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Chapter: 2958

Dream Recollection

"How formidable!"

Ye Yuan was stunned by Cloudneon’s casual strike.

Just earlier, he seemed to have been in a dream.

In the dream, dozens of origin attacks completely scattered and disappeared!

Those origin powerhouses all had confused looks too. Clearly, they did not know what had happened.

"It’s the Cloud Dream Soul Physique! Furthermore, she cultivated Dream Recollection! You all fell into her dream realm just now. It’s impossible to hit her! Everyone, leave! Leave this place to the two of us! You guys aren’t her match!"

A figure landed. It was precisely the Qi Soul Clan’s Hegemon Realm powerhouse, Lu!

When those origin powerhouses heart, they were all startled with fear.

"It’s actually the legendary grade Cloud Dream Soul Physique! It’s said that this soul physique isn’t beneath the Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique!"

"No wonder it’s so formidable! Furthermore, she even cultivated the supreme soul canon, Dream Recollection! She’s simply unmatched in the same rank!"

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"The Nirvanic Soul Clan is really going to be amazing! An Imperishable Soul Physique and a Cloud Dream Soul Physique! Once these two steps into the realm of Hegemon, it will simply be our soul race’s nightmare!"

… …

Ye Yuan did not know about the Cloud Dream Soul Physique, but he was very clear about Dream Recollection.

The soul race’s three great sacred canons — Divine Emergence, Dream Recollection, and Extinction — each of them was a powerful to the extreme soul race cultivation method.

For the same of these three great soul canons, Qi and Nirvanic, two races, even once had a shocking war erupt before.

In the end, the Nirvanic Soul Clan suffered countless casualties. Progenitor Imperishable was seriously wounded, before snatching away these three great sacred canons from the hands of the Qi Soul Clan.

Dream Recollection this sacred canon, what it recorded was the method to gain enlightenment on Dao with dreams.

Comprehending life in dreamland, comprehending Heavenly Dao, and finally comprehending origin.

Dreaming for 3000 years, corroborating one’s Dao, and gaining enlightenment on longevity!

These three great sacred canons could be cultivated regardless by the Nirvanic Soul Clan or the Qi Soul Clan.

But Dream Recollection, this cultivation method, was especially suited for the Cloud Dream Soul Physique!

The Nirvanic Soul Clan once had a peerless heaven’s chosen appear before, who roamed the contemporary era unobstructed!

At that time, he was reputed as the most promising existence to become a Supreme Hegemon.

It was just that, sadly, he made an overly showy display of his ability, and he was plotted against by the Qi Soul Clan and ambushed.

In order to kill him, the Qi Soul Clan did not hesitate to mobilize three Hegemon Realm powerhouses.

They did not expect that many years later, the Nirvanic Soul Clan actually had another Cloud Dream Soul Physique appear again!

Lu looked at Cloudneon and said with a light smile, "I didn’t expect that the siege this time actually still had an unexpected discovery! Imperishable that old thing, he really hid you too well!"

Cloudneon still had an icy-cold appearance, disliking to talk.

Ye Yuan only felt a blur before his eyes and he discovered that Cloudneon’s soul body started dissipating, turning into nothingness in the end.

Cloudneon was gone!

Ye Yuan’s pupils constricted, and he shouted, "Are you kidding me? Abandoning me just like that? Have you forgotten what you promised Hegemon Yu Tian?"

In just that instant, Ye Yuan could not perceive Cloudneon’s existence anymore.

Hegemon Wu Jia was also stupefied, then immediately burst out laughing and said, "What bullshit Cloud Dream Soul Physique, more like it’s called, Fleeing Soul Physique, right? Kid, since that girlie ran, you can go and die then!"

A streak of bloody light flashed past. Ye Yuan felt like he was going to die.

He was still too far away from Hegemon Realm!


Ye Yuan’s soul physique was immediately vaporized.

Killing Ye Yuan in one blow, Wu Jia said smugly, "Originally, I thought that it would be somewhat troublesome. I didn’t expect that it’s so simple. What Imperishable Soul Physique, Cloud Dream Soul Physique. All simply too weak to withstand a single blow!"

Lu smiled and said, "While these two great soul physiques are formidable, their strength is too weak. To the likes of us, they are merely ant-like existences. But if we allow them to grow unchecked, the consequences would be too terrible to contemplate. Since this side has already been settled, let’s hurry over and help Lord Bloodmourn they all then. That side is of the utmost priority!"

Wu Jia nodded, and the two people turned around and left.

Over at the other side, the battle of Hegemons had already entered a white-hot stage.

The likes of Yu Tian were all top powerhouses among Hegemon Realms. Their battle was virtually smashing the abyss apart.

However, the Nirvanic Soul Clan indeed had greatly diminished combat power in this Sea of Evil.

Plus, their numbers were not many, and signs of decline already appeared.

With three races joining forces, the combat power was extraordinary.

But right at this time, Lu’s figure suddenly came to a stop, as if he was petrified.

Wu Jia’s brows furrowed, and he said, "Brother Lu, what’s wrong?"

Lu’s expression changed, and he said, "Not good! We were duped! Brother Wu Jia, chase after them!"

Finished saying, he ignored Wu Jia, his figure turning around and immediately tearing across the air.

Wu Jia had a confused look, not knowing what this Lu was going crazy over. But, he still followed.

"Brother Lu, what on earth happened?" Wu Jia caught up to Lu and could not resist asking.

"We fell into that girl’s dream realm just now!" Lu said.

"Dream realm? Hur, how is this possible? A mere Emperor Sakra Heaven can use dream realm to deceive the two of us at the same time? Let alone that there are so many Peak Hegemons fighting over there, how can it be what she, a measly little Emperor Sakra Heaven, can simulate?" Wu Jia said in disapproval.

Lu Daoyi had a solemn expression as he said, "Half awake and half dreaming; that is when it’s the hardest to distinguish! Just now, she perfectly merged dreamland together with reality! Therefore, even if it’s you and I, it’s hard to detect too! If not for the dream realm dissipating just now, revealing a trace of extremely subtle undulation, even if it’s this seat, it’s hard to detect it too! This girl’s Cloud Dream Soul Physique has probably already surpassed the Meng Lan of back then! Luckily, she’s just Emperor Sakra Heaven. If she stepped into the realm of Hegemon, even if you and I died in the dreamland, it will be difficult to detect too!"

With this, Wu Jian was shocked.

If what Lu said was true, then it was really too terrifying!

The dream realm set up by an Emperor Sakra Heaven, he actually did not detect it in the slightest!

… …

"I really didn’t expect that you, this woman, are icy-cold, but you’re actually so strong!" Ye Yuan marveled.

When he ‘revived from the dead,’ Ye Yuan felt that it was magical.

That kind of feeling was too real.

The dreamland that this woman set up actually made two great Hegemon Realms unable to detect it in the least bit.

Then, she brought him away from under the two of their hands unknown to gods or ghosts.

Ye Yuan examined his own conscience and felt that his willpower was extremely strong. Plus, he had cultivated the Divine Emergence. Nothing could bewitch his mind.

But this time, he succumbed.

"Dream is born from the heart. It’s no idea how many levels higher than an illusory real! You’re not facing my spell, but facing your own heart! Although you cultivate Divine Emergence, your strength is too low. Falling into the dreamland is also within reason. After you reach my realm, I naturally won’t be able to waver your heart."

Ye Yuan was surprised. This woman was actually explaining things to him?

But, thinking about it, he felt at ease too.

His words saved the Nirvanic Soul Clan, reducing this woman’s enmity toward him.

But this Cloud Dream Soul Physique was really strong!

Ye Yuan thought that Hegemon Yu Tian being apprehensive of Cloudneon previously was because her background was strong, and she even had some connections to Hegemon Imperishable.

But looking at it now, it was not necessarily so!

Once this woman broke through to Hegemon Realm, it was very likely that she could have Yu Tian’s level of strength!

Coupled with her powerful soul physique as well as Dream Recollection, no matter how strong Yu Tian was, he probably could not do anything to Cloudneon too.

The two people were extremely fast, looking as if they were about to fly out of the Sea of Evil.

But right at this time, an azure and a red, two incredibly powerful attacks, suddenly tore across the air and arrived!

Cloudneon’s ten-thousand-year unchanging face also changed drastically at this time.

Her palm thrust out, Ye Yuan’s figure flew out of the Sea of Evil involuntarily.

While her aura skyrocketed, turning around to meet those two powerful attacks.


Cloudneon’s soul body smashed heavily onto the ground like a kite with a broken string.

Two figures appeared. Who could it be if not Wu Jia and Lu?

Wu Jia smiled lightly and said, "It’s still Brother Lu who’s formidable, seeing through this girl’s dream realm. Otherwise, the two of them would really have escaped!"

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