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Chapter: 2959

Mutual Destruction

Lu looked at the heavily injured Cloudneon and said with a smile, "You didn’t expect that we saw through it so quickly, right? Lass, although you’re extremely talented, you can never underestimate a Hegemon Realm powerhouse!"

Cloudneon had a frosty look as she said, "Your Qi Soul Clan is asking a tiger for its skin. You’ll ultimately taste the disastrous consequences!"

Wu Jia smiled and said, "That’s just your one-sided wish! Your Nirvanic Soul Clan claims to be of the same ancestry and root as the soul race. But actually, the ones with the same ancestry and root are us! We’re both chaos races. We’re paramount existences! Our chaos races should rule the heavens in the first place! You all, these Nirvanic Soul Clan members, are merely some ghosts of small importance. What right do you all have to sit on equal footing as us?"

Lu seemed to have seen through Cloudneon’s intention and said coolly, "Don’t think about buying time. You know that a mere Emperor Cloud Heaven, even if you let him escape for two hours, it will also be a matter of an instant for us to catch up to him."

Hegemon Realm powerhouses, shattering the barrier of heavens and crossing worlds were a walk in the park.

Catching up to a puny little Emperor Cloud Heaven was naturally effortless.

Their auras had already locked onto Ye Yuan. Ye Yuan could not escape at all!

Suddenly, Wu Jia’s and Lu’s expressions changed.

They actually lost the locking on Ye Yuan’s aura!

A hint of astonishment was revealed in the two persons’ eyes.

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How could a mere Emperor Cloud Heaven possibly escape their aura locking?

"Brother Wu Jia, I’ll have to trouble you to make a trip! Leave this girlie to me!" Lu said in a solemn voice.

Wu Jia nodded his head. His figure moved, chasing out of the Sea of Evil.

Lu’s gaze turned cold, origin power blooming, charging over toward Cloudneon.

Facing Cloudneon, even if Lu was an Hegemon Realm powerhouse, he did not dare to slack off in the slightest too.

It was because he knew that the Cloud Dream Soul Physique back then killed a Hegemon under the besiegement of three great Hegemons!

Therefore, he chose to sneak attack when Cloudneon two people lowered their guard just now.

Otherwise, for a dignified Hegemon Realm powerhouse to actually sneak attacking an Emperor Sakra Heaven, he could not do it even if he was beaten to death.

Too humiliating!

But right now, Cloudneon’s injuries were extremely severe. It was much easier for him to deal with her.

Cloudneon’s expression turned cold, dozens of origin power emerging from her body at once!

Lu’s pupils constricted, drawing a cold breath.

"3000 Great Daos, it’s born in dreams! Indeed well-deserving of being the Cloud Dream Soul Physique! You lass actually already comprehended so many origins! Looks like you want to comprehend nine by nine, 81 origins, blasting open the Door of Eternal Life in one stroke, reaching the ranks of Peak Hegemon! Impressive! Truly impressive! But sadly, you don’t have the chance!" Lu said with a loud laugh.

Door of Eternal Life was not just a shackle. It was similarly a massive lucky chance!

By opening the Door of Eternal Life, the origin comprehended in Emperor Sakra Heaven Realm would have a tremendous understanding, making one’s strength have a qualitative leap.

Therefore, many geniuses were not in a hurry to knock open the Door of Eternal Life in Emperor Sakra Heaven Realm but comprehending origin as much as possible.

Because after entering Hegemon Realm, each origin comprehended would spend countless time.

The origin that Emperor Sakra Heavens comprehended was like the end of a thread. The power was not strong.

But the function of the Door of Eternal Life was to pull this loose thread out, becoming a long rope.

One could at most comprehend 81 origin powers in Emperor Sakra Heaven Realm!

However, achieving 81 origin powers, it was just a legend.

Those like Li Clearcloud, who could comprehend nine origins, were already extremely monstrous.

But now, Cloudneon poured out dozens of origins at once. It could be seen how strong she was!

However, Lu was merely just shocked. That was all. The Qi Soul Clan was born from chaos and had a natural understanding of origin.

He, this Hegemon Realm, had already comprehended ten origins.

Although in terms of quantity, he could not compare to Cloudneon this kind of genius. But in terms of quality, he had an overwhelming advantage!


Cloudneon bore her heavy injuries and had a frontal confrontation with Lu.

The two people each flew out backward!

Lu was struck dumb with amazement, looking at Cloudneon with a look of shock, full of disbelief.

He, an Hegemon Realm, was actually evenly matched with Cloudneon!

"This is impossible! You … How did you do it?" Lu said in shock.

Cloudneon said in a cold voice, "The strength of the Cloud Dream Soul Physique isn’t what you can imagine! The Qi Soul Clan boasts that you are a chaos race, then how much do you understand? The two of you great Hegemons, I’ll naturally have some fear. But, if it’s just you alone, I might not lose to you!"

Lu said in rage, "I don’t believe that I can’t take care of you, this little girl, today!"

Under his violent rage, an even stronger soul force released with a loud bang.




The Hegemon level battle made even the void tremble.

Although the scale of their fight could not compare to Yu Tian and the rest, it was also extremely fearsome.

However, Lu discovered to his astonishment that Cloudneon’s strength was seriously too strong!

He unleashed all of his abilities and could not defeat his opponent too.

In a blink, he already sustained serious injuries.

Of course, Cloudneon was not much better than him.

At this time, the final outcome would be mutual destruction!

However, the more this was the case, the more Lu knew that he could not let Cloudneon off.

Otherwise, it would be a devastating blow to the Qi Soul Clan.

Hegemon Imperishable could not be killed. If Cloudneon became a Hegemon and appeared, then all of the Qi Soul Clan’s glory would be trampled underfoot.

Hence, he started risking his life.

Executing one move after another, he planned on draining Cloudneon to death at the risk of his soul body being seriously injured.


With another heaven-shocking move, Lu fell to the ground with a loud bang.

His soul body was already extremely dim and not far from death anymore.

However, seeing that Cloudneon was similarly seriously injured and on the verge of death, the corners of his mouth revealed a hint of a smile.

"H-Hur hur, you’re finally still going to die!" Lu said with a smile.

Suddenly, his pupils constricted, his eyes full of astonishment.

Because his opponent, Cloudneon, actually changed!

He blinked his eyes hard, wanting to prove that he had seen wrongly.

But he discovered to his dismay that there was no mistake!

Right now, the one lying opposite was not Cloudneon but Wu Jia!

Lu shuddered. His feeble soul body actually started trembling.

G-Got tricked!

He actually fell into a dreamland again!

Furthermore, he and Wu Jia actually fought until they were mutually defeated in the dreamland?

N-No way, right?

When did he fall into a dream realm?

Furthermore, this time, he was already prepared. How could an exalted Hegemon Realm possibly fall so deep into a dream realm and not detect it in the slightest too?

Lu felt his entire body turned icy-cold!

This Cloud Dream Soul Physique coupled with the Dream Recollection were really too terrifying!

Two great Hegemons actually fought until they were seriously injured on the verge of death before suddenly waking up from the dream!

"Why is it you! How can it be you? This … This is impossible! Who I was fighting against was clearly that boy!"

Not far away, Wu Jia’s unwilling angry roar also came over.

At this time, two figures appeared quietly. Lu’s pupils constricted.

These two people were precisely Ye Yuan and Cloudneon!

It was just that Cloudneon’s soul body was currently faint. Clearly, she had sustained heavy wounds too.

However, it was merely just being heavily wounded. She was not in danger of dying.

But he and Wu Jia were different. It was effortless for Cloudneon to kill the two of them now!

It was over!

Completely over!

How could this be?

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