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Chapter: 2952

Progenitor Imperishable s Legend

"Soul Physique! All talk but no promises. You’re saying that you’re the real Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique, don’t you find it ridiculous?" Mountain Goat said with a cold smile.

"Ye Yuan, if you say that there’s a real Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique, then it can only be me too! Because it’s me who fused with Progenitor Imperishable’s origin! You being able to pass the levels only means that your comprehension ability is high, that’s all! How do you prove that you’re of the Imperishable Soul Physique?" Wang Qian saw that his chance had come and could not resist coming forward to trample Ye Yuan again.

Imperishable Soul Physique this sort of thing, only Progenitor Imperishable could prove it.

The others, whoever said it, it did not count either, and it could not prove it too!

Therefore, now was the best time to kill Ye Yuan!

You were disdainful to fuse with the origin. Now, you’re finally getting your just desserts, right?

Wang Qian felt incomparably delighted in his heart.

The old woman, Senior Apprentice Sister Mu, also said, "What Wang Qian said is right! How do you prove that you’re of the Imperishable Soul Physique?"

Cloudneon did not speak. Her icy-cold expression was considered to have tacitly acknowledged these people’s words.

Want to not die, prove yourself!

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Ye Yuan knew that his most dangerous time had already passed.

Cloudneon, this woman, still valued him greatly.

"Ye Yuan cultivated each stage to the realm of grand completion inside the Seven-Colored Pagoda! Furthermore, only he could comprehend the inheritance that Progenitor Imperishable left behind! I feel that he is indeed very likely to be of the Imperishable Soul Physique!" At this time, Bai Cuishan suddenly stepped forward to speak.

These words came from the bottom of his heart.

"Not enough!" Cloudneon still said icily.

Hearing this, Wang Qian was wildly elated in his heart, although he did not know why Cloudneon suddenly changed her attitude.

But, as long as Ye Yuan died, it was enough!

As for proving whether Ye Yuan was of the Imperishable Soul Physique, this was simply impossible!

"Ye Yuan, unless you can find Progenitor Imperishable! Otherwise, you’ll die without a doubt today!" Wang Qian said with a smug look.

Ye Yuan just smiled. Suddenly, he released his aura.

A powerful to the extreme soul force billowed straight for the clouds!

Above the void, an enormous stone door appeared.

On the stone door, there were still seals with the word "myriad’ on them.

This action immediately attracted a wave of exclamations.

"This is the Door of Eternal Life! Master Ye is really incredible. He summoned it so easily?"

"Does Master Ye want to use Emperor Realm to prove himself?"

"I also feel that Master Ye is very likely to be the real Imperishable Soul Physique!"

… …

The stone door that appeared above Ye Yuan’s head was called the Door of Eternal Life!

As long as one could summon the Door of Eternal Life, one would be considered to have stepped into the realm of Emperor Cloud Heaven.

The cultivation of half-step Emperor Realm was in order to summon this Door of Eternal Life.

To others, this step was as difficult as ascending to heaven.

But, the moment Ye Yuan’s soul force was lightly released, it was summoned!

The cultivation after Emperor Realm was closely related to the Door of Eternal Life.

Three ‘myriad’ word seals were Emperor Realm’s three firmaments!

Three seals, three shackles!

Wanting to step into the realm of Hegemon, one needed to use the power of origin to break the third seal, knock open the Door of Eternal Life, thus transcending samsara, and live forever!

Hegemon Realm powerhouses were not restricted by Hegemon Realm and would not experience Dao tribulation.

As long as they were not killed, they could live forever!

It was just that time flew past. Hegemon powerhouses had also experienced many blood transfusions.

People who could truly live forever did not exist.

Arriving at the soul race, Ye Yuan experienced the Nirvana Soul Hall’s hall entrance test and also entered the Seven-Colored Pagoda to gain enlightenment on Dao. He finally comprehended the Divine Emergence’s third level!

His thick accumulations erupted. Summoning the Door of Eternal Life was like taking something out of his bag.

"Door of Eternal Life! This guy is actually going to break through to Emperor Realm at this time? It’s just that breaking through to Emperor Realm and he’ll be able to prove that he’s of the Imperishable Soul Physique? What a joke!’ Wang Qian could not help laughing as he said.

Mountain Goat similarly sneered and said, "Too naive! Does he think that by breaking through to Emperor Realm here, he won’t need to die anymore? Junior Apprentice Sister Cloudneon, now that Progenitor Imperishable’s origin has already been fused, our top priority is going to find Ancestor. It can’t be delayed! Could it be that you plan on wasting time here and delay things?"

The old woman also nodded and said, "Finding Progenitor is the top priority! Cloudneon, if you have time, play with him here. We’re leaving!"

Cloudneon’s expression still remained unchanged, she just said coolly, "Have you all forgotten Progenitor Imperishable’s legend?"

"Legend? What legend?" Wang Qian said with a baffled look.

However, the other four trembled all over!

They had really forgotten about it!

This legend was already too far back!

Mountain Goat narrowed his eyes and said, "You’re saying that he can do it? This is impossible!"

The old woman also said, "What a joke! That’s just a legend! Even Progenitor Imperishable has never personally admitted it before!"

Cloudneon gave her a glance and said coolly, "Who the hell do you think you are? Does Progenitor Imperishable need to explain anything to you?"

"You!" The old woman was angered by this sentence until she wanted to vomit blood.

Great Emperor Ming Jian said, "But this matter is a highly guarded secret. Even with our status, we’ve only heard of it too. How did this boy know about it?"

Cloudneon said, "It doesn’t matter! What’s important is, can he do it or not?!"

The four people’s expressions turned somber, and they stopped talking.

Wang Qian had a look of confusion as he said, "Ancestors, what on earth are you all talking about? Could it be that breaking through to Emperor Realm can still set off any waves?"

Mountain Goat narrowed his eyes and said, "Legends has it that a long time ago, the Nirvanic Soul Clan had not given birth to a Supreme Hegemon yet! The Nirvanic Soul Clan at that time was completely enslaved by the Qi Soul Clan. It was just a branch of the Qi Soul Clan, that’s all. All the way until the appearance of Progenitor Imperishable! When Progenitor Imperishable corroborated his Dao as Emperor Realm, he comprehended the enshrouding mist origin! And he is also the only existence who comprehended origin in Emperor Cloud Heaven Realm in our soul race over countless years! Hence, that’s why he could lead our Nirvanic Soul Clan to rise and stand up to the Qi Soul Clan as equals!"

"If, I’m saying if, this kid can really comprehend enshrouding mist origin when breaking through to Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique! Then, he’ll definitely be of the Imperishable Soul Physique without a doubt! Because in these countless years, only Progenitor Imperishable alone had done it!"

Mountain Goat’s words made the Pseudo Imperishable Physiques completely explode!

Only then did they know it turns out that the Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique actually still had such a saying.

No wonder the Pseudo Imperishable Physique’s status in the Nirvanic Soul Clan was extremely low. Turns out that they all, these Pseudo Imperishable Physiques, were really just Pseudo Imperishable Physiques, that was all.

But Ye Yuan?

"Tch! This is simply impossible!" When Wang Qian heard, he said with decisiveness that could chop iron.

Hegemon Imperishable was the one and only through the ages!

What capability did he, Ye Yuan, have? To follow in Progenitor Imperishable’s footsteps?

Senior Apprentice Sister Mu laughed coldly and said, "Cloudneon, you’re completely wasting time! Every minute that we’re late, Progenitor Imperishable might be in greater danger! I’m very suspicious of your motives now! Shan Yang, this seat feels that you should immediately go and invite Lord Yu Tian now to clean up the household!"

Her words were already completely targeting Cloudneon.

Originally, the five great regions had continuous conflicts.

For the sake of saving Progenitor Imperishable, that was how they came together.

Shan Yang’s brows furrowed, and he said with a nod, "Junior Apprentice Sister Cloudneon, the present situation indeed brooks no delay! If you insist on playing with this brat, then this seat can only offend you!"

When Cloudneon heard, she just said coolly, "As you wish!"

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