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Chapter: 2967

Imperishable Lowering His Head Cloudneon Breaking Through Realm

"Now, are you lending or not?"

Ye Yuan’s face had no joy nor sorrow, but his words were filled with determination.

How could Hegemon Imperishable still not understand? Ye Yuan’s obsession was to borrow the Purple Ripple Umbrella!

"So what if I don’t lend? Could it be that in your current state, you can still launch it a second time?" Hegemon Imperishable said with a cold snort.

Ye Yuan did not speak, his already very faint soul body integrated into the origins once more.

The second meteor shower was launched fiercely!

Of course, the power this time was much worse than the previous time.

The target of his attack was also not the four great Hegemons but Hegemon Imperishable alone.

When Hegemon Imperishable saw this scene, his scalp could not help tingling.

This boy really did not want his life anymore!

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It was another indiscriminate bombardment, Ye Yuan had not turned to ashes yet, but he was already not far away.

Hegemon Imperishable was no better than him as well. Someone as powerful as him was actually in danger of turning to ashes too.

"Lending or not?" Ye Yuan seemingly completely could not feel that he was about to disintegrate right away and just said coolly.

"Brat, you’re too naive! This seat’s name of imperishable isn’t randomly called! At this rate, the one to die first is yourself!" Hegemon Imperishable still refused to relent.

Ye Yuan did not speak, launching the third origin meteor shower!

When the other three saw that Ye Yuan was so vicious, they could not help being visibly moved too.

This guy was a complete lunatic. He completely did not care about his life and death.

Threaten you?

It did not exist!

If you don’t agree, I’ll bombard you until you agree!

"This boy is a ruthless character! If he doesn’t die, he’ll definitely achieve great accomplishments in the future!" Hegemon Evil Dragon was visibly moved as he said.

"Humph! Do you think that he can still not die like this?" Bloodsong said in anger.

"After going out this time, just take it as today’s matter never happened!" Hegemon Heavenly Soul said with a cold snort.

Four great Supreme Hegemons actually succumbed at the hands of an Emperor Cloud Heaven. If this were to spread, their faces would really have nowhere to put.

Bang, bang, bang …

It was another indiscriminate bombardment. Ye Yuan’s soul body was already almost transparent.

If you did not look carefully, you could not even see it anymore.

Of course, Hegemon Imperishable’s soul body was also about there.

Hegemon Imperishable was on the verge of perishing this time.

Of course, it was not that Ye Yuan was very formidable. It was just that he was too badly injured before.

The ones who fought with him were Supreme Hegemons!

"The next time, it should be the last time. I reckon that I can’t make it anymore. Just don’t know whether or not you can pull through." Ye Yuan was still expressionless as if talking about something that had nothing to do with him.

But these words were simply humiliation to Hegemon Imperishable.

He was of the Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique. Ye Yuan was similarly of the Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique.

Ye Yuan roughly knew what Hegemon Imperishable’s limit was.

One more time, Ye Yuan would definitely die without a doubt.

But whether or not Hegemon Imperishable could pull through was really hard to say.

Hegemon Imperishable’s face alternated in shades of white and green. How long had it been since he had felt this feeling of humiliation?

Even when facing the besiegement of three great Supreme Hegemons, he did not give in at all too.

Regarding this battle with the three great Hegemons, he was proud.

Forcing three great Supreme Hegemons to not dare to make a move without careful consideration, this could not be done by everyone.

Who knew that today, he was actually forced into such a situation by an Emperor Cloud Heaven brat.

"I …"

Hegemon Imperishable was stubborn. He instinctively wanted to reject it.

But, just as he opened his mouth, he glimpsed that the three people by the side were currently looking at him with excited faces, and he could not help but shudder.

These three fellows were hoping that he and this boy would both suffer mutual destruction, right?

If he really died, then the Nirvanic Soul Clan would really be finished.

Even if he did not die, in his current condition, he still did not know how long it would take to recover.

"Okay, I promise you!" When the words reached the tip of his tongue, Hegemon Imperishable changed his tone.

Bloodsong three people had disappointed looks.

While Ye Yuan let out a long sigh in relief, he naturally knew about Hegemon Imperishable’s pride. Therefore, he had no confidence at all, in whether or not the other party would agree.

Fortunately, there were still three old fellows next to them.

Thank you all!

Ye Yuan felt that if it were not for the three of them, Hegemon Imperishable would rather die than to agree.


Right at this time, the winds and clouds suddenly changed.

Above the void, an enormous stone door slowly emerged.

Door of Eternal Life!

A beautiful figure was standing in front of the Door of Eternal Life.

Evil Dragon’s expression changed wildly, and he cried out in alarm, "Not good! This girl actually broke through the gateway too and gained enlightenment on Dao amidst the origins!"

Hegemon Bloodsong smiled lightly and said, "What are you scared of? This girl is arrogant at heart and haughty in manner, and she plans to use 81 origins to assault the Door of Eternal Life! This third seal is as difficult as ascending to heaven!"

Evil Dragon came to a realization and said, "That’s true! Concerning 81 origins, the third seal is at the level of grand completion. Across the heavens and myriad worlds, those who could break through this hurdle, to this day, can be counted on one hand. Does this girlie really think that she’s defying the heavens?"

Around Cloudneon, dozens of origin powers were glimmering and fading indeterminately, supporting her like a fairy maiden that descended to the mortal world.

On the Door of Eternal Life, the third seal seemed to be a little tighter.

The more origins, the greater the difficulty of breaking through as well.

These 81 origins were the limit of Emperor Sakra Heaven.

The power of this third seal was also the strongest!

Since ancient times, no idea how many geniuses had attempted to use 81 origin powers to break through the seal. But, there were barely any who succeeded.

Of course, once it succeeded, the sealed door would directly have a slight gap being pushed open, and the benefits obtained would also be unimaginable!


On Cloudneon’s body, an afterglow radiately brilliantly.

She had started to assault Hegemon Realm!

When Ye Yuan saw this scene, he felt an upsurge of emotion too.

He had heard from Hegemon Mi Tian before that assaulting the Door of Eternal Life with 81 origins, once it succeeded, one’s strength could immediately reach the level of Peak Hegemons!

They were not at all inferior to Supreme Hegemons!

But it was precisely because it was difficult that once the Door of Eternal Life could not be opened, they might not be able to break through to Hegemon Realm for life.

Therefore, all those who dared to take this step were outstandingly talented people!

Ye Yuan had long prepared to assault the Door of Eternal Life with 81 origins.

Today, he could view it in advance!

Under a strike, the third seal did not budge an inch!

The power of this third seal was even more terrifying than imagined!

However, Cloudneon’s face did not have the slightest ripple, striking again without the slightest hesitation!




One attack after another hammered on the Door of Eternal Life. But, the power of the third seal clearly exceeded imagination.

But Cloudneon’s soul body became dimmer and dimmer because of the Door of Eternal Life’s backlash force.

Seeing this scene, Hegemon Evil Dragon laughed loudly and said, "Old Ghost Imperishable, this girl underestimated the Door of Eternal Life too much! Her strength is pretty good, but wanting to break the Door of Eternal Life, it’s impossible!"

Heavenly Soul also smiled and said, "The Cloud Dream Soul Physique is indeed powerful, but this lass is too ambitious! With 81 origins bombarding the Door of Eternal Life, does she really think that this step is so easy to take?"

A hint of gloominess was also revealed in Hegemon Imperishable’s eyes.

He knew that Cloudneon was considered to be crippled!

Ye Yuan gave him a glance and said lightly, "She’ll succeed!"

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