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Chapter: 2961

A Small Lake

Imperishable Soul Domain, Central Soul Region!

A group of remnant troops gathered together, their expressions very heavy.

Several Peak Hegemons all had faint soul bodies at this time, close to dissipating.

In order to escape, they paid a terrible price too.

North Soul Region’s ancestor, Hegemon Wu Wen, held back three Hegemons by himself in order to cover the other people’s departure and died on the spot!

At this time, the atmosphere in the Central Soul Region’s main hall was depressed to the extreme.

"Old Ghost Yu Tian still hasn’t come back until now. It’s likely fraught with grim possibilities!" South Soul Region’s ancestor, Hegemon Zhi Zhen, said with a heavy look.

"Sigh, Old Ghost Wu Wen … is gone just like that! Old Ghost Yu Tian’s and Progenitor Imperishable’s life and death are unknown. Our Nirvanic Soul Clan has really encountered a huge crisis this time! If Old Ghost Yu Tian is dead too, then the three of us really won’t know what to do!" West Soul Region’s old woman, Hegemon Xi Mian, was in dejection.

Ancestor Wang Ning did not say a word, but his expression was similarly heavy.

Suddenly, the void trembled, and a figure fell with a loud bang!

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"Old Ghost Yu Tian!" When the three Hegemons saw the arrival, they could not help being overjoyed.

This figure that fell was precisely Hegemon Yu Tian, who returned with heavy injuries!

The current Hegemon Yu Tian was very miserable. His soul body was incomplete. Saying that it was a remnant soul was also not overboard.

"Old Ghost Yu Tian, are you alright?" Hegemon Zhi Zhen asked in concern.

But no dismay could be seen on Hegemon Yu Tian’s face at all. Instead, he had an excited look.

Zhi Zhen few people exchanged glances, wondering to themselves if this old thing was beaten silly?

We’re already miserable until like this, and you’re still in the mood to smile?

"I’m fine. I won’t die! Hahaha … Satisfying!" Yu Tian said with a loud laugh.

The three people had baffled faces, not knowing what this guy was being happy about.

Old Ghost Wu Wen was already dead, and everyone sustained serious injuries. Shouldn’t you be a little pessimistic?

"Old Ghost Yu Tian, were you beaten silly? Our Nirvanic Soul Clan suffered our greatest crisis in history. You’re actually still in the mood to laugh?" Xi Mian said with a livid face.

Yu Tian smiled and said, "Why can’t Your Father laugh? Bloodmourn, Jun Yi, these few damn things exhausted all of their brain power, wanting to round us up in one fell swoop! In the end, they suffered a double loss. Their casualties are even more disastrous than ours! Tell me, should Your Father laugh or not? Those three old things expended God knows how great a price for the sake of the set-up this time. Now, it has all been for naught! Tell me, should Your Father laugh or not? Hahaha …"

The three people exchanged glances, feeling baffled again.

They were certain that this guy was beaten silly!

"Enough! Stop laughing! Old Ghost Wu Wen is already dead. Which eye of yours saw that their casualties are worse than ours?" Xi Mian reproached.

Yu Tian chuckled and said, "We had a Peak Hegemon die. They had one die too! But those two who hunted Ye Yuan and Cloudneon down are both dead! Tell me, does Your Father feel great or not?"

Regarding this battle, Yu Tian was stifled badly.

Three great races joined forces to deal with the Nirvanic Soul Clan. It was too hidden, too despicable. It made Yu Tian keep on holding his anger in his heart.

But when he passed by the place where Wu Jia and Lu died, he felt it!

But at that time, Bloodmourn was pursuing closely behind. He did not dare to stay either.

But at that time, he felt frustration being given vent in his heart!

Now, he escaped with his life. He could not resist anymore and burst out laughing.

But when Xi Mian three people heard this, they did not laugh but had doubtful faces.

"You’re sure that those two are both dead?" Wang Ning said with a frown.

He also felt that Yu Tian was beaten silly.

How could two little brats possibly kill two great Hegemons?

Yu Tian’s face turned black, and he said in a great rage, "Do you all really take Your Father to be stupid? The fall of a Hegemon, the origin undulation is so intense. Can Your Father not sense it? Those two have indeed died! Heh, if not for Bloodmourn that old thing stopping to investigate back then, Your Father really might not have been able to escape back!"

With these, the three people were shocked.

"How is this possible?" Wang Ning said.

Yu Tian snorted coldly and said, "Although I don’t know what’s going on either, it’s true that those two Hegemons are dead! Plus, with the two that were killed by us, they have lost a total of four Hegemons! In this battle, we gained a huge advantage! With two great Hegemons dying, this matter can’t be concealed. News will transmit over very quickly! At that time, you guys will know!"

Wang Ning three people felt that it was too inconceivable. This kind of exterminating besiegement, it was actually their side that gained the advantage?

If it was really as Yu Tian said, then they really should be laughing out loud.

Before long, this great battle shook the entire Nihility Exceeding Balance Heaven!

Three great races actually joined hands to deal with the Imperishable Soul Domain!

This news was earth-shattering!

But, what shocked people even more was that three races besieged the Nirvanic Soul Clan’s Hegemons, and their casualties were actually even more than the Nirvanic Soul Clan!

For some time, the entire Nihility Exceeding Balance Heaven was shocked.

… …

"It’s here. The aura of the Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique disappeared in this small lake. If my guesses are correct, Progenitor Imperishable should have entered the lake," Ye Yuan pointed at a lake in front and said.

He and Cloudneon had been tracking all the way, arriving at this small lake after spending a month’s time.

This lake was situated in the Qi Soul Clan’s hinterland. It looked very unassuming.

Cloudneon frowned and said, "You’re sure? You’re not lying to me? There are no traces of any battle at all here!"

For Hegemon Realms, especially the battle between Supreme Hegemons, their battles were absolutely heaven-shocking.

If Progenitor Imperishable was really here, it was impossible for her not to feel it at all.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "Your Cloud Dream Soul Physique is extremely formidable, but this person who laid down the camouflage, their Formation Dao attainments has already reached the acme of perfection! It’s very normal that you can’t tell."

Cloudneon was somewhat angry. This guy was clearly just an Emperor Cloud Heaven, but his cocky appearance really pissed people off!

However, she really could not tell that there was any camouflage here.

"You’re saying that there’s someone guarding here?" Cloudneon said.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, "Just one person! But with this one holding down the fort, they can probably withstand a hundred by themselves. I didn’t expect that a human Hegemon would actually dare to be a lackey!"

Although Cloudneon thought otherwise, she also knew that the matter was of utmost importance.

While she could not figure the situation out, she still decided to trust Ye Yuan.

Otherwise, once any accident arose, the two of their small lives would be finished too.

"Then what should we do now?" Cloudneon said.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "If the two of us join hands, so what even if it’s a Hegemon? You execute your dream realm and cover this lake. We’ll swagger our way in!"

Hence, a dreamland quietly covered the lake, and the two people fumbled their way over quietly.

Cloudneon discovered to her surprise that the trail that Ye Yuan took was extremely strange.

Sometimes, it would be forward. Other times, he would step back, going round and round, like walking through a maze.

Suddenly, Cloudneon’s pupils constricted!

An old man was sitting quietly on the surface of the lake just like that, with his eyes shut.

Hegemon powerhouse!

Prior to this, she actually did not detect at all!

Cloudneon knew that Ye Yuan was right in the end!

In this inconspicuous place, to let a Hegemon set up a camouflage and guard the area, this place must be very fishy!

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