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Chapter: 2944

How Shameful

Wang Qian’s heart was in turmoil!

To go was not a solution.

To not go was also not a solution.

He thought that there were fewer and fewer people, and they all died.

Who knew that they all went to listen to Ye Yuan preach on Dao!

This Ceng Yu was originally just an ant-like existence in his eyes.

But now, looking at the appearance of his soul body, it was actually even more solid than his!

This was too demoralizing.

But his pride did not allow him to bow his head to Ye Yuan.

Suddenly, his gaze turned intent, and he said with a cold smile, "Even a group of ants can comprehend the Twilight Drum Daybreak Bell. I’m from the Central Soul Region. As someone who’s regarded highly by Progenitor Imperishable, can’t I comprehend it? Without a butcher, there isn’t pork or meat anymore?"

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Getting to work at once, Wang Qian sat down, diligently feeling each time his soul body collapsed previously.


The Daybreak Bell sounded again, Wang Qian’s soul body was disintegrated again.

This time, it became a little harder for him to condense his soul body.

But he did not believe in heresy!

Time slowly trickled by, and Wang Qian finally tided over another round of Twilight Drum Daybreak Bell.

His soul body was already dim to the extreme.

However, he did not have any comprehension.

The Twilight Drum Daybreak Bell was still the Twilight Drum Daybreak Bell!

Each drumbeat was killing him!

Wang Qian despaired!

It seemed like he really could not eat pork.

"Why? Why can Ye Yuan do it, but I can’t?" Wang Qian cried out in despair.

No way!

I can’t die here!

He used all the strength in his body and sped toward the northwest direction desperately.

… …

When the dead dog-like Wang Qian appeared in front of Ye Yuan, he was still quite surprised.

He still thought that Wang Qian would rather break than bend and not come and look for him even if he died under the Twilight Drum Daybreak Bell.

"S-Save me!"

When he yelled this sentence out, Wang Qian felt so ashamed!

Feeling the strange gazes around him, he only felt his face burn fiery hot.

He wished to find a hole in the ground to burrow into.

Someone as proud as him, how did he become like a dog, wagging his tail in front of the enemy and begging for mercy.

This kind of scene should have been reversed in his understanding.

But now, it was him who was begging in front of Ye Yuan for his charity!

However, he was really going to die!

On the way over, he suffered another two drumbeats.

His life was already really tough to actually forcefully pull through.

"Ye Yuan, s-save me!" Wang Qian cried out in shame.

Ye Yuan smiled and slowly opened his mouth, with words droning out of his mouth.

Dozens of people had already gathered around Ye Yuan. They were all listening to Ye Yuan preach on Dao.

There was also another group of people who already stopped comprehending and went to search for the origin on their own.

The others could not care about Wang Qian’s embarrassment, listening attentively one after another.

Wang Qian perked his spirit up fully, listening attentively to each word that Ye Yuan said.

All of a sudden, his entire body trembled!

It turned out that the Imperishable Soul Physique could still be understood like this?

The Imperishable Soul Physique was not immortal and imperishable.

This Imperishable Soul Physique needed to be tempered too!

The Twilight Drum Daybreak Bell was used to temper the misty air, making it become even more unassailable!

And this method of tempering also broadened Wang Qian’s horizons.

So that’s how it was!

So that’s how it was!

Why did I not think of that?

This … This was not difficult!

This guy must have accidentally stumbled across it!


The matters in the world were actually often not profound.

Just a little bit and it would be clear.

However, it was often this little bit that was the hardest.

Wang Qian was very clear about it; his comprehension ability was very high. But he did not have the ability to see through this point.

However, when others pointed it out, he did not feel that others were very impressive. He just felt that others were lucky. That was all.

He had never thought about it before this. It was not the first time that someone had entered this Seven-Colored Pagoda.

During these countless years, countless people had entered before, but no one could see through this.

Just this and Ye Yuan was stronger than countless people!

He, Wang Qian, was also merely one of these countless people.

Hence, his soul body strengthened once more.

At this time, Ye Yuan’s soul body had already become extremely solid.

When the Daybreak Bell sounded again, Ye Yuan’s soul body stood firm like a mountain, without the slightest sign of collapse.

In fact, not even a trace of misty air formed.

Suddenly, the space shook.

A spatial door appeared in front of everyone!

"It’s the door leading to the second floor!"

"Mn? That’s …"

"Origin fragment! Turns out that as long as one reaches grand completion Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique under the Twilight Drum Daybreak Bell, the origin fragment will appear!"

… …

At this time, a glass fragment shaped object appeared in front of Ye Yuan. It was brightly colored.

This piece of glass fragment belonged to him!

Many people’s eyes turned red.

Ye Yuan was not courteous either, putting away the origin fragment with a smile.

"Alright, the Twilight Drum Daybreak Bell has passed. We can enter the second level! Of course, those who want to continue cultivating can still continue to stay in the first level."

Finished saying, Ye Yuan stepped right into the door of the second floor.

Everyone exchanged glances.

However, very soon, someone rushed into the second level after him.

At this time, Wang Qian’s soul body had already pretty much been restored.

In fact, it was even stronger than before!

He immediately rushed into the second level without the slightest hesitation.

"Humph! The Twilight Drum Daybreak Bell is merely thus. In the second round, I absolutely won’t lose to Ye Yuan!" Wang Qian said with disdain in his heart.

Bai Cuishan’s soul body had not reached the realm of grand completion yet.

He thought about it and still stayed behind.

There were also a few who similarly stayed behind, but there were not many.

… …

"Ah! What a terrifying sea of fire! Is this round the legendary Rebirth in Fire?"

"The first round was the inheritance that tempers the soul body. Then, what is this round’s inheritance?"

"Not good! My soul body is clearly already much stronger, but it still can’t withstand the power of this fire sea!"

… …

As soon as they entered the second round, many people felt that their soul body was about to collapse.

Their soul body had already been greatly strengthened in the first level, but it still could not resist the power of this flame.

Ye Yuan’s soul body was much stronger than theirs. He did not feel anything.

However, he fell into contemplation again very quickly.

What was this second round’s inheritance?

When he was in the Nirvana Soul Hall, he had once entered the Soul Refining Furnace and felt the tempering of Dao fire before.

Could it be that this round was to continue tempering in this flame?

It was just that when Ye Yuan thought of this, the others clearly thought of the same thing too.

"Heh, I understand! Even if it’s the Imperishable, it also needs to experience continuous tempering! Only when myriad Great Dao can’t even refine your soul body can that be called Imperishable Soul Physique! Progenitor Imperishable must have already reached that realm! Since that’s the case, let’s do it!"

Wang Qian swept away the decadence of the first round and smiled confidently, his body turning into mist, soaking in the flames.

Immediately, he felt endless scorching.

A muffled ground came out of the misty air.

Clearly, the current Wang Qian was in great agony.

However, he did not care. He carefully felt this scorching, wanting to make use of this grilling to let the soul body become stronger.

Ye Yuan’s face revealed a pondering look.

Is it really like this?

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