, the entire northern front army was stunned again!

Concerning Emperor Zuo Chen taking Ye Yuan in as a personal disciple, this matter was too sensational.

In the entire army camp, there were discussions everywhere.

"Crazy! It’s really crazy! I even thought that Emperor Zuo Chen was going to fly into a great rage this time and even get into a tussle with Emperor Dan Fei. Who knew that not only did he not, he’s actually going to take Ye Yuan in as his personal disciple!"

"What a miraculous play! Great Commander Ye Yuan killed the Extreme Medicine Sect’s disciple. Not only did the Extreme Medicine Sect’s ancestor not blame him, but also he’s going to take him in as a disciple instead!"

"Looks like the Extreme Medicine Sect isn’t all arrogant and domineering people either! The big shots above all have sharp eyes!"

"Great Commander Ye Yuan is our benefactor. We also feel honored that he can soar to the sky in one leap!"

Beyond the shock, many people were happy for Ye Yuan.

The sensational effect of this incident swept away the haze of the defeat previously.

The love for the house extended to even the crows perching on the roof. Many soldiers’ dislike toward the Extreme Medicine Sect also reduced to the minimum.

When Emperor Dan Fei heard this news, he could not help being stunned, then immediately could not help laughing as he said, "Old Punk Zuo Chen is indeed as shrewd as ever! This move of pushing the boat along the current is used really brilliantly to the max!"

Ming Yi smiled bitterly and said, "Who could have thought that a measly little Saint Sovereign Heaven became the northern front army’s popular figure all of a sudden! When I see this boy, I’ll even have to call martial uncle! How will I still be the commander-in-chief?"

Dan Fei also laughed loudly when he heard that and said, "Interesting! Interesting! Zuo Chen this old thing has never followed a set pattern. It’s what this seat admires the most! However, the move this time really surprised me! But then again, Ye Yuan is indeed a good seedling that’s hard to come across!

It’s just that pity that … he’s a divergent cultivator!"

‘The words carried endless regret.

How could he not know that Ye Yuan was a good seedling?

But the fates of divergent cultivators were not up to them!

Since time immemorial, how many divergent cultivators had there been? Those able to cultivate the Emperor Realm were like the feather of a phoenix and horn of a Qilin; very rare.

Those who could cultivate to Emperor Vast Heaven could be counted on one’s fingers.

What did failing to attain it mean?


Dead under Dao tribulation!

Either succeed or die trying!

When Ye Yuan himself heard this news, he also had a struck senseless look.

He had never even seen before Emperor Zuo Chen, and the other party was actually going to take him in as a personal disciple?

But, after thinking about it, he understood Zuo Chen’s thoughts.

This move held extraordinary significance!

Indeed, these big shots operated from a strategically advantageous position. None of them were simple!

He used a weaker force to deal with a greater force, and the other party took advantage of a favorable trend.

He was going to become someone else’s disciple?

Nobody came to ask about his thoughts?

Maybe he would refuse?

Alright, actually, Ye Yuan himself was also quite moved.

No matter what, the Extreme Medicine Sect was the strongest alchemy path sect in Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven, not one of!

Being able to become the Extreme Medicine Sect’s disciple, no one could refuse it.

Moreover, his master was even an Emperor Vast Heaven Realm grade eight heavenly alchemist!

With regards to Xiao Shan and the rest, Ye Yuan looked down on them.

Ye Yuan had high regard of himself, but he was not ignorant of the immensity of heaven and earth.

In front of a grade eight heavenly alchemist, he was merely an ant.

Furthermore, Ye Yuan also knew that the likes of Xiao Shan were not the top class in the Extreme Medicine Sect.

The true elites were all at the southern front.

The northern front’s war was too sudden. The real elite disciples were unable to be transferred over for a while.

One had to know, back then, a Pill Alliance’s holy son, Cang Yongning, practically forced him into a desperate situation.

And he was merely a disciple taught by the Extreme Medicine Sect’s abandoned child, Li Changsheng.

Looking at a leopard through a tube to see only one spot, the Extreme Medicine Sect’s strength was clear at a glance!

Therefore, becoming a grade eight heavenly alchemist’s disciple, Ye Yuan was actually not resistant to it.

The urgent matter on hand was not acknowledging him as a master but to truly resolve the danger of the blood corruption!

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