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Chapter: 2960

Failing on the Verge of Complete Success

"I didn’t expect that executing Divine Emergence and Dream Recollection at the same time would actually be so powerful!"

Ye Yuan looked at the two great hegemons, who were seriously injured on the verge of death, and had a rueful look too.

Just now, at the critical moment, the two people instinctively used Divine Emergence and Dream Recollection!

The two people’s soul forces integrated together and actually unleashed an effect that far surpassed the two people’s strength.

It was also that Cloudneon’s reaction was extremely fast. She made use of the favorable situation to push matters through with little effort, dragging the two of them into a dreamland along with the two great Hegemons’ attacks.

These two great Hegemons were actually completely unaware!

However, Cloudneon being seriously injured was real.

And this was also the lure that activated the dream realm.

In that moment, the dreamland completely erupted, and the two great Hegemons caught deeply in it.

The two great Hegemons fell into the dream realm and thought that their opponent was Cloudneon and Ye Yuan, but it was simply the other party.

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All the way until the two people suffered mutual defeat!

It seemed simple, but to make two great Hegemon Realm powerhouses fight all the way until impending death before breaking away from the dream realm, that was virtually unimaginable. This was especially true, considering that it was also under the circumstances that Lu was on the alert.

Although Ye Yuan’s Divine Emergence was weak, his soul force was like a catalyst, strengthening the dreamland countless times when it encountered Cloudneon’s Dream Recollection.

Cloudneon’s dream realm was extremely powerful to begin with.

When there was this catalyzing effect, even two great Hegemons fell for the trick unknowingly.

"It’s not just due to these two great sacred canons! Just now, the two of our soul forces actually produced a resonance! This is the most important thing!" Cloudneon said.

Recalling that miraculous feeling just now, Ye Yuan could not help nodding.

At that moment earlier, his soul force and Cloudneon’s soul force actually produced a resonant effect.

It was not just Cloudneon; his soul force skyrocketed too.

This kind of thing was simply inconceivable!

Hearing these two people’s words, the two great Hegemons only felt that they had died so unjustly!

Soul force resonance!

This sort of thing was simply unheard of.

Something that made no sense actually tricked two great Hegemons to death!

One had to know that even though the two of them were far from being strong, they were not weaklings among Hegemon Realms too.

Both Ye Yuan and Cloudnenon did not expect that they would actually succumb just like that.

Cloudneon did not give these two people a chance, directly making a move, killing the two great Hegemons.

Two great Hegemon Realm powerhouses died at the hands of two juniors just like that.

"Alright, you can go!" Cloudneon said.

Ye Yuan was taken aback and said, "You want to go back?"

Cloudneon nodded and said, "Lord Wang Ning’s kindness towards me is as weighty as a mountain. I can’t watch him die."

Ye Yuan thought about it and said, "I’m going to save Progenitor Imperishable. Do you want to come along?"

Cloudneon gave him a glance, being rather surprised, and she said, "Progenitor Imperishable is being besieged by three great Supreme Hegemons. With your bit of strength, going will be courting death too!"

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "That might not be the case! If the three of them want to trap Progenitor Imperishable, they will definitely have to pay an immense price. After coming out of the Seven-Colored Pagoda, I can feel that Progenitor Imperishable is very strong! Extremely strong! Perhaps we have an opportunity to exploit!"

Cloudneon frowned and said, "This has nothing to do with you. Why do you want to go and save Progenitor Imperishable?"

Ye Yuan said, "Haven’t you always been curious about what my objective is? Actually, my objective is Progenitor Imperishable! I need the Purple Ripple Umbrella!"

"Why?" Cloudneon was incomparably surprised in her heart.

This journey was too dangerous!

One had to know that the ones besieging Progenitor Imperishable were three of the 33 Heavens’ top-most existences!

Even if there was really an opportunity to exploit, they could huff you to death with a puff of breath.

This fellow actually dared to go!

Ye Yuan said coolly, "Talk about it again on the way! If we still don’t go, we won’t be able to leave anymore! Now is the best time to go and save Progenitor Imperishable! If the three great forces discover that this can’t be done, they might gather all of their forces to deal with Progenitor Imperishable! At that time, wanting to save him will be as hard as ascending to heaven!"

"Go!" Cloudneon made a prompt decision.

… …

Four hours later, several figures tore across space and arrived.

The person in front was precisely Bloodmourn.

His expression was very ugly.

The plan completely failed!

Although the Nirvanic Soul Clan suffered heavy casualties in this battle, it did not hurt their foundation.

Of the five great regions’ leaders, only North Soul Region’s Hegemon died.

Although Yu Tian, Wang Ning, and the rest suffered serious injuries, they killed their way out of the encirclement in the end.

Of the ten great Hegemons, they only held three behind!

The other seven all escaped.

Bloodmourn was currently bringing people to hunt Yu Tian down.

On the one hand, it was because Ye Yuan’s words gave them fighting spirit.

On the other hand, it was also Ye Yuan two people’s appearance that scattered their fighting power.

What was even more damnable was that four hours had passed, and Wu Jia and Lu actually still had not returned!

Suddenly, Bloodmourn’s figure stopped, and he said, "Stop!"

Beside him, another blood race Hegemon’s expression changed, and he said, "Lord Bloodmourn, this … this is Wu Jia’s aura! T-There’s also the Qi Soul Clan’s Lu!"

Bloodmourn’s expression was heavy, and he nodded his head.

As a Peak Hegemon, his perception was extremely acute.

Upon arriving here, he felt a wisp of aura, which was left behind by Wu Jia and Lu.

They had just died. The aura of origin had not dissipated yet.

Tumultuous waves were set off in Bloodmourn’s heart.

Two great Hegemons chased after an origin Emperor Sakra Heaven, an Emperor Cloud Heaven, and they actually all died?

"How is this possible? They … actually all died?" That Hegemon cried out in alarm.

Two Hegemons died at once. This was absolutely a major shocking thing!

Each Hegemon was extremely precious.

Counting the two Hegemons that died during the besiegement, they had four Hegemons die at once in this battle!

This mortality rate was actually even greater than that of the Nirvanic Soul Clan’s!

Wu Jia two people’s demise, also made this besiegement battle become a complete and utter joke.

Three factions mobilized 23 Hegemons. The casualty was actually even higher than the Nirvanic Soul Clan that was caught off-guard!

If the three great Supreme Hegemons knew about it, they would probably fly into a thunderous rage.

"What? Hegemon Wu Jia and Hegemon Lu actually both fell? How is this possible?"

"That Cloud Dream Soul Physique is actually so strong? She’s just origin Emperor Sakra Heaven, and she could actually kill two Hegemons already?"

"Really damn it! Our battle was a complete failure!"

… …

When those origin powerhouses heard the exclamations of the Hegemons, each and every one of them was dumbfounded.

They never dreamed that the battle situation would actually turn out like this.

Bloodmourn shook his head and said, "Although that lass is formidable, it’s absolutely impossible to kill Wu Jia they all! Something that we don’t know must have happened during this! It’s just that no matter what, things are already very serious now! Putting aside Yu Tian they all, one Cloud Dream Soul Physique, one Imperishable Soul Physique, these two juniors are too dangerous!"

The others felt the same too.

No matter what had transpired, two great Hegemons had indeed died!

Even if the war had been fought until now, not many Hegemon Realms had died too.

But today, so many had actually fallen all at once.

What worried Bloodmourn the most was still Cloudneon and Ye Yuan.

No matter what, they already had the means to kill Hegemon Realms.

This was terrifying!

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