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Chapter: 2823

Defeating Saint Sovereign Hundred Sons Again

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

That cloud of blood mist attempted to re-condense, but Ye Yuan smashed a punch out again.


The void trembled. The blood mist was directly wiped out.

However, a drop of blood essence was suppressed by Ye Yuan with the Dao sword and put away.

Yan Meng, who was still unparalleledly domineering just now, was thoroughly killed by Ye Yuan in one exchange.

The entire blood race camp was deathly silent.

Ye Yuan’s mouth curled, and he said lightly, "Do the so-called Saint Sovereign Hundred Sons only have this bit of strength? I still have plenty of strength that hasn’t been used yet!"

Ye Yuan said these words from the bottom of his heart.

He thought that Yan Meng could receive a few of his punches, but he did not expect that he failed to receive even a single punch.

Too weak!

From battle spirit level bloodline to battle soul level bloodline, this was a qualitative leap.

The power of Ye Yuan’s dragon race battle skill increased by more than ten times!

Furthermore, Ye Yuan’s bloodline power was simply the jinx of the bloodline power.

At least, in the same realm, Yan Meng was unable to use the power of blood energy to threaten him at all.

"H-How can this be? The Saint Sovereign Hundred Sons didn’t even last one exchange?"

"This guy is actually of the battle soul level dragon race bloodline! This is practically impossible in Saint Sovereign Heaven!"

"This guy is clearly a human. Why would his dragon race bloodline be so powerful?"

In the blood race camp, a series of puzzled voices suddenly came over.

This scene before their eyes had seriously subverted their understanding.

In their imagination, even if Ye Yuan had some strength, he could at most fight fiercely with Yan Meng for a few dozen rounds before being defeated.

Who could have thought that Yan Meng did not even manage to last one round!

The impact that this strong contrast brought to them was too strong.

Even Bloodspirit, this commander-in-chief, did not come back to his senses for a while too.

Hiding in the void, the gazes of a group of Emperor Realm powerhouses shot toward Wei Liang very strangely.

Wei Liang’s old face immediately did not know where to go.

Emperor Dan Fei was here. He did not even dare to rebut.

Before his void had faded, Ye Yuan already slew Yan Meng.

What a resounding slap!

Ahint of surprise flashed across Emperor Dan Fei’s eyes and he said, "I didn’t expect this boy to actually be of the battle soul level true spirit bloodline! It looks like he benefited greatly from overcoming the seven-nine Dao tribulation the last time! Dragon race bloodline, even among chaos true spirit

bloodlines, it’s a paramount existence too! The improvement of bloodline is extremely difficult. I didn’t expect that a measly little Saint Sovereign Heaven can actually reach this point! Zuo Chen, you really picked up a treasure!"

Zuo Chen did not speak when he heard it but sighed softly.

Everyone understood what he meant. He was sighing about Ye Yuan’s identity as a divergent cultivator.

No matter how strong he was, his achievements would ultimately be limited.

Furthermore, the more powerful he was, the heavier the heavenly punishment he would suffer.

He was a good sapling.

It was just a shame that he was a divergent cultivator!

He took Ye Yuan in as a personal disciple. It was more for the sake of redeeming the Extreme Medicine Sect’s reputation.

And Ye Yuan was also borrowing his influence and power to sit firmly in the seat of great commander.

Everyone was just making use of each other, that was all.

As for master and disciple feelings, there was no such thing.

Of course, if Ye Yuan was not a divergent cultivator, Zuo Chen would definitely view Ye Yuan in a different light.

A genius who could casually kill a Saint Sovereign Hundred Sons, he would be an extremely sought-after existence everywhere he went.

Only that way would it be considered for him to have really picked up a treasure.

"If the two of you don’t dare to come out and fight, go back! Don’t say anything about the Saint Sovereign Hundred Sons being invincible under the heavens in the future. It’s really shameful!" Ye Yuan looked at Wu Shang and Yuan Zheng who were far away as he shook his head and said.

That appearance was too hurtful.

‘Wu Shang and Yuan Zheng’s faces became black as the bottom of a pot.

This scene earlier had indeed brought to them a huge shock!

‘Who could have thought that the powerful Yan Meng was actually so weak to not even be able to withstand a single blow?

Even someone as strong as Yuan Zheng had no confidence in his heart anymore.

These two people stood in midair, unable to leave nor stay, awkward to the extreme.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "It’s still that sentence, one-on-one. I’ll challenge the lot of you by myself! If you all feel that you’re not strong enough, there’s no harm adding a few dozen more. This Ye will meet all at the same time!"

Pa, pa, pa, pa, pa!

It was as if slapping sounds sounded out in the air.

Ye Yuan quoted Yang Qing’s words and was unparalleledly domineering.

He was not cheeky like Yang Qing, but the words he uttered were unparalleledly domineering!

These words were established on an invincible aura!

The bluster’s arrogant bluster was beaten down in front of Ye Yuan’s absolute strength until there was not an unscathed spot.

Now, they had no qualifications to be proud at all anymore!

Didn’t you see that the two remaining Saint Sovereign Hundred Sons did not even dare to answer?

Yang Qing clutched his chest and said with a gloomy face, "F*cking hell, the limelight got snatched by this guy again! He’s so strong, but he actually left me in the lurch just now! This damn guy, I’ll trample him underfoot one day and ravage him back and forth!"

He discovered to his dismay that the gap between him and Ye Yuan was getting bigger.

But Yuan Zheng’s pupils constricted, and he said in a solemn voice, "You don’t need to goad us. I don’t believe that Wu Shang and I, two people, joining hands aren’t your match!"

Ye Yuan felt some regret in his heart, but he still extended a finger and beckoned at the two.

‘That appearance was scornful to the extreme.

"Yuan Zheng, don’t show off momentary bravery! This boy wants to goad you into making a move! The two of you hurry up and get back to camp, ignore these guys!" Just as Yuan Zheng was prepared to make a move, Bloodspirit said in a solemn voice.

‘The moment these words came out, it was equivalent to the blood race yielding!

As the Saint Sovereign Hundred Sons, how prideful were Yuan Zheng two people in their hearts?

It was still fine if Bloodspirit did not say anything, but the moment he said it, they wanted to fight even more.

"Humph! Our Saint Sovereign Hundred Sons’ prestige can’t be blasphemed!"

Yuan Zheng gave a cold snort and stepped into the sky, directly taking out a large blood-colored bell and covering Ye Yuan with it.

At the same time, Wu Shang also tuned into a mass of bloodwater, enveloping toward Ye Yuan.

The moment the large blood-colored bell came out, heaven and earth rumbled, and blood energy rose to the sky.

Grade two grandmist treasure!

This power was significantly stronger when compared to Yan Meng!

The two people were on a completely different level.

Adding on Wu Shang’s bloodwater that seemed to have come out from the netherworld.

‘When the blood race powerhouses saw it, their hearts could not help quivering, feeling more hopeful.

Ye Yuan did not care about this astonishing momentum in the slightest. It was still the Nine Heavens Dragon Transformation Fist!

His Nine Heavens Dragon Transformation Fist had already cultivated to the third level and had boundless power!

Now, Ye Yuan could blow apart True Sovereign Heaven powerhouses by relying on the Nine Heavens Dragon Transformation Fist.

The power of bloodline was no joke.

Only to see him throw both fists out, smashing towards the two people respectively.


The sound given off by the large bell shocked until everyone’s eardrums hurt.

Yuan Zheng spurted a mouthful of blood mist wildly, his figure flying out backward.

‘Wu Shang was worse when compared to Yuan Zheng.

His stream of bloodwater was directly blown up by Ye Yuan’s punch.

‘Wu Shang revealed his figure, his entire complexion incomparably pale. Clearly, he had suffered considerable injuries.

‘One punch defeated the Saint Sovereign Hundred Sons again!

Yuan Zheng’s expression was ugly to the extreme as he said in a solemn voice, "His strength likely already approaches the Saint Sovereign Hundred Sons’ top 50 powerhouses! The two of us joining hands are absolutely not a match either!"

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