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Chapter: 2947

Ownership of the Origin

Wang Qian discovered to his dismay that he could forever only eat dust behind Ye Yuan.

This guy’s comprehension ability was seriously too monstrous!

Seeing Ye Yuan enter the spatial door, Wang Qian gritted his teeth and followed after.

He did not believe that Ye Yuan could really foretell things accurately.

Bai Cuishan and the rest of this batch of people were in no rush.

They had already tasted the benefits in the first level. They were naturally unwilling to give up halfway.

Upon entering the third level, Wang Qian’s expression changed.


This place was endless wind!

Wild gale like blades, blowing until his soul body was close to collapsing!

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"Heh, looks like you won’t be beaten to death! Sure enough, the inheritances in these later few levels are exactly the same as Master Ye expected!" By the side, Ceng Yu mocked him.

The current Ceng Yu had already become Ye Yuan’s hardcore follower.

His strength was weak to begin with. His comprehension ability was also not high among this group of people.

If not for Ye Yuan, he would have definitely been in the first batch that died.

But now, not only did he survive, his soul body became much more powerful than before.

Therefore, he found Wang Qian displeasing to the eye.

There was wind everywhere here. Even a moron could guess that what needed to be comprehended this round was the misty air turning into wind!

Those few rounds at the back naturally also had an extremely high probability of being what Ye Yuan expected, turning into other attributes with the misty air.

"Talk again after clearing the round! It’s still hard to say what it will be like now!" Wang Qian was still stubborn as he said those words.

Ye Yuan ignored him and started preaching on Dao.

Wang Qian also mustered up his strength and raced with Ye Yuan.

However, it was still a crushing defeat!

Even if he knew that Ye Yuan was a genius, he was also being flung more than ten streets behind by Ye Yuan in comprehending mist turning into wind!

In the end, it was still Ye Yuan preaching Dao that he gained sudden enlightenment.

However, Wang Qian no longer cared.

Either way, he was already being shameless. If he lost, he lost. What was the big deal?

But in his heart, he was shocked.

He naturally knew how difficult this kind of comprehension was.

However, it was not a problem at all with Ye Yuan!

Regardless of whether it was mist turning into wind, mist turning into fire, or mist turning into lightning, Ye Yuan could comprehend it swiftly and reached the realm of grand completion.

Wang Qian could not imagine at all. Everyone was of the Pseudo Imperishable Physique. What right did Ye Yuan have to be able to accomplish this?!

Of course, Ye Yuan already gradually understood some things.

Him being able to comprehend quickly, comprehension ability was naturally one aspect.

But a big part of the reason was that his soul physique could integrate into heaven and earth!

And it could borrow the power of heaven and earth to restore the Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique!

Although Ye Yuan had not met Hegemon Imperishable before, he felt that Hegemon Imperishable was likely the same as him.

He was of the true Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique!

The others did not have this ability.

If the misty air was completely wiped out, they would really be dead.

This Seven-Colored Pagoda was actually the legacy that Hegemon Imperishable customized for the true Imperishable Soul Physique.

Only the true Imperishable Soul Physique could pass through these seven levels!

The first level was to lay down the foundation for the Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique, strengthening oneself.

While at the back, it was mist transforming into myriad Dao!

Of course, these six levels were just the beginning.

But with this foundation, the road in the future would become much easier.

Time flew by quickly. In a blink of an eye, a month passed.

Everyone outside the pagoda had long already fallen into shock.

Because they had already completely lost control of the Seven-Colored Pagoda’s situation.

"This … How is this possible? Over 100 people stepped into the seventh level at the same time? What on earth happened in the Seven-Colored Pagoda?" The old woman had a look of confusion.

Just earlier, there were still over 100 people who were still alive that stepped into the last level one after another.

Then the few major powers present completely lost it.

In this one month, the shock in their hearts grew greater and greater.

It seemed like apart from the casualty rate being a little high in the first floor, the levels at the back became incomparably smooth.

The cannon fodders that they led here actually cleared one level after another.

This kind of situation simply made all the jaws hit the ground!

North Soul Region’s old man frowned and said, "This Seven-Colored Pagoda wouldn’t have a problem, right? This kind of thing has never happened before!"

Mountain Goat immediately said, "Are you kidding me? What can go wrong with the chaos heavenly treasure that Progenitor Imperishable left behind?"

The old man smiled bitterly and said, "Then how do you explain everything that happened in the pagoda?"

Mountain Goat opened his mouth and actually had nothing to say in reply.

Yeah, what on earth happened?

He really wanted to know as well!

Cloudneon, who had been silent all along, suddenly opened her mouth and said, "I think it should be related to Ye Yuan!"

The moment the old woman heard, she snickered and said, "Huhu, Junior Apprentice Sister Cloudneon really knows how to joke around! No matter whose turn it is, it won’t be his turn too!"

Cloudneon said coolly, "In each round, Ye Yuan was the first to clear! Clearly, it has a lot to do with him!"

The old woman could not help laughing as she said, "The first to enter the next floor, and it has something to do with him? Then, if I’m the first to enter East Soul Region, will the entire East Soul Region be mine?"

Cloudneon was expressionless and shut her mouth.

She felt that she had no way of communicating with this idiot.

Mountain Goat smiled and said, "Huhu, they have already entered the seventh level and will be able to come out very soon. At that time, everything will naturally come to light!"

… …


The space inside the Seven-Colored Pagoda underwent enormous changes.

The seven spaces completely melted into one space.

In the center of the space, there was a seven-hole crystal.

Ye Yuan walked toward the seven-hole crystal and placed the obtained seven pieces of origin fragments inside.

All of a sudden, light shone in all directions!

Several breaths later, a prismatic seven-colored crystal appeared in front of everyone.

This was the wisp of origin that Progenitor Imperishable left behind.

Everyone’s breathing became heavy.

This tiny crystal was where the entire Seven-Colored Pagoda’s essence lay!

What was the use no matter how much you comprehended?

But, once you fuse with the origin, that was really soaring to the heavens in one bound, nobody could stop you anymore!

Everyone cast envious gazes toward Ye Yuan.

This piece of origin belonged to him!

They palpitated with excitement, but no one came up to snatch.

Nobody was a fool. This object was left behind by Progenitor Imperishable for his successor.

At present, this space already belonged to Ye Yuan.

If they took action, that was courting death!

However, in the next second, something that made everyone stare dumbfoundedly happened.

Ye Yuan casually threw the origin crystal to Ceng Yu, who was not far away, and said, "You come. Try to fuse with it!"

Ceng Yu was taken aback, wondering if he heard wrongly or not. "Master Ye, s-stop joking around. I, Ceng Yu, still have self-awareness!"

Ye Yuan said, "I asked you to fuse, just fuse with it. What’s with all the crap? I reckon that you probably can’t fuse with it. Uh, everyone come and try, see if anyone can succeed."

Bai Cuishan said, "Ye Yuan, you aren’t kidding, right? This is Progenitor Imperishable’s origin! A massive lucky chance, you don’t want it?"

Ye Yuan said lightly, "I have my own Dao. I don’t want this origin! I, Ye Yuan, won’t walk other people’s path!"

Everyone felt that Ye Yuan was crazy!

If it was an ordinary Hegemon’s origin, then forget it.

But this was Hegemon Imperishable’s origin!

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