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Chapter: 2968

Borrowing Umbrella

"Boy, some things can’t be done just by moving your mouth!" Evil Dragon said with a sneer.

His voice had yet to fade when Cloudneon’s soul body suddenly vanished.

The 81 origins merged into one, crashing into the Door of Eternal Life once again!


A crack actually appeared in that third seal.

But when Cloudneon’s soul body appeared again, it was faint to the extreme.

Her soul body was about to collapse!

The three great Hegemons’ expressions changed, and they cried out in surprise, "Does this lass not want her life anymore? Burning her soul body to assault the hurdle, it’s fatal!"

Cloudneon’s face did not show any emotion, her soul body dissipating again.


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This time, the crack grew a little bigger. But Cloudneon’s soul body became even dimmer.

The four great Hegemons were shocked. Their eyes could not help looking toward Ye Yuan.

This reckless scene was so familiar!

These two little fellows that barged in were both lunatics that did not want their lives!




Cloudneon’s soul body became fainter and fainter. However, the crack on the third seal also grew bigger and bigger.

In a blink, Cloudneon’s soul body already could not be seen clearly anymore. It was even more serious than Ye Yuan.

However, she still rushed towards the seal again without the slightest hesitation.


The third seal opened at the sound of it!

The Door of Eternal Life that would seemingly never open actually opened a tiny gap at this time!

The aura of Great Dao poured out like floodwaters that broke the dam.

The expressions of Evil Dragon and the other three great Hegemons changed wildly.

This lass actually really succeeded!

To them, this was terrible news.

The three of them were critically wounded. Under such circumstances, they could not even escape!

Which was also to say that, Cloudneon’s breakthrough was devastating to them!


Cloudneon’s soul body that was about to be completely destroyed actually re-condensed under the scouring of this Great Dao power.

And her aura was also in the midst of climbing frenziedly.

The 81 origins turned bright at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The current Cloudneon stood there, still cold as ice, but it gave people an otherworldly feeling as if she was otherworldly.

Even if it was Ye Yuan, he was actually mesmerized from watching too.

Walking lightly, Cloudneon gave Hegemon Imperishable a deep bow and said, "Paying respects to Progenitor."

Hegemon Imperishable had a relieved expression on his face. This was his trump card that he was originally planning to use to deal with the Qi Soul Clan.

He did not expect that at this time, she actually succeeded in breaking through, becoming a Hegemon Realm powerhouse!

The other three great Hegemons also did not expect that in a blink of an eye, this lass in front of them, actually became the crux that governed everyone’s life and death.

"Huhu, Cloudneon, you didn’t let this seat down! Now, kill this kid first!" Hegemon Imperishable pointed at Ye Yuan and said.

This punk brought him endless humiliation.

He had been invincible all his life and had never been forced to lower his head by anyone before.

But he lowered his head to Ye Yuan!

Fortunately, he had not sworn the Heavenly Dao Oath yet.

Now, he could decide Ye Yuan’s life and death with a word!

Evil Dragon three people all had gloating expressions.

They did not have a good impression of Ye Yuan either.

If not for this kid, they would have already made their get-away now. Why would they need to wait to die here?

Cloudneon’s gaze turned toward Ye Yuan. The latter did not shy away either and just smiled sadly.

He also did not think that Cloudneon actually broke through at the critical moment.

However, outside of everyone’s expectations, Cloudneon actually bowed toward Hegemon Imperishable once again and pleaded, "May Cloudneon be so bold as to request progenitor to lend Ye Yuan the Purple Ripple Umbrella to use."

"What did you say!" Hegemon Imperishable’s gaze turned intent as he glared at Cloudneon.

He could not quite believe his own ears. Cloudneon was actually making him lend the Purple Ripple Umbrella to Ye Yuan?

Evil Dragon three people also opened their eyes wide. What on earth was this girl doing?

Was she not Old Ghost Imperishable’s people? Why would she say such a thing?

Cloudneon did not avoid Hegemon Imperishable’s gaze in the slightest and said calmly, "Ye Yuan is just borrowing the Purple Ripple Umbrella in order to save his beloved. Cloudneon will be by the side. Once he finishes using it, I’ll take back the Purple Ripple Umbrella. Progenitor, please show mercy."

Ye Yuan was surprised.

Was this woman … moved by him?

But back then, she clearly did not have any expression at all!

Yes, along the way, Ye Yuan told Cloudneon the reason for borrowing the Purple Ripple Umbrella.

It was just that Cloudneon just listened to it and did not express much. She still had a cold face as per usual.

But now, she actually spoke up for him at the risk of offending Hegemon Imperishable?

This woman … was very similar to her!

Before this, Ye Yuan felt that this woman was very cold-blooded, killing people without batting an eyelid.

But now, Ye Yuan suddenly discovered that he was wrong.

This woman’s coldness was only due to her nature.

But her heart had a soft side.

This kind of personality was simply cut from the same cloth as Mu Lingxue!

The Mu Lingxue back then, how proud and cold was she, akin to a fairy maiden from heaven.

But, once she fell in love with him, even if her bones were ground to dust, she would not hesitate either!

Ye Yuan did not feel that Cloudneon fell in love with him. But very clearly, she was moved by his story.

Someone who went through all kinds of hardships and difficulties for the sake of his beloved, walking step by step from the mortal world to this present day.

This kind of unwavering feeling, how could it not move people?

Ye Yuan guessed correctly. Cloudneon was moved by him.

But what she was moved by was not the story. It was everything that he had done.

Ye Yuan held on with one breath, refusing to be annihilated, all the way until Hegemon Imperishable awakened him anew.

He did not scruple to have both sides suffer mutual destruction, pressuring an overlord like Hegemon Imperishable to lower his head.

Such a thing could not be falsified.

Cloudneon was gaining enlightenment on Dao, but she saw everything that happened in the God Bewildering Battlefield.

Actually, she also did not know why she did it. Perhaps, it was at the behest of supernatural powers.

Hegemon Imperishable’s eyes turned icy-cold, and he said in a solemn voice, "If I don’t agree, are you going to help him deal with this seat?"

Cloudneon said, "Progenitor, it’s just a matter of lifting a hand. Why is there a need?"

Hegemon Imperishable said in anger, "Good! Very good! I didn’t expect that this seat actually raised an ingrate! Take it! Scram!"

A large purple umbrella flew toward Cloudneon. Cloudneon reached her hand out to take it. Passing it to Ye Yuan, she said, "If you’re concocting any schemes, I’ll kill you with my own hands!"

Ye Yuan just smiled and did not speak.

He was not interested in the Purple Ripple Umbrella at all.

What he wanted was just to be able to save Mu Lingxue!

Suddenly, the power of origin blossomed from Cloudneon’s body.

Only to see her point at the void, Hegemon Evil Dragon directly blew into pieces and was completely annihilated along with his dragon soul.

A Supreme Hegemon of his generation died on the spot!

Following that, she pointed a finger at Bloodsong in the same manner.

Bloodsong’s expression changed greatly, and he roared wildly, "Mother stone, save me!"

Right at this time, a streak of bloody light tore across the sky, and it actually directly entered the God Bewildering Battlefield.


Cloudneon took several steps back in a row. Her icy-cold face actually carried some shock.

At that moment, Bloodsong, who was with them all, had long already disappeared.

"What terrifying strength! Progenitor, there’s actually still such an expert in the blood race?" Cloudneon said.

Hegemon Imperishable’s fury had long already dissipated into thin air. He also had a shocked expression on his face.

Clearly, it was also his first time seeing this power.

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