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Chapter: 2943

Just Lower Your Head and Admit Your Mistake

"Are we being too vicious by doing so?" said a white-haired old man. He was North Soul Region’s Great Emperor Ming Jian.

The old woman snorted coldly and said, "What’s wrong? Just a bunch of Pseudo Imperishable Soul Physiques, being able to die for Progenitor, that’s their honor! Moreover, whoever obtains the Soul Dao origin, that will be their massive lucky chance! They can’t even wait to thank us!"

Mountain Goat also laughed and said, "If people don’t force themselves, they really won’t know how great their potential is at times. Under a hopeless situation, they will be able to make a difference! They definitely won’t be able to resolve their minds, so we can only help them. Junior Apprentice Sister Cloudneon, don’t you think so?"

Cloudmount was silen. Mountain Goat’s laughter seemed slightly awkward, and he was also quite angry in his heart.

Sealing the Seven-Colored Pagoda was agreed upon by the five great regions a long time ago.

In order to find Hegemon Imperishable, what did a few mere Pseudo Imperishable Physiques count for?

Suddenly, a hint of a sneer flashed across the old lady’s face as she said, "Junior Apprentice Sister Cloudneon, this is the boy that you spoke of? It’s just the seventh drumbeat, and his soul body already can’t hold up anymore!"

Cloudneon still did not speak, as if she had heard nothing.

The old woman felt like her punch landed on cotton; very depressing.

The old woman did not care whether or not Cloudneon responded and still said sarcastically, "Nine drum beats, seven bell rings, this kid probably can’t even make it through the first round! Just this and he still wants to fuse with the origin? What a joke!"

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Great Emperor Ming Jian also smiled and said, "This time, Junior Apprentice Sister Cloudneon has probably made an error of judgment! This kid is indeed rotten mud that can’t hold up a wall!"

Being so highly regarded by Cloudneon, the others were also full of expectations for him.

But who would have expected that Ye Yuan was a pewter spearhead that shone silver, impressive looking but useless.

Forget about Wang Qian; even compared to Bai Cuishan, who was similarly from the East Soul Region, he was far too lacking as well.

Mountain Goat smiled and said, "Although it was being forced to, finding the five great regions’ Pseudo Imperishable Physiques was just to make provisions for contingencies. But actually, the one who’s most suitable to fuse with the origin is none other than Wang Qian."

The old lady smiled coldly and said, "Shan Yang, I, this old lady, don’t like to hear these words! Our West Soul Region’s Zuo Leng isn’t inferior to Wang Qian!"

… …


The third round; the third bell ring sounded!

Wang Qian’s soul body immediately scattered at the sound of it!

They all, these top powerhouses, already could not bear it anymore.

Some of these Pseudo Imperishable Physiques were powerful and had even reached Emperor Vast Heaven already.

However, the Twilight Drum Daybreak Bell’s effect on each person was different.

If you were Emperor Vast Heaven, it would give you the power of Emperor Vast Heaven.

If you were True Sovereign Heaven, it would give you the power of True Sovereign Heaven.

Therefore, the longer you last, it showed that the Pseudo Imperishable Physique was stronger.

For Wang Qian to be able to last until now, it was already very difficult.

There were fewer and fewer figures around him.

They should have long died out.

"Damn it! Where on earth is the origin! If the origin can’t be found, this Twilight Drum Daybreak Bell will get stronger and stronger, all the way until it kills us all!" Wang Qian became somewhat anxious.

The Seven-Colored Pagoda was divided into a total of seven levels. Each level would have an origin fragment.

Only by finding seven origin fragments could one attempt to fuse with the origin.

But this first level was already so difficult.

His expression was ugly to the extreme.

The first level space was not considered big. With over a hundred of them, they already dug three feet into the ground of the first level.

However, they did not discover traces of the origin fragment.

This drove everyone virtually crazy.

"My soul body has already collapsed. That punk called Ye Yuan has already had his soul disintegrated now, right?"

Wang Qian remembered Ye Yuan at the behest of supernatural powers and could not resist returning to find Ye Yuan.

He discovered that Ye Yuan was indeed no longer in the same place.

Sure enough, he was already dead!

Inexplicably, a hint of delight flashed across in Wang Qian’s heart.

But very soon, he started smiling bitterly.

What am I competing with a dead man who? Soon, I’ll become a dead man too!

Sure enough, the origin that Progenitor Imperishable left behind was not so easy to find!

Sorry, Progenitor Imperishable. Wang Qian is incompetent and can’t find you!

"Eh, Brother Wang, why are you still hanging around here? I see that your soul body is about to collapse. If you still don’t go and find Master Ye, you probably can’t last much longer!" At this time, a voice sounded out behind Wang Qian.

Wang Qian turned around. He knew this person. He was also of the Central Soul Region called Ceng Yu. His strength was very average.

Seeing Ceng Yu, he could not help being taken aback and said, "Ceng Yu? You … You’re actually not dead yet?"

In his view, Ceng Yu should have died long ago.

Ceng Yu chuckled and said, "I also thought that I was going to die. It is thanks to Master Ye; otherwise, with my bit of strength, I would really have long died."

Wang Qian was taken aback and said, "M-Master Ye? Who’s Master Ye? Eh, your soul body …"

He discovered to his surprise that Ceng Yu’s soul body became extremely solid!

It was even more solid than when he just entered.

Logically speaking, the Twilight Drum Daybreak Bell had already sounded for three rounds. Even if he was not dead yet, his soul body should also have been overwhelmed a long time ago!

"This … What’s going on here?"

Ceng Yu smiled radiantly and said, "Oh, Master Ye is East Soul Region’s Ye Yuan! It’s he who comprehended the profound meaning of the Twilight Drum Daybreak Bell and imparted the method to train the Imperishable Soul Physique to us. That’s how we escaped the calamity! Otherwise, we, all these people, would be dead for sure in the first level!"

Wang Qian’s eyes became wide saucers, and he looked at Ceng Yu in disbelief as he said in shock, "You’re saying, using the Twilight Drum Daybreak Bell … to train the Imperishable Soul Physique? This … How is this possible?"

Ceng Yu smiled and said, "Yeah. Originally, I also felt that it was impossible. But Master Ye said that since Progenitor Imperishable left behind the inheritance, it’s definitely not to kill people but to let the Imperishable Soul Physique become stronger! The Twilight Drum Daybreak Bell sounds formidable, but it actually secretly contains an extremely profound technique. As long as you find the method, you’ll be able to make the Imperishable Soul Physique become even stronger! You look at me now. Is my soul body much more solid than before?"

Tumultuous waves had long already set off in Wang Qian’s heart.

It was still his first time hearing that the Twilight Drum Daybreak Bell still had such a version.

His first reaction was that he felt that it was ridiculous.

But Ceng Yu’s soul body was indeed more solid than before.


Right at this time, another bell rang!

Wang Qian only felt that his soul body was about to be shocked into a pile of loose sand!

After expending a Herculean effort, Wang Qian finally re-condensed his soul body.

But, the moment he looked at Ceng Yu, he became completely dumbfounded.

Ceng Yu’s soul body was scattered too.

In fact, it was scattered even more thoroughly than him!

That mass of misty air was already so thin and one virtually could not see it anymore.

But very soon, Ceng Yu’s soul body condensed again.

Furthermore, it became even more solid than just now!

Ceng Yu looked at Wang Qian with a sympathetic look and said, "Brother Wang, Master Ye is currently in the northwest direction, preaching Dao to everyone. You hurry over! I know that you have some conflict with Master Ye. Just lower your head and admit your mistake. Master Ye is magnanimous and won’t haggle over it with you! With how your soul body is, at most two or three bell rings, you’ll probably disintegrate! My skills are poor, and I don’t dare to casually impart it. You’d better listen to Master Ye personally expound on Dao. Alright, not talking anymore. I still have to go and search for the origin fragment. I’ll be leaving first."

Finished speaking, he left behind the panic looking Wang Qian and turned around and left.

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