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Chapter: 2946

Have No Sense of Shame in Order to Live

"Is … Is it Ye Yuan? He actually didn’t die?"

"Could it be that my eyesight is failing? He had clearly already been burned completely just now!"

"Hang on. He really didn’t die! He might have … comprehended!"

… …

The last sentence was said by Bai Cuishan.

With the experience of the first level, Bai Cuishan felt that it was very likely that Ye Yuan had comprehended it again!

Ye Yuan’s resurrection from the dead might have a lot to do with this level’s inheritance!

In the fire sea, Ye Yuan’s gaze looked over leisurely. Wang Qian could not help shuddering.

Just now, his voice was the loudest!

It was like if Ye Yuan died, he could directly enter Hegemon.

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But now, he could not laugh anymore.

"You hope for me to die so much, then if I can solve the stage now, do you want to listen to my preaching on Dao?" Ye Yuan looked toward Wang Qian and said with a smile that was not a smile.

Wang Qian seemed like a duck who had its neck being pinched. He opened his mouth but could not say anything.

Yeah, do I listen or not?

To listen or not?

Listen, he could live, but his face would be gone.

Not listening, he would be dead for sure, and his face … looked like it would be gone too.

How shameful!

Why would such emotions appear time and again?

"How impressive is Wang Qian! He can comprehend Dao on his own. Why would he need to listen to Master Ye preach on Dao?"

"Right, right! Master Ye comprehending Dao, that’s a blind cat bumping into a dead rat too. It’s not a big deal. Great Master Wang doesn’t need it at all."

"What did he say? Master Ye just got lucky and isn’t fit to be mentioned in the same breath with him, Wang Qian. How can this little thing that Master Ye comprehended enter his, Wang Qian’s sights?"

… …

Wang Qian was ashamed and resentful until he wanted to die.

He discovered that he seemed to have already become the common target for scorn.

Earlier, he seemed to have been too carried away, resulting in offending everyone.

Now, the outside world had sealed off the Seven-Colored Pagoda.

Everyone’s biggest wish was actually just to survive.

As for the origin fragment, it became secondary.

But he was burning with jealousy earlier and completely did not think things through before saying it. With this, it really incurred public wrath.

What these people were saying, they directly blocked off all of his paths of retreat!

So awkward!

But over here, Bai Cuishan could not wait any longer, running next to Ye Yuan.Urging Ye Yuan, he said, "Ye Yuan, quickly say, quickly say! What the hell is with this damn place? I feel like I’m about to be roasted!"

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "I think I already understand the meaning of the Imperishable Soul Physique!"

Bai Cuishan was taken aback and said in a daze, "What meaning can the Imperishable Soul Physique have? Of course, it means being unable to be killed!"

Ye Yuan shook his head and said with a smile, "How can there be an unkillable person in this world? Although Hegemon Realm powerhouses have transcended Heavenly Stratum, they will die too! The Imperishable Soul Physique isn’t unkillable! We all have been misled by this name!"

Everyone listened attentively, feeling an upsurge of emotion.

They felt that they seemed to be about to hear a massive secret.

Even Wang Qian also could not resist perking his ears up.

Meanwhile, many people cast disdainful gazes towards him.

Wang Qian discovered that Ye Yuan did not have the intention of chasing him away.

Hence, he was not going anywhere.

In order to live, throw away his face!

Either way, his face had been utterly lost too!

Wang Qian suddenly felt the delight of liberation in his heart.

Sure enough, as that saying went: a shameless person was invincible!

Mn, the feeling of shamelessness is really great!

It is as if the air here is teeming with freshness.

"The misty gas is born from chaos, so the soul physique that we awakened is actually a physique of chaos too! It’s the same logic as those super powerhouses born in chaos and being extremely powerful! But we’re different from them."

"Doesn’t that mean that we also have the potential to become Hegemons?" Someone could not resist asking.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "Of course! Furthermore, we have a greater advantage than them!"

After pausing for a bit, Ye Yuan continued, "Those powerhouses were molded by chaos and only inherited a certain aspect of chaos. But the misty gas is shapeless and immaterial. It can develop all life in the world! You can be a powerful thunderbolt! You can be the vast earth! You can also be an apocalyptic fire!"

"Just like this level, Progenitor Imperishable actually wants to tell us how to turn into heaven and earth fire with the misty gas and burn all things! I think that if this move is cultivated to the extreme, it should be able to pry into origin and be like Hegemon Flamegod, turning all to ashes with a wave of his hand!"

Hegemon Flamegod was a powerful Hegemon whose reputation shook the heavens.

He controlled the fire of all words. His attack techniques were unparalleled under the heavens. Even if ordinary Hegemons encountered him, they would be filled with deep terror too!

When many people heard it, they could not resist feeling an upsurge of emotion.

Even thinking about it, they felt impressive too!

But Wang Qian laughed coldly and said, "According to what you say, if we all, these Pseudo Imperishable Physiques, were to cultivate to the extreme, wouldn’t all the Hegemons be unable to beat us when added up too?"

The moment he spoke, there were immediately dozens of gazes that swept over.

"Wang Qian, if you don’t talk, nobody will think that you’re mute!"

"Huhu, if you’re impressive, why can’t you gain enlightenment on Dao?"

"Keep talking and I’ll beat you to death!"

… …

The last sentence was said by Bai Cuishan.

He was currently overflowing with confidence.

However, Wang Qian did not pay the slightest attention to it.

Once a person made up their mind to be shameless, that was true invincibility.

I’ll just thicken my face and stay right here. What can you do to me?

But Ye Yuan smiled slightly and said, "According to my explanation, it’s theoretically like this! It’s just that even if it’s Hegemon Realm powerhouses, there isn’t enough time and energy to specialize in one or several Daos. Wanting to comprehend myriad Great Dao and reach Hegemon Realm at the same time is clearly not too realistic."

The moment Wang Qian heard, he said disdainfully, "Tch, you’ve said it all! Either way, there’s no way of verifying this either!"


Too despicable!

Many people glared and really wanted to beat him up.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "If my conjecture is right, the few levels at the back should also be like this second floor. All of which is to derive all kinds of forms with the mist body!"

The moment Wang Qian heard, he laughed coldly again and said, "Do you think that you’re a roundworm in Progenitor Imperishable’s stomach? Whatever you say will be what it is? If it isn’t like that at the back, then what?"

Ye Yuan still said with a smile, "Then … beat you to death!"

Wang Qian choked and lost his temper.

Now, a word from Ye Yuan and he would have to suffer the siege of a hundred people.

He was impressive, but he could not fend them off!

Ye Yuan letting him listen to the sermon here was already a massive favor.

Hence, Ye Yuan started preaching on Dao.

He was preaching to everyone how to derive the power of flames with the mist body.

It looked simple, but actually, this was more than a level harder than the first level’s Twilight Drum Daybreak Bell.

Some people were extremely talented and had gained better comprehension very quickly.

But some were unable to find the correct approach.

Some people were slow to learn and completely burned to death by this blazing fire.

Bai Cuishan’s talent was indeed extremely high. He learned very quickly.

Wang Qian’s talent was significantly greater than Bai Cuishan. He learned faster.

He desperately developed the power of flames, trying to surpass Ye Yuan.

However, before long, another spatial door appeared in front of everyone.

And another piece of origin fragment appeared next to Ye Yuan.

He reached grand completion once again.

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