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Chapter: 2822

Bloodline Prowess

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Ye Yuan did not have many words, but that contemptuous attitude was even worse than Yang Qing’s.

But on the blood race’s side, there was really no one who dared to speak.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on Yan Meng three people.

Only the Saint Sovereign Hundred Sons could deal with Ye Yuan.

"What bullshit Saint Sovereign Hundred Sons, the blood race’s trash came up with a ranking and think that they are invincible under the heavens? Come, come, come! Have a fight with your Grandpa Yang if you have the ability! This time, let’s fight one-on-one!"

Seeing Ye Yuan’s boundlessly imposing appearance, Yang Qing became unhappy.

He was originally planning on sweeping the blood race away. In the end, Ye Yuan took the limelight. He was currently irritated in his heart.

Yuan Zheng revealed a look of amusement and said to Yan Meng, "Go and play with them?"

Yan Meng nodded slightly and said, "This kind of drudgery can only be done by me."

Yuan Zheng smiled and said, "Who asked you to be the weakest? Go and play casually. This kind of trash, they think that they can fight with the hundred sons after killing a few trash. Let them witness what’s called Saint Sovereign Hundred Sons!"

Yan Meng also smiled slightly, his figure suddenly turning into a blood-colored streak, rushing towards Yang Qing.

Before he reached, Yang Qing already felt an endless blood energy, locking onto his entire being.

‘The cheekiness on Yang Qing’s face disappeared into thin air at this time. What replaced it was a serious expression on his face.

In his eyes, Yan Meng was like an ancient desolate beast. He was stronger than anyone he had ever met!

He had never encountered such a terrifying opponent in the same rank.

Yang Qing did not hold anything back, urging Spear Dao rule and destruction rule to the peak.

This spear was his pinnacle work!

Yan Meng wielded a blood-colored long sword in his hand and said with a disdainful look, "Spear technique is pretty good and already attained quintessence. But, compared to the hundred sons, it’s too weak!"

In virtually a blink of an eye, two powerful forces clashed together!


Yang Qing’s body was abruptly smashed flying out.


Fresh blood spurted wildly from Yang Qing’s mouth. Under one strike, he no longer had the strength to fight anymore.

Furthermore, a strand of blood energy burrowed into his body just now. He was already inflicted with blood corruption poison.

Yan Meng looked toward Ye Yuan and said coolly, "Ant-like trash also dare to compete with eagles! Kid, originally, you could have slipped away after making a show of force. But, since I’ve made a move, you can stay behind here! No matter what schemes and intrigues you all have, in front of absolute

strength, it’s all in vain!"

In his view, Ye Yuan was laughable.

Provoking the hundred sons, then one would have to be prepared to bear their fury.

Defeating Yang Qing in one move, the blood race’s side was completely boiling over with excitement.

"How can a lowly race like humans possibly be the blood race’s match?"

"Lord Yan Meng is mighty! Let this punk know that our blood race’s heavenly majesty is inviolable!"

"Brat, weren’t you very arrogant just now? Try to be arrogant again now!"

Being suppressed too heavily previously, how could the blood race army be willing to let it go after being given the opportunity at this time?

They let loose a wave of mocking towards Ye Yuan and Yang Qing.

Indeed, the combat power that Yan Meng displayed was too strong.

When Luo Chuan saw this, he could not help laughing loudly as he said, "This kid clearly knows that there are the hundred sons in the army, and he actually still dares to provoke. He probably doesn’t know that the various races’ heaven’s chosens who died in Yan Meng’s hands had already exceeded what

fingers can count!"

Bloodspirit smiled and said, "Ming Yi, that fool, wants to use a few geniuses to lure the tiger away from the mountain. Now, I’ll make him suffer a double loss! With the hundred sons around, even if this punk wants to run, he can’t escape too!"

The blood race’s current strategy was to remain unmoving like a mountain.

No matter what approach you took, I’ll only guard the spatial passageway firmly.

But huddling up like this also let Ye Yuan they all have space to be unbridled.

However, the crushing combat power that Yan Meng displayed also broadened everyone’s horizons.

Yang Qing’s strength was not weak.

But he completely could not stand up to a single hit in front of Yan Meng.

And Yan Meng was merely ranked the last among the trio.

Far away in the void, several figures were hiding.

Wei Liang, Dan Fei, and the rest were also paying attention to the situation of this battle.

Ye Yuan willingly risked his life; it was naturally impossible for them to let such an opportunity go.

Once the blood race’s Emperor Realm powerhouses took any action, they would immediately seize the opportunity to win the war.

But very sadly, the blood race’s Emperor Realms were like cowardly turtles, completely unmoved by it.

At this time, when Wei Liang saw that Yang Qing was defeated in one move and furthermore, sustained serious injuries, he could not help saying with a cold smile, "Warned them long ago that the Saint Sovereign Hundred Sons were not to be trifled with, but they didn’t listen! Huhu, now, they seem to be

enjoying the feeling of getting slapped! But the price is their own lives!"

The others were all silent, including Dan Fei.

Indeed, they were very pessimistic about Ye Yuan.

They all knew that Ye Yuan was strong, but the strength and reputation of the Saint Sovereign Hundred Sons were accumulated through experiencing countless fights. It was absolutely not an unearned reputation.

Each of these people, they were all the embryos of Emperor Realm.

Furthermore, the one taking action now was merely the weakest Yan Meng.

Yan Meng looked at Ye Yuan, as if looking at a dead person, and said coolly, "I know that you cultivate Dao sword and are very powerful, having once killed Han Guang with one sword. If you unleash this sword, you might still have the strength to fight a battle! How about it? Want to give it a shot?"

He knew that the Dao sword was formidable. He naturally also knew that that was Ye Yuan’s final trump card.

Once executed, then he would definitely have to die here.

Looking at Yan Meng who was posturing suavely, Ye Yuan suddenly smiled and said, "If you only have this bit of strength, then I really wouldn’t need the Dao sword to deal with you! Are you sure that you’re not letting that strongest one come out?"

Yan Meng had a disdainful look as he said, "Still want to posture on your deathbed? I haven’t even used my full strength when dealing with that punk, and he was already brought down. Now, I’ll let you witness my true power!"

Finished talking, Yan Meng’s blood-colored long sword swung, a terrifying blood energy dyed even the horizon red.

In this region of space, it even seemed a little withered.

"Blood-colored Withering!"

Yan Meng unleashed a sword move. This sword was several times stronger than the one that dealt with Yang Qing just now!

Everyone exclaimed in surprise.

No one expected that Yan Meng actually did not use his full strength yet when he was dealing with Yang Qing!

‘The muscles on Ye Yuan’s body were rapidly withering away.

This kind of power was unlike the power of rules but was incomparably terrifying.

And right at this moment, Ye Yuan laughed coldly. The dragon might on his body suddenly rose to the sky!

‘That power directly pushed that endless blood color out.


Ye Yuan’s body emitted a faint azure color light.

Dragon might materialized!

‘The moment Ye Yuan’s dragon might came out, it directly suppressed that terrifying blood color.

Everyone’s faces changed again!

It turned out that what Ye Yuan was strongest in was not the Universe Sword Formation!

Dragon might surrounded Ye Yuan’s body. He looked at Yan Meng and said coolly, "Transcending tribulation the last time, my bloodline transformed. I haven’t tested the true power of a battle soul level bloodline yet. Today, I’ll test it out on you! Nine Heavens … Dragon Transformation Fist!"

Ye Yuan gave a cold cry, directly throwing a punch out, meeting Yan Meng’s blood-colored long sword.


‘Two terrifying forces instantly collided together!

‘Then Yan Meng was directly blown up, turning into a cloud of blood mist!

The power of a battle soul level bloodline was utterly formidable!

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