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Chapter: 2821

Provoking the Hundred Sons

Chapter 2821: Provoking the Hundred Sons!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

"Weak! Too weak! Does your blood race only know how to brag? This kind of strength, you also dare to come out and pick a fight with your Grandpa Yang? I said that I’ll beat you until you can’t revive, then I’m beating you until you can’t revive!"

Above the void, Yang Qing flew up while brandishing a long spear.

With the power of a single spear hit, Ba Hao inevitably vomited blood.

Ba Hao, who was similarly half-step True Sovereign Heaven, was not Yang Qing’s match at all.

Each and every one of the blood race powerhouses’ faces became black as the bottom of a pot.

Arrogance was not scary. The scary thing was that he was arrogant and you could not even beat him! This was especially true with Yang Qing, this guy whose mouth owed a beating.

Although Yang Qing was detestable, his strength was really strong.

Especially after following Ye Yuan and killing the sea race until the sky and earth dimmed, plus the success of overcoming the tribulation, his present strength really crushed those in the same rank.

Ba Hao’s strength was not weak.

He was not bragging. He indeed rarely had an opponent in the same rank.

But compared to the current Yang Qing, he was far too lacking.

Yang Qing was not idling these few days either. He had fought with the Heaven One Alliance’s powerhouses in succession too.

Without a single defeat!

"Hey, what are the few of you still in a daze for? Your Grandpa Yang said to fight 50 of you by myself, so I’ll fight 50 of you alone! Come at me together, let your Grandpa Yang enjoy it!" Yang Qing said arrogantly as he suppressed Ba Hao. Those few chiliarchs were virtually going to explode.

This guy was really too detestable!

Those who came to guard the spatial passageway could be said to all be elites of the blood race.

Their combat power was rather formidable.

But now, they were actually being overwhelmed by someone in the same rank! They felt ashamed!

"Freaking hell, this is a race war, not a martial arts competition, who’s playing according to the rules with them! Attack together, tear this guy’s mouth to shreds!"

"Since you want to fight one-on-fifty, then we’ll fulfill your wish!"

"Foolish human, you guys will find out that provoking the blood race is the biggest mistake of your lives!"

There were a total of 12 chiliarchs that came out. They were all the same, being half-step True Sovereign Heaven experts!

With 12 people joining forces, the strength was clear at a glance. Yang Qing was strong, but he was not strong to such an extent yet.

"Ye Yuan, you’re still looking on with folded arms! Fucker, are you going to scam me to death? They’re already ignoring the rules. You’re still following the rules with them?" Yang Qing shouted loudly.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "Didn’t you want to fight one-versus-fifty? It’s just 12 people now. It’s not appropriate for me to make a move!" "F*ck you! You’re always scamming me every time! ARGHHH, I don’t want to live anymore!" Yang Qing cried out strangely. This guy was a living treasure.

However, his ability to pull aggro was also indeed strong.

Otherwise, Ye Yuan would not have brought him here.

Drawing 12 half-step True Sovereign Heavens at once, this was a big deal!

Yang Qing, this guy, repeatedly screamed strangely, but he could not be defeated in a short while.

Ye Yuan’s attention was in the direction of the blood race camp.

He saw three figures at a glance.

Even when standing in the army, those three stood out like cranes standing among chickens too.

The gazes of the blood race powerhouses next to them when looking towards these three people faintly carried fear and admiration.

This even included some True Sovereign Heavens!

Ye Yuan virtually determined in an instant that these three people were the three in the Saint Sovereign Hundred Sons!

Saint Sovereign Hundred Sons, their bloodline was extremely strong. Entering the Emperor Realm in the future was virtually a sure bet.

Ye Yuan even heard that the blood race had a long tradition of selecting the Saint Sovereign Hundred Sons.

Most of the present Hegemon Realm powerhouses found their way to distinction by standing out from the Saint Sovereign Hundred Sons.

It could be seen from this how strong the Saint Sovereign Hundred Sons’ strength was!

Ye Yuan was looking at them. They were looking at Ye Yuan too.

"That punk is very strong!" Yan Meng suddenly said.

Wu Shang did not agree and said, "No matter how strong he is, so what? Just a divergent cultivator, an unorthodox path, utterly not worth mentioning!"

Yuan Zheng smiled and said, "Don’t look down on this boy. I heard that when Luo Chuan was hunting him down, he called down a seven-nine Dao tribulation! Under the seven-nine Dao tribulation, he actually survived. Most likely, his combat power isn’t beneath the two of you!"

The moment these words came out, Yan Meng and Wu Shang’s faces turned black. Among the three of them, Yuan Zheng’s ranking was the highest, 88th place. Wu Shang was ranked second, 93rd place.

Yan Meng was ranked at the bottom, 97th place!

The rankings of the Saint Sovereign Hundred Sons were attained by killing out of the blood pool. It absolutely could not have any falsehood.

88th place was stronger than 90th place!

There was no question about this.

Therefore, Yuan Zheng indeed had the capital to look down on the two.

Yan Meng was still ok, but Wu Shang said in a great rage, "Yuan Zheng, don’t you be rampant! Before long, I’ll definitely take you down!"

The Saint Sovereign Hundred Sons were all lunatics, their combat power being extremely fearsome.

They were naturally unwilling to be beneath people. Therefore, the rankings of the Saint Sovereign Hundred Sons would also frequently change.

In reality, the strength below 100th place should not be underestimated too.

Yan Meng was ranked 97th. He was not necessarily safe.

It was also precisely this kind of mechanism that made the combat power of the blood race extremely strong.

Coupled with their undying bodies, they had no opponents in the same rank at all. Therefore, no matter how strong Ye Yuan was, these three people did not take him seriously too.

Yuan Zheng was indifferent and said with a smile, "With just the likes of you? Huhu, after the matter here is settled, I plan to go and challenge Qi Lin!" The moment these words came out, Wu Shang two people’s faces changed again! Qi Lin was the 85th rank powerhouse.

If Yuan Zheng succeeded in challenging, then his ranking would improve greatly!

This guy’s strength had already reached this level?

And right at this time, Ye Yuan suddenly extended a little finger and beckoned at the three people with a playful look.

The murderous auras on the three people instantly spread out.

Yuan Zheng said in amusement, "Interesting, this guy is actually provoking us!"

As he said, he shook his head slightly, looking as if he was not moved.

That meaning was very clear: You are not worthy of us to take action yet!

Indeed, Yuan Zheng did not take Ye Yuan seriously at all.

What did seven-nine Dao tribulation count for?

Their combat powers were all no less powerful than True Sovereign Heaven!

Overcoming a seven-nine Dao tribulation was almost guaranteed.

Ye Yuan was similarly indifferent. Suddenly, he grinned.


Hundreds of divine essence swords instantly spread out, charging right into the battlefield. Puu, puu, puu! His arrival was like a tiger entering a flock of sheep.

These guys who fought to a draw with Yang Qing were obliterated by Ye Yuan in a few exchanges!

Yes, it was not killed. It was wiped out!

Of course, everyone did not notice that each time Ye Yuan killed someone, he would use the Dao sword to suppress a drop of blood essence.

His action was extremely secretive. Even True Sovereign Heavens could forget about discovering it too.

Meanwhile, Yang Qing was extremely shocked from watching. He cried out, "You became stronger again!"

Through the seven-nine Dao tribulation, the baptism for Ye Yuan was huge.

By borrowing the power of the Dao tribulation, his strength had indeed improved further.

His Universe Sword Formation became stronger!

The 12 people died out in less than a hundred breaths.

And Ye Yuan also collected 12 drops of blood essence.

His mission for this trip was considered to have been successfully completed.

All of them were 12 half-step True Sovereign Heavens. Furthermore, they were the blood race’s elites. These blood essences were much more precious than what he had collected before.

Then Ye Yuan extended his finger again and beckoned at the three people. The provocative intent became seemingly even stronger..

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