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Chapter: 2965


Evil Dragon was ticked off!

He was actually being ignored!

He, Hegemon Evil Dragon, was born from chaos. The moment he was born, he was a Hegemon powerhouse and had always been standing at the apex of all the heavens.

Today, he was actually being underestimated like this by an Emperor Cloud Heaven!

Wait a moment?

What was called wait a moment!

Could you freaking give me, this Supreme Hegemon, a little respect?

Hegemon Imperishable was shocked too!

This boy asked for the Purple Ripple Umbrella the moment he opened his mouth.

Could it be that he did not know what the Purple Ripple Umbrella meant to him?

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"Impudent thing! After this seat gets out, I’ll definitely use the fire of evil dragon to burn you for 9999 years, casting you into eternal damnation!" Evil Dragon said with a furious roar.

Ye Yuan ignored him but stared at Hegemon Imperishable and said, "I saved the Nirvanic Soul Clan, resolving their three races’ besiegement against Hegemon Yu Tian they all! Now, I’ll help you to get out and heavily wound the three of them! I wonder if these two favors are enough or not?"

Before Hegemon Imperishable spoke, Hegemon Heavenly Soul smiled coldly and said, "Little fellow, before you talk big, can you look at the target first or not? You, a measly little Emperor Cloud Heaven, can disrupt the all-encompassing net that our three races joined hands to lay down? Dozens of Hegemons are there. A sneeze from each person and you won’t even have residue remaining! You’re insulting Old Ghost Imperishable’s intellect by saying this!"

Hegemon Imperishable said coolly, "Wanting to let me believe you, you have to display your strength first. What you said is indeed too exaggerated."

Indeed, what Ye Yuan said, the four great Hegemons did not believe a word.

Forget about Ye Yuan; even if an ordinary Hegemon Realm was standing here, they would not even believe it.

A war that engulfed four great races, a battle that involved dozens of Hegemons, how could it be what you, a puny little Emperor Cloud Heaven, could influence?

Hegemon Imperishable’s meaning was very clear: want to make me believe, eradicate the three of them before talking.

However, Ye Yuan shook his head and said coolly, "You swear a Heavenly Dao Oath right now. I only need the Purple Ripple Umbrella for three months! Otherwise, I can only cripple the four of you thoroughly, then force you to hand over the Purple Ripple Umbrella."

These words were arrogant to the extreme.

In the 33 Heavens, someone who dared to say such words to these four people upfront probably had not been born yet.

Yet, he, Ye Yuan, dared to say it.

However, Ye Yuan was compelled against his will too.

He saw through that Hegemon Imperishable was extremely vigilant toward him.

This kind of existence, joy and anger were unpredictable.

If he refused to hand over the Purple Ripple Umbrella, even if he saved him, he might kill him afterward.

The Purple Ripple Umbrella was too important to Hegemon Imperishable.

This item, even if it was someone closest to him, he probably would not lend it out either.

The reason why he could fight one-versus-three, while it was because the Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique was incomparably powerful, it was also because of the existence of the Purple Ripple Umbrella.

It was just that when these words were uttered, even Hegemon Imperishable jumped in fright too.

You’re freaking teasing me, right?

"Hahaha … Old Ghost Imperishable, I even thought that this boy was here to save you, didn’t expect that he’s here to kill you! Pray tell, are you scared or not?" Evil Dragon said with a loud laugh.

Hegemon Imperishable was speechless.

Hegemon Heavenly Soul also laughed loudly and said, "Brat, the more you say so, the more it shows that you’re talking nonsense! Are you trying to tell us how formidable you are at boasting? The few of us have been bored for a very long time. Thank you for delivering us a bit of gag! Hahaha … Really very funny!"

Ye Yuan gave Heavenly Soul a glance and said with a smile, "Hegemon Heavenly Soul, right? Your old friend, Hegemon Mi Tian, asked me to send you his regards. But it seems like you haven’t been well these few years, being suppressed firmly by Hegemon Imperishable!"

That stalwart celestial deity’s laughter abruptly ceased at this moment.

A pair of angry eyes were glued on Ye Yuan.

Hegemon Mi Tian, this was a name that humiliated him!

The Divine Emergence that Ye Yuan cultivated was snatched away from his hands by precisely Hegemon Mi Tian!

Back then, Hegemon Mi Tian crossed worlds, saying that he wanted to borrow the three great sacred canons to browse.

Hegemon Heavenly Soul was naturally not willing. In the end, he was beaten by Hegemon Mi Tian until he had to search the ground for his teeth.

In the end, it was when Hegemon Samsara returned that this skirmish came to an end.

However, under Hegemon Samsara’s agreement, Mi Tian still ‘borrowed’ the Divine Emergence among the three great sacred canons to read.

This matter was the humiliation of the entire Qi Soul Clan.

To this day, it was still an indelible humiliation in Hegemon Heavenly Soul’s heart.

Today, this junior actually mentioned Hegemon Mi Tian in front of him.

This was really courting death!

Similarly Supreme Hegemons, the strength had a disparity too.

Just like Hegemon Imperishable, he could deal with three great Supreme Hegemons with his power alone.

Clearly, his strength belonged to the very strong kind among Supreme Hegemons.

As for Hegemon Mi Tian, he overwhelmed the Qi Soul Clan with great ease with his power alone.

Ye Yuan guessed that he was probably even stronger than Hegemon Imperishable.

"Didn’t expect that you’re Old Man Mi Tian’s successor! After this seat gets out, I’ll definitely kill you right away!" Hegemon Heavenly Soul said in a cold voice.

Ye Yuan shrugged and said lightly, "You don’t have the chance! Senior Mi Tian told me that Hegemon Heavenly Soul was born with a powerful soul body, even stronger than the fleshy body major powers of all the heavens. But, he’s merely a meathead, that’s all! Dealing with him, using a weaker force to deal with a greater force would do!"

The other three great Hegemons desperately held back their laughters.

In the end, they could not hold it anymore.

Hegemon Heavenly Soul was furious to the extreme. Meathead, this term of address, was truly all too apt.

He was actually unable to refute!

He was born from chaos, his inborn soul body was incomparably strong and could not be killed at all!

But his comprehension of origin was extremely dull.

The reason why he could squeeze into the ranks of Supreme Hegemon was entirely that his soul body was powerful.

As for origins, he practically knew nothing about it.

Although he was a soul denizen, he was simply a big fellow who trained the physical body.

Of course, that also depended on who it was.

To Hegemon Mi Tian, he could toy with him however he wanted.

But Supreme Hegemons whose strength were lacking, even if they reached Supreme Hegemon, it would be hard to gain any advantage under his powerful soul body too.

As for Ye Yuan, it went even more without saying.

"Using a weaker force to deal with a greater force? Hur hur! This seat wants to see how you, a measly little Emperor Cloud Heaven, use a weaker force to overcome a greater force!" Heavenly Soul said in rage.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "That’s fine. You just watch. Hegemon Imperishable, are you really not lending it?"

"Not lending!" Hegemon Imperishable said without thinking.

Ye Yuan heaved a sigh and said, "Since that’s the case, then I can only offend!"


Ye Yuan’s figure swayed, and he disappeared.

The four great Supreme Hegemons were stupefied, feeling a little baffled.

"Hahaha, this boy is really interesting. Threatened us for half a day here, in the end, he slipped away," Hegemon Evil Dragon said with a loud laugh.

"Humph! If he has the ability, flee out of Nihility Exceeding Balance Heaven. Otherwise, even if this seat needs to chase him until the end of the world, I’ll kill him too!" Hegemon Heavenly Soul said hatefully.

But Hegemon Bloodsong said, "Mn? This boy didn’t run. He went over to the sea of origin there. This … What does he want to do?"

The current Ye Yuan plunged headfirst into the sea of origin, Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique fusing into the origins once more.

The four great Hegemons stopped laughing. They felt as if something was about to happen.

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