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Chapter: 2820

Crazy Provocation

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The blood race army was silent as death.

It was not due to fright. It was because they had never seen before such an impressive person!

To dare come to the blood race army and call them out, no one in the Heaven One Alliance had this courage.

Most importantly, there were only five people!

‘Were these few guys crazy?

"Isn’t your blood race the so-called strongest across the heavens? Why are each and every one of you like scaredy cats? Come out if you guys have the capability and fight one-on-one with your Grandpa Yang! Grandpa Yang will take on ten of you by myself! No, 50!"

"A bunch of weaklings! Your grandaunt is already in front of your door, and you all don’t even have one who dares to answer the challenge? Your blood race keeps calling yourselves powerful every day. In the end, an army of 5000 and two True Sovereign Heavens were actually killed by the five of us until

we passed through! Weak! Tsk tsk, really too weak to even stand up to a gust of wind!"

Jingfei was also someone who desired to see the world plunged into chaos. This kind of provocative activity was all too appropriate for her.

She was not tall, but she nodded her head and planted her hands on her waist, behaving like a senior when talking. Coupled with that disdainful expression, she completely had an appearance that aggravated people to death.

The battle in the fog was the disgrace of the blood race.

Many in the blood race army had experienced that battle.

Being teased by Jingfei at this time, each and every one was unbelievably enraged.

Coupled with Yang Qing’s appearance that was asking for a beating, each and every one in the blood race army was filled with righteous indignation, taking the initiative to request to fight one after another.

But, without any order from their superiors, they did not dare to fight arbitrarily too.

In the blood race camp, indignation was long already overflowing!

"Great Commander, let me go and fight. I’ll go kill that boy and avenge the hatred!"

‘The one talking was Han Guang. Back then, he had his foundation severed by Ye Yuan with one sword. Until now, he had not fully recovered yet and only had the strength of lower Saint Sovereign Heaven.

Jingfei’s words were like one slap after another, slapping him in the face.

Because that fight, it was the army that he was leading.

This battle was also his most disgraceful battle.

Luo Chuan’s expression was very ugly too, but he still shook his head and said, "They are just five people but dare to come outside of our barracks and call for battle. There must be a ruse! Moreover … you’re not his match!"

Han Guang wished to find a hole in the ground to burrow into. In his current state, he was really not an opponent who could withstand a single sword from Ye Yuan.

The moment Ye Yuan’s Dao sword was unleashed, he could most likely forget about surviving this time.

But, having people block the front door like this, it was really aggrieving!

Looking at his appearance, Luo Chuan said, "Just wait. Commander-in-chief definitely has a decision regarding this matter."

The blood race army’s commander-in-chief was similarly a half-step True Sovereign Heaven called Bloodspirit.

But he was currently reporting the situation here to the blood race’s highest commander, Li He.

The blood race’s Emperor Realm powerhouses were all guarding in the vicinity of the spatial passageway and did not dare to leave in the slightest.

‘The army was stationed in the outer-periphery.

"This is the Heaven One army’s strategy to lure the tiger away from the mountain. We can’t fall for it! Send a few True Sovereign Heavens over and directly kill them! Remember, they can kill them, but take care not to be lured deep in by the enemy!" Li He shook his head and said.

To them, guarding the passageway was the most crucial thing.

In order to open up this spatial passageway, the blood race paid a huge price.

Once the passageway was lost, nobody could bear this consequence.

The unusual behavior of Ye Yuan and the rest made Li He even more vigilant instead.

Several powerful auras emerged from the blood race camp.

Ye Yuan and the others turned around and ran!

‘The few of them grasped the distance just nicely. It was naturally impossible to deliver themselves to the hands of True Sovereign Heavens.

"Oh my, you bunch of cowards, to actually use True Sovereign Heavens to bully Grandpa Yang! After Grandpa Yang breaks through to True Sovereign Heaven, I’ll come and kill you all until you piss your pants!" Yang Qing scolded with vulgarities as he ran.

"Come back!"

Worried that the few great True Sovereign Heavens would fall into a trap, Bloodspirit called them back in time.

‘The few True Sovereign Heavens could only return to the camp reluctantly.

But they had just retumed and Ye Yuan five people came back again.

"Blood race’s grandsons, do you all only use cultivation realm to bully people? Your Father is invincible in Saint Sovereign Heaven. You guys can’t even find a Saint Sovereign Heaven? A bunch of trash, don’t talk about whatever the blood race is number one, the blood race is invincible in front of your

Grandpa Yang in the future! Your Father will beat the shit out of you!"

Yang Qing shouted at the top of his voice, yelling non-stop. Whatever unpleasant words there were, he would throw them out, being despicable to the extreme.

Then, once the blood race’s True Sovereign Heavens came, they would immediately run away.

The moment you left, they came back again.

Inside the blood race army, it immediately exploded.

Especially the Saint Sovereign Heaven powerhouses, each and every one of them was filled with righteous indignation, requesting to fight one after another.

"Great Commander, we seriously can’t take it anymore! These few guys are bullying my blood race for having no one!"

"Commander-in-chief, let me go out and fight! Your Father will definitely beat the shit out of him. See if he still dares to say anything about being invincible in the same rank!"

"Yeah, Commander-in-chief! Even if we aren’t their match, it’s also impossible for the Saint Sovereign Hundred Sons to lose to them, right? Let us fight!"

"Let us fight!"

In the blood race camp, those who had some strength were practically about to go berserk.

Even if their strength was lacking, they also proposed to fight.

The Blood race had always held a crushing stance towards the Heaven One Alliance.

Even in this northern front battle, they had also just experienced a big victory previously.

Such a suffocating thing, they were really not used to it.

After a few times, even Bloodspirit, this commander-in-chief, could not quite suppress it anymore.

"Ba Hao, Jin Cheng, the few of you chiliarchs go and challenge them! But be careful. Although these guys have foul mouths, their strength is indeed very strong. It’s rare for them to find a match in the same rank!" Finally, Bloodspirit still relented.

In reality, he also reached the limit of his patience.

As the blood race’s commander-in-chief, there was only him oppressing people and beating them up. When was it other people’s turn to challenge at his doorstep?

Especially Yang Qing this loudmouth, he really made people have an impulse to tear him to pieces.

This guy was different from Jingfei. This guy’s cockiness was simply innate.

Even if he did not talk, he also made people want to beat him up.

Moreover, this guy’s mouth was simply too wretched.

Seeing Bloodspirit relent, Ba Hao and the rest of the chiliarchs all revealed looks of wild elation.

"Commander-in-chief, rest assured. Which of us aren’t invincible in the same rank? Unless we run into the Saint Sovereign Hundred Sons, otherwise, we’re not afraid of anyone! These few punks are seeking death!" Ba Hao said with great joy.

The few chiliarchs immediately rose into the air and faced Yang Qing five people from a distance.

The moment Yang Qing saw the few people, he immediately got excited.

He was loathsome, but he was also a mad man.

Hearing that the blood race had experts, he was excited to the extreme.

"Tsk tsk, the blood race finally has a few who have courage! Which of you are Saint Sovereign Hundred Sons? The rest scram further away, Your Father will really beat the shit out of you guys!" Yang Qing said cockily.

The moment Ba Hao and the rest heard those words, they immediately wanted to tear Yang Qing to pieces.

He snorted coldly and said, "You wench, you’re not worthy of having the Saint Sovereign Hundred Sons take action! The few of us is enough to deal with you!"

Yang Qing had a disdainful look as he said, "With just the likes of the few of you? Don’t think that you guys are impressive because you can revive. Your Grandpa Yang is invincible in the same rank. I’ll beat you until you can’t revive!"

After he was done talking, Yang Qing’s long spear shook, and he charged straight toward Ba Hao!

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