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Chapter: 2945


"N-Not good, my soul body … my soul body can’t hold on anymore! Argh …"

"S-So hot! I … I can’t do it anymore as well!"

"My soul body is clearly already very strong, but why can’t I hold on?"

… …

With the passage of time, many people started to crumble.

The temperature of the fire sea seemed to be getting higher and higher.

Their misty air was evaporating bit by bit, becoming faded.

Finally, it turned into nothingness.

Originally, they thought that by relying on Ye Yuan’s teachings in the first round, a powerful soul body was sufficient to survive.

But they had clearly miscalculated.

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Wang Qian was no exception either.

Feeling the burning sensation coming from his Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique, Wang Qian had a feeling of getting slapped in the face.

He attempted to use this powerful fire sea to temper the soul body.

But it was useless!

His soul body was still being weakened little by little.

Ye Yuan was not far away from him. Within his sight, he could see that Ye Yuan was still frowning and contemplating, and he did not turn into mist form either.

But all of a sudden, Ye Yuan’s figure moved, turning into a cloud of misty air.

When Wang Qian saw, he could not help scoffing as he said, "Huhu, pretending to be profound! Do you really think that you’re so lucky every time? In the first round, you were merely lucky, that’s all! In this second round, you’ve pondered for half a day. Isn’t it still this move? What’s the difference compared to us?"

Wang Qian already understood that regarding this Seven-Colored Pagoda, the thing inherited was different in each round.

But, as for the specifics of the inheritance, it required one to fumble themselves.

He knew that he had not found the way yet.

And Ye Yuan likewise had not found the way.

The first round, it was merely accidentally stumbled upon by him, that was all.

"Yeowch, so hot! I feel that my soul body is almost vaporizing! Ye Yuan, have you found the method to crack this round? I, Old Bai, will learn from you!" Bai Cuishan’s strange cry transmitted over.

Wang Qian’s face turned black. Did this fellow want face or not?

"Bai Cuishan! You’re also a genius who had been guided by Progenitor before. You’ll follow behind others to hitch a ride?" Wang Qian said in a cold voice.

Bai Cuishan gave Wang Qian a glance and suddenly put on a weak state as he said, "S-Save me! Ye Yuan, s-save me!"

The moment Wang Qian saw, his face instantly turned black as the bottom of a pot.

Wasn’t this appearance precisely his tail-wagging appearance when he was begging in the first round?

This was his lifetime humiliation!

Bai Cuishan, this guy, actually rubbed salt on his wound!

"Tch, who was it that pestered Ye Yuan incessantly in the first round? Why? Forgot everything in a blink of an eye?" Bai Cuishan said with a disdainful look.

Wang Qian’s eyes spewed fire as he roared angrily, "Bai Cuishan! Today, if I, Wang Qian, don’t kill you, I swear that I’m lesser than human!"

Wang Qian had completely exploded!

He ignored his rapidly depleting soul force currently, pouncing over toward Bai Cuishan frenziedly.

Bai Cuishan jumped in fright too.

His strength was naturally far below that of Wang Qian.

For Wang Qian to be able to be thought highly of by the Central Soul Region, he was naturally not an ordinary genius.

The moment he went crazy, Bai Cuishan felt the pressure coming like it could topple mountains and overturn the seas.


In an instant, the two people exchanged blows.

Wang Qian gave a muffled groan, flying out backward.

Bai Cuishan looked at his own palm somewhat disbelievingly, his face looking confused.

"Eh, why did I become so powerful?" Bai Cuishan said with an innocent look.

"Heh, does Brother Bai really not know? Or are you feigning ignorance? Although your soul body isn’t as perfect as Master Ye, you stand out among us too! While Wang Qian’s soul body has been roasting in this round for a long time, he’s long already an arrow at the end of its flight. At this time, how could he be your match?" Beside him, someone who entered together with Bai Cuishan explained.

The moment Bai Cuishan heard, he came to a sudden realization and said, "So that’s how it is! Tsk tsk, along the way here, I was still saying that I’ll protect Ye Yuan. In the end, when we entered here, it’s all Ye Yuan who’s covering me. Hahahaha! Ye Yuan, have you cracked this round or not? I, Old Bai, am already too hungry to wait!"

Over at the other side, Wang Qian almost wanted to vomit blood.

When did Bai Cuishan become so strong?

He naturally knew that his condition was not good.

But he touched his own heart and felt that there was still no problem in dealing with Bai Cuishan.

Who knew that he could not even block a move from him!

This showed that Bai Cuishan already made great progress by tempering his body with the Twilight Drum Daybreak Bell in the first round.

Was the gap actually so big?

He entered the second level in order to snatch the origin fragment.

Who knew that Bai Cuishan actually already grew to this point in the first level!

He suddenly discovered that he seemed to have missed something.


Suddenly, Ye Yuan caught on fire!

His misty air actually combusted in the fire sea.

When Wang Qian saw this scene, he was overjoyed!

"Hahaha, what did I say? He was simply a blind cat bumping into a dead rat in the first round. It was completely luck! In this round, he revealed his true colors, right? Burn! Burn away! Best that he burns to ashes!"

At this time, Wang Qian had indescribable delight in his heart.

He would rather die here than be willing to see Ye Yuan continue to be impressive.

In front of Ye Yuan, his humiliation could no longer be cleansed.

The expressions of Bai Cuishan and the rest also instantly became solemn.

"This … What’s going on here? Ye Yuan, are … are you alright?" Bai Cuishan said worriedly.

"Master Ye! Don’t scare us!"

"It’s over. It’s over! In this round, even Master Ye has succumbed! Looks like we’re all dead for sure this time!"

… …

Many people already saw Ye Yuan burn up.

Holding on in the fire sea until now, their soul bodies already almost could not bear it anymore.

The only hope was Ye Yuan.

But who knew that Ye Yuan himself also could not make it anymore.

With this, it was over!

"Heh, reckless and blind thing! This Seven-Colored Pagoda has been placed here for how many years? Nobody can make it through the seven levels at all to collect all of the origin fragments! Just the likes of you also want to flip the heavens?" Wang Qian said with a loud laugh.

Many people shot angry gazes at him.

But anger was useless too.

Ye Yuan looked like he was about to die.

Ye Yuan’s misty air was currently burning, already almost merging into one with the surrounding flames.

When the misty air completely disappeared, Ye Yuan would also be equivalent to being gone.

Sure enough, Ye Yuan’s misty air was currently becoming the fire sea bit by bit.

The people started to despair.

In fact, Ye Yuan did not even resist at all inside.

Wang Qian felt very delighted and even had the satisfaction of having taken revenge.

Watching Ye Yuan die in front of him was also a kind of enjoyment, was it not?

Finally, Ye Yuan’s misty gas completely disappeared.

The place where he originally was already completely turned into a stretch of fire sea, completely fusing into one with the fire sea in this second level space.

"Heh, dead! Finally dead! So what if he solved the Twilight Drum Daybreak Bell and acquired the origin fragment? Aren’t you still going to die here all the same? Hahaha …" Wang Qian said with a loud laugh.

Everyone’s expressions became gloomy. Their last trace of hope was also dashed.

But right at this time, a figure suddenly condensed and formed, appearing in the fire sea.

Wang Qian was taken aback, rubbing his eyes hard.

Was his eyesight failing?

Did his hatred already make him hallucinate?

Was not that … Ye Yuan?

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