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Chapter: 2953

Entering Emperor Realm Comprehending Origin

Impervious to reason!

Cloudneon, this woman, clearly had a strong character. She would not care about other people’s opinions at all.

Mountain Goat felt somewhat of a loss in face.

He snorted coldly, a burst of soul force tearing across the air.

Cloudmount’s gaze remained on Ye Yuan’s body from start to end, not caring about Mountain Goat’s action at all.

A moment later, the void trembled, and a figure stepped out of the air.

This was the Central Soul Region’s present leader, Hegemon Yu Tian!

"Paying respects to Lord Yu Tian!"

Mountain Goat and the rest gave a bow towards Hegemon Yu Tian, but Cloudneon was aloof and indifferent.

A hint of displeasure flashed across in Hegemon Yu Tian’s heart, and he said in a solemn voice, "Since Wang Qian has already fused with Progenitor’s origin, then what are you still waiting for? A child is messing around, and you guys are messing around with him too?"

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He looked toward the Ye Yuan, who was currently breaking through, full of disdain.

Emperor Realm comprehending origin, he had attempted it before back then too. In the end, it ended in failure.

It was far too difficult!

Since time immemorial, there was only Imperishable alone.

What he comprehended was naturally not the enshrouding mist origin. The difficulty was far from as high as the enshrouding mist origin.

But he still felt that it was as hard as ascending to heaven.

In reality, it was far from just him alone who attempted to comprehend origin at Emperor Realm. But they all ended in failure.

Now, you’re telling me that you can comprehend origin?

What a joke!

While talking, Hegemon Yu Tian already released his soul force domineeringly, intending to kill Ye Yuan.

"If you dare to make a move, I’ll break through to Hegemon right now and fight it out to the death with you!"

Cloudneon said it very lightly, as if she was chatting.

But Hegemon Yu Tian’s soul force could not help stagnating.

"If you guys want to leave, bring Wang Qian and hurry up and go. If Ye Yuan doesn’t comprehend origin, I’ll naturally kill him. There’s no need for others to do it on my behalf. Of course, if you all feel that there’s any issue, I’ll accompany you to the end too!"

Cloudneon said it in a soft voice, sounding very pleasant.

But the words revealed a majesty that brooked no questioning.

Hegemon Realm, to others, that was a peak that was far beyond reach in their lifetime.

But in Cloudneon’s eyes, it was like a hundred foot tall small earth mound.

If I wanted to climb it, then I’ll climb!

Hegemon Yu Tian was Central Soul Region’s peak Hegemon.

But at this time, he hesitated.

Otherwise, even if it was Mountain Goat, no one knew Cloudneon’s strength either.

But he knew!

Once Cloudneon really risked it all, a sanguinary slaughter would probably be set off in the Imperishable Soul Domain.

A threat!

A blatant threat!!

Would I, an exalted Hegemon, be threatened by you, an Emperor Sakra Heaven?

"Since Martial Niece Cloudneon is so confident, what’s the harm in watching?" Hegemon Yu Tian suddenly smiled and said.

Everyone was stunned!

What is this?

Please, you’re a Hegemon. Do you still want face or not?


Just as everyone was shocked, the Door of Eternal Life suddenly emitted a profound and inscrutable power.

This power might not be too great, but it was sufficient to make the expressions of Hegemon Realm powerhouses change.

Ye Yuan, who was currently breaking through, suddenly opened both eyes.

That secret that came from inside the Door of Eternal Life, as if it could pry into the world, was currently being grasped by him.

"Is this the Door of Eternal Life? Seems like all of my secrets are so laughable in front of it! Just where does this door lead to?" Ye Yuan thought in his heart.

In reality, when he was in the Seven-Colored Pagoda, he already vaguely felt something.

Breaking through to Emperor Realm was just taking advantage of the opportunity to him.

Ye Yuan’s accumulations in the second level of Deity Realm were sufficient to let him break through to Emperor Realm.

But the inheritance that Hegemon Imperishable left behind had indeed opened another window for him, letting him enjoy a new scenery.

At this time, that aura of origin completely wrapped Ye Yuan up.

Everyone happened naturally without extra effort.

But, in other people’s view, it was an earth-shattering scene!

"Origin! That … That’s really origin! Emperor Realm comprehending origin! He’s really of the Imperishable Soul Physique!"

"No wonder he’s disdainful to fuse with Progenitor Imperishable’s origin, turns out that he had a well-thought-out plan! With his own origin, why does he need to fuse with other people’s origin?"

"True! Apart from the real Imperishable Seven-Colored Pagoda, who else can clear the stages so easily inside the Seven-Colored Pagoda?"

… …

Following the descending of origin, the Pseudo Imperishable Physiques present stared dumbfoundedly.

Hegemon Yu Tian’s eyes almost popped out!

"This … How is this possible? He’s actually of the true Imperishable Soul Physique!" Yu Tian sucked in a cold breath and said.

Wang Qian’s face burned red hot. He was slapped again.


It was just that this time, it was more shocking than any other time before.

Even if Ye Yuan beat him black and blue, he also never thought that Ye Yuan was of the true Imperishable Soul Physique.

But now, it was not up to him to not believe anymore.

One and only through the ages!

In these countless years, only Hegemon Imperishable alone had once done it.

Now, it was accomplished by Ye Yuan!

The Senior Apprentice Sister Mu, Ming Jian, and Mountain Goat, who were jumping around endlessly just now, all stopped talking now.

Ye Yuan grasping origin, it was already conclusive beyond all doubt!

A hint of surprise flashed across in Cloudneon’s beautiful eyes.

She was very optimistic about Ye Yuan. Therefore, even if she was not sure of Ye Yuan’s objective, she let him enter the Seven-Colored Pagoda too.

Even if it was before, when Ye Yuan said that he could grasp origin, she only held one-ten-thousandth hope too.

Who knew that this one-ten-thousandth hope actually came true?!

The Door of Eternal Life gradually exited.

Ye Yuan’s soul force skyrocketed and already reached the realm of Emperor Cloud Heaven!

He looked towards Cloudneon and said coolly, "Now, it can prove that I’m of the Imperishable Soul Physique, right?"

Cloudneon was silent.

Since ancient times, the soul race only had these two Imperishable Soul Physiques.

She believed that there should be some connection between these two great Imperishable Soul Physiques.

But she was somewhat afraid now.

She was afraid of Ye Yuan breaking away from her control.

This person was clearly very dangerous.

Was letting him go and find Progenitor really a wise choice?

What on earth was this boy’s goal?

Everyone’s gazes turned toward Cloudneon.

While Yu Tian, this Hegemon Realm powerhouse, was directly ignored.

Clearly, the one who decided Ye Yuan’s life and death was not Hegemon Yu Tian, but it was Cloudneon!

"The matter brooks no delay. Come on!" After being silent for a long time, Cloudneon suddenly said.

Mountain Goat, the old woman, Ming Jian, these people all shut their mouths now.

They followed Cloudneon quietly, leaving the Central Soul Region.

Nothing left to say!

Previously, they could use not being able to fuse with the origin to shoot Ye Yuan down.

But now, what could they say?

This was the true Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique, an existence like Progenitor Imperishable!

The second one through the ages!

Ye Yuan clearly had a great say in this matter of finding Progenitor Imperishable.

Ye Yuan did not say much either, following the few powerhouses and leaving.

Along the way, one powerhouse after another gathered.

Each person that arrived, their gaze when looking at Ye Yuan carried incredulity.

The party went out of the Imperishable Soul Domain and arrived above the sea.

Above the sea, an enormous stone door appeared in front of everyone.

"This is the Abyss Gate! The last place that Progenitor Imperishable appeared was here! Previously, we’ve already sent many people into the Abyss Gate, but not a single one returned. The two of you try to feel it. See if you can feel Progenitor’s aura or not," Cloudneon said.

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