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Chapter: 2819

Saint Sovereign Hundred Sons

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Sure enough, the following events went much smoother.

The Extreme Medicine Sect’s disciples became incomparably respectful and submissive in front of Ye Yuan.

No one dared to contradict Ye Yuan anymore.

The word of Ye Yuan, this great commander, also truly carried the weight of nine tripods.

Under Ye Yuan’s teaching, Xuanji Nine Leaves and the rest grasped the blood corruption poison very soon and officially started to take over the suppression of the blood corruption poison.

Although the effects of their treatment were far inferior to Ye Yuan’s, it would barely suffice.

Ye Yuan treated the most difficult group of people. The remaining risk became much smaller too.

However, the Extreme Medicine Sect’s disciples also strictly abided by the rule that Ye Yuan set. Without full confidence, they were not to administer acupuncture on the soldiers arbitrarily.

At present, there was naturally no one who dared to retort anymore.

Within the great hall, more than ten Emperor Realm powerhouses were all using strange gazes to look at Ye Yuan.

"Ye Yuan, are you sure that you want to do this? You have to know, once the blood race’s Emperor Realm powerhouses really make a move, you’ll definitely die without a doubt!" Emperor Dan Fei looked at Ye Yuan and said.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "They won’t make a move! To the blood race, the most pressing matter on hand isn’t to slaughter the human race but to guard the spatial passageway. No matter whether it is Emperor Realm powerhouses or the army below Emperor Realm, their numbers can’t match ours. Under

this kind of circumstance, the risk of making a move against me is too great! If you all take the opportunity to go sneak attack the spatial passageway, they will lose more than they gain."

"Of course, if they really dare to send people to deal with me, lord emperors can turn the ruse real and go sneak attack the spatial passageway! The blood race has ten Emperor Realm powerhouses at present, even if they send the weakest one to come and deal with us, your odds of winning will most likely

increase significantly too."

Emperor Dan Fei’s gaze was gleaming as he said, "This way, you’ll face certain death!"

Ye Yuan was indifferent and said, "Putting aside that there’s an extremely low chance of such a thing happening, even if it really happened, the other brothers are willing to die for Heaven One. So why won’t I, Ye Yuan, willingly die too?"

‘These few days, Ye Yuan heard too many heartwarming stories when treating those wounded people.

Although the Absolute Heaven Barrier barely managed to stop the blood race, everyone understood that the Absolute Heaven Barrier would ultimately be breached one day.

‘The more it was at this kind of life and death juncture, the more touching stories would emerge.

Such as a chiliarch called Shen Xiang, his family of close to 100 people all died in service.

At that time, Shen Xiang was still young, only Greater Sublime Heavenly Stratum.

He watched his father’s generation and forefathers die on the battlefield with his own eyes. The feeling of powerlessness permeated everywhere.

Heaven One alliance originally planned to let Shen Xiang stay in the rear in order to present the Shen Family’s only bloodline.

But, after his strength reached Saint Sovereign Heaven, he joined the Heaven One army without hesitation and became a warrior.

This time, he was inflicted with blood corruption poison too and dying due to heavy injuries. But he did not have any regrets on his face. He proudly said that he killed ten bloodkins.

One should not look at how it was only a mere ten people. This was an amazing record.

The blood race was too difficult to kill.

Another example was the great Hegemon level holy land’s Mirror Moon Sect; they had a peerless heaven’s chosen, Shi Qiuyang, who once appeared before.

This heaven’s chosen could be said to be invincible in the same rank!

One had to know, being known as invincible at the same level across the entire Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven, this plane, how gloriously resplendent he was!

But then he led a squad of more than 100 people and was in charge of covering a wound unit to evacuate.

Who knew that they actually walked into the ambush of the blood race!

‘There were 3000 people in this division of bloodkin. Furthermore, it was an elite team of bloodkin; each of them was extremely powerful.

Furthermore, there were even True Sovereign Heaven powerhouses in the team!

In order to cover the wound to evacuate, Shi Qiuyang led this squad of a hundred men to fight to the death!

In the end, this squad of a hundred people, they were all killed

But Shi Qiuyang fought three great True Sovereign Heavens by himself, killing two of them.

This division of blood race army suffered casualties of more than half!

To the Heaven One Alliance, this was practically something impossible to accomplish.

He fought three great True Sovereign Heavens alone. Did he not have the strength to escape?

He did not!

In other words, the significance of his survival was more important than this squad of 100 people and all the wounded.

‘This was a super genius reputed to have the potential of reaching the Hegemon Realm!

But he did not!

One after another, this kind of stories, they were far too many.

Even if Ye Yuan had experienced too much, he also involuntarily shed tears at times.

He was an outsider, but he was also a member of Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven, a member of the human race.

Under such desperate situations, he needed to contribute.

Ye Yuan was a peerless heaven’s chosen, but he had never regarded himself as head and shoulders above others.

Other people could contribute. He could too.

In reality, he had always done so too.

At this time, an Emperor Realm powerhouse ridiculed him, "Brat, do you really think that you’re invincible under the heavens? Let me tell you, the young powerhouses in the blood race are even stronger than the Heaven One Alliance! According to what I know, three among the Saint Sovereign Hundred

Sons came in their army this time, Yan Meng, Wu Shang, and Yuan Zheng! Just based on the five of you, you’re going to challenge the blood race? Then can we, these Emperor Realms, sleep in peace in the future?"

This was an Emperor Cloud Heaven powerhouse called Wei Liang, but he was from the Extreme Medicine Sect.

With regards to Zuo Chen taking Ye Yuan in as a disciple, he was very unhappy about it.

The most important thing was that Zhang Xiu, who was sentenced to death by Ye Yuan, was his grand-disciple.

Originally, he was prepared to deal with Ye Yuan. Who knew that Zuo Chen actually interfered flagrantly. Helpless, he could only cease all activities.

Now, he was even more annoyed by Ye Yuan’s arrogant behavior.

"Saint Sovereign Hundred Sons?" Ye Yuan asked curiously.

Ming Yi explained, "In the blood race, each realm will have a ranking. Saint Sovereign Hundred Sons is the strongest 100 people in the blood race’s Saint Sovereign Heavens! Each of them is a peerless heaven’s chosen! Their bloodline power is extremely strong and they are virtually invincible at the same

rank. Compared to our alliance’s top geniuses, they are a level stronger!"

Of course, this kind of might was established on the foundation that they were able to revive.

This was also the blood race’s greatest advantage.

In the same rank, even if the human had equal strength to a bloodkin.

But one party was not afraid to die. He could even revive after you killed him. How to fight then?

Of course, this also showed how strong the Saint Sovereign Hundred Sons’ strength was.

Ye Yuan became clear. Smiling at Wei Liang, he said, "Firstly, I’m not called brat. According to seniority, you should call me as your junior apprentice brother! Secondly, whatever Saint Sovereign Hundred Sons, merely clay chickens and pottery dogs! I’ve really never been afraid of anyone in Saint

Sovereign Heaven!"

Wei Liang’ face turned black, Ye Yuan’s words rebutted him until he choked.

A Saint Sovereign Heaven was actually calling him brother.

Yet, he could not do anything about it!

"Huhu, ignorant of the immensity of heaven and earth! Since that’s the case, don’t blame this seat for not warning you when you die!" Wei Liang said with a cold laugh.

Several days later, above the sea, five figures descended from the sky in front of the blood race army.

Yang Qing brandished a long spear in his hand, riding on Xiao Qing and was incredibly domineering!

"Hoi! Blood race’s trash, your Grandpa Yang is here. Why haven’t you come out to die?! Your Father, Yang Qing, is unmatched among Saint Sovereign Heavens! Who has the balls to dare come out and have a fight with your Grandpa Yang?!"

Yang Qing shouted loudly, that feeling of invincibility was back!

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