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Chapter: 2962

Chaotic Origins

"It’s actually him! This guy actually sought refuge with the blood race too. Looks like our Nirvanic Soul Clan is really surrounded by enemies on all fronts!"

"You know him?"

"He’s the human race’s Hegemon Inkcloud. His strength isn’t beneath that Hegemon Lu! Especially in Formation Dao, he has already reached the acme of perfection."

"Oh, actually, you don’t need to be anxious either. After you enter Hegemon Realm, you can match ten Hegemon Realms. You look! You’re standing in front of him right now. And he can’t even see you?"

… …

In the dream realm, Cloudneon and Ye Yuan were currently talking opposite of Hegemon Inkcloud, but Hegemon Inkcloud was oblivious.

This Hegemon Inkcloud’s strength was very strong, but Cloudneon and Ye Yuan two people joining forces had entrapped two great Hegemons to death. He was no big deal.

Of course, if they wanted to kill Hegemon Inkcloud, it could not be done.

Dreamland was born from the heart. Cloudneon being able to entrap Wu Jia and Lu to death, it was by exploiting their desire to kill them, making the two people kill each other and die.

Making them kill themselves on their own, that was impossible.

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If Hegemons were so easy to kill, then they would be worthless too.

But it was also precisely because of this that even those Hegemons felt that it was inconceivable.

"Alright, let’s go down. Hegemon Imperishable should have entered another space, and the entrance is right below this lake," Ye Yuan said.

Cloudneon nodded and sank to the bottom of the lake together with Ye Yuan.

The lake was not large, but it was very deep.

Not long after the two people sank to the bottom of the lake, a cluster of gloomy light was very eye-catching.

Clearly, this was the entrance to another space.

Entering the spatial passageway, the scenery before the two people’s eyes suddenly changed.

A desolate slaughter atmosphere hit them head-on.

Cloudneon’s and Ye Yuan’s expressions changed wildly, their soul bodies virtually going to be torn to shreds by the wild gale here.

"What a terrifying place. This place should be an ancient battlefield. Furthermore, the origin powerhouses who died will probably have to be counted in millions!" Ye Yuan drew a cold breath and said.

This place was completely a savage battlefield of origin powerhouses!

On the battlefield, there were utterly disorderly origins everywhere, wreaking havoc everywhere. It was as if they were still fighting.

If ordinary people came here, just the chaotic origins were sufficient to reduce them to ashes.

Fortunately, Ye Yuan two people’s soul bodies were different from the rest. That was how they barely managed to hold out..

By the side, Cloudneon suddenly said, "Ye Yuan, I seem to have … comprehended."

Ye Yuan was stupefied. Turning around to look, he discovered that Cloudneon’s soul body was actually dissipating!

His gaze could not help turning intent, immediately understanding something.

The Cloud Dream Soul Physique and Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique achieved the same wondrous effect with different means.

Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique was born from chaos and could transform into myriad Dao.

And the Cloud Dream Soul Physique belonged to nothingness, feeling the growth of myriad Dao with dreamland.

These two great soul bodies had a natural advantage in the comprehension of origin.

There were countless chaotic origins here. It was simply a paradise for gaining enlightenment on Dao to their two soul physiques!

Cloudneon’s realm had long already reached the grand completion realm of Emperor Sakra Heaven. The origins that she gained enlightenment on had already reached as many as several dozen too.

Now, this opportunity to break through arrived!

However, Ye Yuan also understood that this was a lucky chance, and there was also tremendous danger.

There were tens of millions of disorderly origins here. The strength of the origins was not uniform. Many similar origins had different directions of comprehension too. A single misstep and one would be lost in it.

The current situation was somewhat like the Lucid Forest.

It was just that this place was full of origins!

Compared to the Lucid Forest, this place was much higher level.

Furthermore, the Lucid Forest was actually within the scope of rules. But there were no rules here. It was completely a chaotic land!

Cloudneon already entered the state of sudden epiphany virtually without needing to deliberately comprehend.

Ye Yuan thought about it but still did not wake Cloudneon up.

This was her lucky chance. Life and death, it was controlled by and up to her. He did not have the right to interfere.

Drawing a deep breath, Ye Yuan walked forward.

The further he walked, the more difficult it became for Ye Yuan to extricate himself.

One origin after another seemed to drill into his own soul.

That sort of temptation was simply without equal.

That was the allure of becoming a supreme powerhouse!

Gaining enlightenment on Dao here, he could climb to the summit and become the strongest Hegemon in this world!

Hegemon Imperishable might be nothing more than this too!

Ye Yuan’s eyes became more and more dazed.

His soul body also completely transformed into the Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique.

The Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique already left his control, deriving all kinds of origin power on its own!

Under such an environment, the temptation was simply fatal to the Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique.

Ye Yuan discovered that his own consciousness had started to blur.

"Damn! My soul physique isn’t strong enough yet. This place is the Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique’s paradise but not my paradise! At this rate, my consciousness is going to be completely wiped out, becoming a part of these countless chaotic origins!"

Ye Yuan was burning with anxiety. He was very clear that currently, he was already at the most dangerous moment.

But he had no way of reversing this situation.

His soul body was completely out of control!

Ye Yuan also did not expect that he would actually suddenly fall into danger.

This state was like the common saying that a feeble body could not take tonics.

His strength, his soul body, was simply not capable of enduring such terrifying origin power.

But, his soul body was still absorbing it in spite of himself!

… …

In the depths of the ancient battlefield, four powerful forces were entangled together.

These four powers seemed to have already reached a delicate balance, appearing very calm.

These four people were naturally four great Supreme Hegemons.

"Heh heh, two babies who haven’t even reached Hegemon Realm actually barged into the God Bewildering Battlefield! Inkcloud that brat is really a good-for-nothing! Furthermore, it’s actually the Cloud Dream Soul Physique and the real Imperishable Soul Physique! Old Ghost Imperishable, with this, you have a successor!" A sinister and charming voice came from the void.

This void came from Hegemon Evil Dragon of the abyss.

"Humph!" Progenitor Imperishable snorted coldly.

He knew that this evil dragon was intentionally making digs at him.

However, he was also extremely surprised in his heart. In this period of time that he was not around, the Nirvanic Soul Clan actually had a second Imperishable Soul Physique appear!

This was the real Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique!

As a Supreme Hegemon, he could naturally sense it.

"That lass with the Cloud Dream Soul Physique is still alright. She might still have a slight chance of survival. But that Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique brat is somewhat overestimating his own ability. Hur hur, you look. His consciousness is about to dissipate right away! This place is one of the battlefields where all the heavens annihilated the Labyrinth Divine Palace back then. The origin powerhouses who died reached as high as a million! The likes of him, a measly little Emperor Cloud Heaven, actually dare to enter this place too!" Hegemon Heavenly Soul said with a snicker.

"Old Ghost Imperishable, these two babies are clearly here to save you. Looks like this Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique still sensed the origin that you left behind. It’s just that the Nirvanic Soul Clan actually sent these two little fellows over. I reckon that Yu Tian, those few brats, have already died out. Do you still want to continue struggling?" The one speaking was Hegemon Bloodsong.

Hegemon Imperishable snorted coldly and said, "The three of you exhausted every power of your mind, but what can you do to me? At most, the four of us perish together! Do you really think that my title of imperishable is called in vain?"

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