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Chapter: 2949

Imperishable Inheritance s Terror

"Wang Qian, you’re showing off your cleverness after coming off cheap! Even if you fused with the origin, do you really think that so many of us are scared of you?" Bai Cuishan was somewhat threatening in manner but inwardly shaky as he said.

This guy was like a dog previously.

Now, he actually jumped up again!

He was somewhat unable to understand why Ye Yuan wanted to let him fuse the origin.

Now, it was really somewhat difficult to dismount the tiger after climbing on it.

Wang Qian had long forgotten what face was and said with a smile, "So what if I’m showing off my cleverness after coming off cheap? I didn’t beg him to fuse with it either! This guy didn’t have any good intentions either. Letting me fuse with it was just in order to humiliate me! It’s just that he probably didn’t expect that I, Wang Qian, am amazingly talented and actually really fused with it! Hahaha, Ye Yuan, the face that I lost, I’m going to claim it back now!"

Everyone cussed Wang Qian for being shameless but could not do anything to him.

This guy had the appearance of a villain intoxicated by success, just looking at him made you want to punch him.

But Ye Yuan smiled and said, "Brother Bai, play with him."

Bai Cuishan’s face turned black, and he said, "I’m not his match!"

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Ye Yuan said, "Relax, I can still control this space! If he dares to harm you, I’ll beat him to death!"

Wang Qian was speechless.

Bai Cuishan’s eyes lit up, and he said, "For real?"

Ye Yuan nodded his head and suddenly flipped his palm over.


An enormous palm fell from the sky, directly pressing Wang Qian down to rub against the ground.

Wang Qian was furious and let loose a torrent of abuse, "Ye Yuan, f*ck your grandma! Argh, I won’t let you off!"

Bai Cuishan was overjoyed when he saw the situation; how satisfying!

They thought that after Wang Qian fused with the origin, he should be able to dominate this space.

Who knew that Ye Yuan was still the master!

"Okay! I’ll compete with him!" Bai Cuishan said very readily.

The giant palm vanished. Wang Qian was in a thunderous rage, both eyes blood-red as he said, "Ye Yuan, I’m going to kill you!"


He was pressed and drubbed again.

"I urge you to calm down. In this place, I can trample you at will!" Ye Yuan said coolly.

Wang Qian became quiet.

Facing Bai Cuishan, Wang Qian’s fury was already surging to the sky.

He and Bai Cuishan had enmity too. Previously, in the fire sea, Bai Cuishan suddenly smacked him flying.

It even almost killed him.

Being helpless against Ye Yuan, he was going to vent all of his anger on Bai Cuishan.

Even if he could not kill him, he would also make him regret being born in this world!

Feeling Wang Qian’s surging fury, Bai Cuishan was rather scared.

Wang Qian’s awe-inspiring reputation was very strong. In their circle of Pseudo Imperishable Physiques, he was absolutely a big brother-level figure.

His talent had once obtained Progenitor Imperishable’s praise before.

Bai Cuishan was really scared of Wang Qian.

Although he had seriously comprehended all the things in the seven floors of the Seven-Colored Pagoda, there was no benchmark as to how much help these things had on his strength.

He knew that he had become stronger, but he felt that he was still too unskilled to face off against the Wang Qian, who fused with the origin.

Moreover, Wang Qian was currently even a cultivation realm higher than him.

"Huhu, Bai Cuishan, prepare to bear my wrath!"

Wang Qian gave a cold laugh, and a fierce wind immediately surged!

Sinister wind howled, blowing until people’s soul bodies hurt!

When everyone saw this move, they could not help sighing slightly.

Divine Wind Nether Kill!

This move was the soul path mystic art that Progenitor Imperishable specially passed down for the Pseudo Imperishable Soul Physique to cultivate.

Furthermore, Wang Qian also cultivated mist transforming into wind here!

The power of this move became even more terrifying.

"Sigh, just this move is much more brilliant than us!"

"The Central Soul Region has always been transcendent, with Progenitor Imperishable personally imparting mystic arts. What can we do?"

"Under this blow, Bai Cuishan would be seriously injured even if he did not die! What’s even more deadly is that Wang Qian hasn’t even employed the power of origin!"

… …

All around came a series of sighs.

The moment this move came out, they had already predicted the outcome.

Central Soul Region might not be very powerful in other aspects, but in Pseudo Imperishable Soul Physique this area, they were truly invincible!

Wang Qian smiled coldly and said, "Ye Yuan, open your dog eyes and watch closely! Even if Your Father doesn’t use the power of origin, killing this fool is also like taking something out of my bag!"

Ye Yuan smiled and did not speak, as if he was not worried at all.

Bai Cuishan was not an ordinary person either, but under this swift and fierce move, he could only defend!

In the fifth level, the inheritance was mist transforming into earth.

Under the current desperation, Bai Cuishan unconsciously converted the misty gas into an earth-yellow color.


A showdown that could topple mountains and overturn the seas.

The result made everyone’s jaws drop!

Bai Cuishan was unmoving like a mountain!

Wang Qian gave a muffled groan and fell to the ground!

Everyone’s eyes went wide.

This … What happened?

Mist transforming into earth actually had such tremendous power?

Bai Cuishan himself also had a dumbfounded look. He had already been prepared to be seriously injured.

Who knew that he did not feel anything; it was Wang Qian himself fell down.

This guy had injured himself!

Bai Cuishan recovered his soul body and muttered, "Wang Qian, why are you so weak?"

Wang Qian nearly spewed out a mouthful of old blood!


Apart from not using origin, Your Father already used all of my strength!

This attack of his earlier was extremely fierce, but who knew that it was like it had crashed into a steel plate.

The opponent was fine, but his soul body suffered a tremendous backlash force. As a result, he injured his soul body!

"It’s not that he’s weak, but that you became strong!" Ye Yuan said with a smile.

Bai Cuishan seemingly woke up from a dream and was rather excited as he said, "You’re right. It’s me who became strong! I … How did I become so strong? Heh heh, Wang Qian, eat my move!"

Buzz, buzz!

Without waiting for Wang Qian to respond, there was suddenly an additional bolt of lightning in Bai Cuishan’s hand, smashing over towards his opponent.

Wang Qian’s expression changed drastically. He felt a great threat!

The power of this lightning was even stronger than Feng Rui’s Five Lightning Execution!

The power of origin suddenly blossomed!

At the same time, wild wind howled!

Under the augmentation of the power of origin, this storm was more than dozens of times stronger than before!

Hegemon Imperishable’s power of origin was no joke.

"Whirlwind Scattering the Clouds! Bai Cuishan, you forced me!" Wang Qian bellowed, pouncing toward Bai Cuishan.

Everyone’s expressions changed again!

The two people’s battle immediately rose several levels.

It was just that Wang Qian was too terrifying this time!

However, in the next second, everyone was stunned.


Wang Qian screamed miserably. His soul body started quivering like it got electrocuted, flying out backward.

Bai Cuishan was unbelievably excited, his soul force instantly transforming into countless fire balls, smashing toward Wang Qian.

Six forms, each form was strong to the extreme!

Furthermore, Bai Cuishan’s attacks did not have any profound technique. It was all just a superficial application of the mist form.

But Wang Qian was pursued by Bai Cuishan and brutally beaten.

Without the slightest strength to fight back!

Miserable screams echoed!

"I’ll also perform a Whirlwind Scattering the Clouds!"

"Uh, have another Sword of Lightning!"

"Watch my move! Fire Dragon Technique!"

… …

Bai Cuishan became more and more excited as he fought and could not stop at all.

Too strong!

Too satisfying!

My opponent has the power of origin!

But, in front of Your Father, he could not even let out a fart!

Hahaha, satisfying!

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