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Chapter: 2950

Well Done Wang Qian

"Wang Qian, you’re too weak!"

"Fight back! Don’t you even have any strength leftover to retaliate?"

"To think that you looked like a villain intoxicated by success just now, your strength doesn’t match your boasting!"

… …

Amidst the loud laughter, Bai Cuishan was devastating Wang Qian brutally.

Everyone present was stunned from watching.

Everything before their eyes was seriously too subverting!

Wang Qian already brought out the power of origin. In the end, he was still being thrashed.

Although Bai Cuishan displayed powerful strength earlier, they thought that after Wang Qian used the power of origin, there should have at least been a bloody battle between both parties.

Who knew that it was completely a one-sided devastation!

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If not for the power of origin, Wang Qian would have already died God knows how many times now.

It was not that Hegemon Imperishable’s origin was not powerful. It was just that the time Wang Qian’s fused was too short, and his comprehension of origin was too little.

And Bai Cuishan had long already cultivated his soul body until it was incomparably solid in this Seven-Colored Pagoda.

In the later six levels, although he was cultivating mist transforming into myriad Dao, Bai Cuishan’s soul body still obtained tremendous tempering.

That was right. The mist body could be cultivated too!

The stronger the misty air, the harder it was to be killed!

Even if they were all Pseudo Imperishable Physiques, it was the same too.


An earth attribute mystic art was executed, and Wang Qian was pressed to the ground and drubbed once again.

Now, he was already powerless to talk anymore.

Bai Cuishan stopped and came to Ye Yuan’s side as he said excitedly, "Turns out that the Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique can be cultivated to such a point! I finally understand why Progenitor Imperishable is called Hegemon Imperishable!"

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "Progenitor Imperishable isn’t truly imperishable, but it’s that he has trained his Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique to the point where it’s difficult to kill! In the future, even if you can’t reach his height, you can also one-shot most Hegemons!"

Hearing this, Bai Cuishan was excited to the extreme.

At the same time, he looked at Ye Yuan with gratitude.

The reason why he had today was entirely because of Ye Yuan!

Now, his path of enshrouding mist had already been opened. He already had a clear direction for his cultivation direction from now on.

This way, his future was truly limitless.

The others looked at Bai Cuishan, already envious until they went crazy!

Only all the way until Bai Cuishan displayed his strength did they understand where the significance of this Seven-Colored Pagoda lay.

This was the cultivation method that Progenitor Imperishable customized for the Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique!

Furthermore, it was only under these kinds of specific conditions that one could forge a cultivation path that belonged to themselves.

One could imagine, back then, Progenitor Imperishable definitely spent considerable effort for the sake of this cultivation method and even specifically refined a chaos heavenly treasure!

Now, the seven layers of space had already disappeared, and it was impossible for them to continue cultivating anymore.

Therefore, the more seriously you cultivated here previously, the greater the benefits obtained.

Without a doubt, Ye Yuan and Bai Cuishan were the greatest beneficiaries of the Seven-Colored Pagoda!

Bai Cuishan was already so formidable, then how terrifying was the Ye Yuan who reached grand completion in all seven layers of space?

They were already unable to imagine.

At this time, everyone regretted it to the extreme, wishing to go back again and cultivate with Bai Cuishan.

Except, there was no medicine for regret in this world!

On the ground, the dead dog-like Wang Qian felt like all hope was dashed to pieces.

This was really too demoralizing!

… …

"The seven layered space vanished! Our plan actually really succeeded!" Excitement was written all over Mountain Goat’s face.

With the seven layered space disappearing, it meant that they had already obtained the power of origin!

This was also to say that the hope of finding Hegemon Imperishable had greatly increased.

The old woman also had an excited look as she said, "It’s just that I don’t know if any of them has integrated the power of origin. Or who fused with the power of origin!"

Mountain Goat narrowed his goat eyes and said with a smile, "Actually, Progenitor Imperishable said before, Wang Qian’s Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique can be called half an Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique already! If there’s a chance, he might be able to become the second Hegemon Enshrouding Mist! If talking about who has the highest hope of fusing with the origin, it’s none other than him!"

The moment these words came out, everyone’s faces changed.

They really did not know that Progenitor Imperishable actually regarded Wang Qian so highly.

Then wouldn’t the rest have become accessories?

Mountain Goat smiled and said, "Therefore, no matter what happened inside, even if others obtained the power of origin, it’s useless too! Because they have no way of fusing with the origin! Junior Apprentice Sister Cloudneon, this time, you’ve probably miscalculated!"

Cloudneon’s eternally unchanging face was still like an ancient well without ripples.

However, she was also very surprised by Progenitor Imperishable’s evaluation.

She believed in her eyesight. But, no matter how sharp her vision, it could not compare to Progenitor Imperishable too!

Could it be that this time, she really made an error of judgment?

Suddenly, the old woman shouted, "They came out!"

A group of figures flew out of the Seven-Colored Pagoda.

Wang Qian, who fused with the origin, was still unable to control it freely. He appeared extremely conspicuous in this dense crowd of over 100 people.

The few Great Emperors saw him at a glance.

Mountain Goat’s face revealed wild elations!

Progenitor Imperishable’s origin was indeed still obtained by his own people!

"Hahaha … Well done, Wang Zuo! This seat knew that you wouldn’t let me down!"

Mountain Goat went up to welcome with a loud laugh.

While talking, he even looked toward the other few Great Emperors with a smug look.

That meaning was very clear; thanks for giving way!

Cloudneon’s brows furrowed slightly, and she could not help sighing slightly in her heart.

Sure enough, did she still make an error of judgment?

Alright, this human was harboring evil intentions. Better kill him!

It was just that upon going closer to take a look, everyone’s condition was very different.

The Wang Qian who obtained the origin was slouching his head, looking listless and lethargic.

While on the other side, Bai Cuishan was valiant and spirited, like a proud rooster.

Seeing this scene, Mountain Goat was slightly stunned.

What was going on?

Wang Qian arrived in front of Mountain Goat and said listlessly, "Lord Shan Yang."

Shan Yang’s brows furrowed, and he said, "You obtained the origin, what’s with the long face?"

The moment Wang Qian heard, he felt even more bitter.

Can’t get happy!

You treated the origin like a treasure, but people cast it aside like a pair of worn out shoes.

I only picked it up because people did not want it!

Even if it was picked up, it was originally a happy thing too.

But the events that happened after that seriously made him unable to cheer up.

Too demoralizing!

Wang Qian smiled bitterly and said, "Lord Shan Yang, this origin wasn’t obtained by me."

The moment Shan Yang heard, he immediately understood and said smugly, "It turns out that it’s because of this! Huhu, so what even if it wasn’t obtained by you? This origin is fused with you. That’s your ability! No matter how formidable the rest are, they couldn’t fuse with the origin. That’s also rotten mud that can’t hold up a wall; too weak to stand up to competition!"

The more Shan Yang talked, the more Wang Qian wanted to find a hole in the ground to burrow into.

Next to them, there were already quite a few Pseudo Imperishable Physiques who laughed out loud.

Shan Yang’s brows furrowed even harder, and he said in a solemn voice, "What’s so funny? Could it be that this seat is wrong?"

The others did not dare to speak, but Bai Cuishan laughed and said, "Lord Shan Yang, what you said is really not correct! This origin was obtained by Ye Yuan! It’s not that he couldn’t fuse with the origin, but that he didn’t care at all! Not only does he not care, he even made me disregard it too! Otherwise, no matter whose turn it is, it also won’t be Wang Qian, this loser’s turn to fuse with it! Hahaha …"

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